Where Is Justice: Why Don’t The Rich Suffer?

961.1Question:  Does evil bounce back to the person who perpetrates evil: kills, maims, and hates? There are so many evil-doers in the world! And they do not suffer, but to the contrary, they only get richer and live happily ever after. And we are barely making ends meet. Where is justice?

Answer: There is no justice in our everyday, egoistic concept. And there is no need to expect any of this: who would take revenge on someone and make all these sinners burn while I watch and gloat.

There is no such thing! Because all this is done by the single upper force in order to bring everyone to an equal state so that the evil that was revealed would be balanced by the good and not disappear in exchange for some punishments. Everything is necessary.

Question: And what should I do when I see evil? This indignant person who sees a terrible, huge evil in the world, can he cope with his feeling?

Answer: First relate it to the Creator and not to people. And then relate it to yourself. Because if you had the right intentions, desires, and properties, you would see not evil but good. You should have seen the opposite world.

Question: We should take these two steps: attribute everything to the Creator and then attribute it to yourself? And the picture will begin to appear?

Answer: If only it would appear so quickly and simply…

Question: Does it actually take years?

Answer: It depends on the person. It depends on how much a person, despite his egoism, wants to glue himself to the truth.

Question: If he blames the world all the time, then this will not happen?

Answer: Of course, by this he accuses the Creator.

Question: And if he wants not to blame the Creator but to find himself in this matter?

Answer: Then he will reveal the right attitude.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman”11/26/20

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