What Does Kosher Food Mean?

506.3Question: There is kosher and non-kosher food. What does it mean?

Answer: Kosher means usable, suitable, for human consumption. It represents the absorption of the upper light. Therefore, this food must be kosher, that is, special, prepared in a specific way. This refers to the next level of a person getting closer to the Creator.

Kosher are those types of domestic animals that have an inner loop of digestion. By swallowing food, they go to a repeated round. This suggests that any food they have does not slip from top to bottom, therefore they symbolize the right intention.

All actions of the upper world are reflected on the animate level. A person who is at the level of spiritual attainment, can look at a fish or some kind of animal and immediately tell whether it is a kosher or non-kosher animal.

Question: If we say that food symbolizes an abundance of upper light, then can I allow myself some forms of pleasure from the connection with the Creator and some forms I cannot?

Answer: Yes, non-kosher food represents such forms that it is impossible to accept with the intention for bestowal. That is why we do not use them.

Comment: It is said that it will be possible to eat everything at the end of correction.

My Response: Absolutely everything. Therefore, this will be the end of correction.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 7/9/21

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