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“Has There Ever Been A Holocaust In America? Do You Think It Could Ever Happen Here?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: Has there ever been a Holocaust in America? Do you think it could ever happen here?

There has never been a Holocaust in America before. However, if we look at the accelerating increase of anti-Semitism crimes and threats in America in recent years, then a Holocaust in America is a definite possibility. Moreover, today’s America holds many striking similarities to Nazi Germany of the 1930s, which I detail in my recently released book, The Jewish Choice: Unity or Anti-Semitism.

Unprecedented Speed of Anti-Semitism’s Rise

The recent period around the turn the decade into 2020 has given us some very aggressive examples of anti-Semitic acts across New York and New Jersey.

In a letter dated December 29, 2019, of the New York State Senator, Simcha Felder, New York State Assemblyman, Simcha Eichenstein, and two New York City Councilmen, Chaim Deutsch and Kalman Yeger, addressed to New York City Governor, Andrew Cuomo, they described how:

“Anti-Semitic hate crimes have grown to frighteningly high numbers over the past several months. During the past several days in particular, identifiably Orthodox Jews in and around areas we represent have been targeted with a rash of violence unseen in modern history. Orthodox Jews are being regularly assaulted, menaced, stabbed and murdered in increasing numbers. This has been appropriately described as a ‘slow-rolling pogrom.’ We are writing to ask that you declare a state of emergency. … Simply stated, it is no longer safe to be identifiably Orthodox in the State of New York. We cannot shop, walk down a street, send our children to school, or even worship in peace.”

Moreover, former Democratic New York State Assemblyman and radio show host Dov Hikind mentioned that “If you were to ask Jews 20 years ago if a Holocaust could happen in America, you would get a uniform answer: ‘it’s impossible, not in America.’ Well, that’s not the case anymore. What will happen next?”

In the 2000s, I spoke about anti-Semitism in the US as a forthcoming problem, and was laughed at.

In the 2010s, when anti-Semitism began its exponential climb in the US and around the world, and started becoming acknowledged as a problem, I then talked about the next Holocaust taking place in the US.

Today, at the turn of the new decade, we can see how the awareness of the possibility of the next Holocaust taking place in America is coming to light.

Indeed then, as Dov Hikind asked, what is next?

The Fateful Shift from Division to Unity

The laws of nature are bringing human society to tighter connection, and the Jewish people, whether knowingly or unknowingly, host a method to make a key shift in realizing such connection positively—the ability to unite above all the fiery social division, as is written in the words, “love will cover all transgressions,” in order to pass such an ability to all people of the world, i.e., to be “a light unto the nations.”

Nature is demanding us to cease being a destructive and divisive force, and start becoming a positive and unified force.

If we fail to initiate the beginning of the Jewish people’s correction, by starting to implement unity above our differences, we will feel increasing pressures. The pressures would not only be in the US, but everywhere in the world, including the State of Israel where we could expect more and more sanctions and constraints. We would then continue strengthening our security until we would feel stuck in our little fortress with enemy forces surrounding us from all sides.

And if that would fail to prod us to unite, then we could expect such events as even an elimination of the State of Israel, and such disasters where, as Kabbalists have written, only a small group would remain to unite above our divisive drives.

“If the total ruin that they are destined to bring upon the world is still not evident to the world, they can wait for a third world war, or a fourth one … and the relics that remain after the ruin will have no other choice but to take upon themselves this work, where both individuals and nations will not work for themselves more than is necessary for their sustenance, while everything else they do will be for the good of others.” – Yehuda Ashlag, “The Writings of the Last Generation.”

The sooner we realize that our unity causes the unity of human society as a whole, and that by so doing, we will experience a wholly different positive, harmonious, peaceful and appreciative response from the world, then the sooner we can reverse the foreboding trend of anti-Semitism and find ourselves in a harmonious world. By uniting, we carry out our role in the world, and establish a newfound balance of forces between humanity and nature.

The First Step toward Unity

The first step toward unity is that we understand the need to save ourselves from destruction together with the need for adaptation with nature’s connecting tendency. If we do so, then we will see incredible phenomena unfold before our very eyes: a complete inversion of anti-Semitism to its opposite—a love and appreciation for the Jewish people who bring unity and light to the world. There would simply be no reason for anyone to hate Jews since people would know how to unite, and united people do not hate each other, nor the ones who teach and encourage their unity.

We need no long painful paths to reach such a state. By starting to think and act in a direction of the unity of all Jewish people right now, we can start pioneering an epic and historical positive transformation.

Why Jews Can Bring Unity To The World – Talk With Matt Beat

When you mention “the Jews” in a conversation, the reaction of your kind and friendly companion might be unpredictably negative. There is something secret, great and even mysterious about the Jewish people. Why do we call out such controversial emotions?

Jews are the group originated about 3,800 years ago by Abraham out of 70 nations of ancient Mesopotamia, the cradle of human civilization. Thus, as a representative sample of the total population, the Jewish people turn to be the mini-model of the world.

Therefore, today, in the situation of a global crisis, if Jews cultivate unity between them, it will radiate to all other nations and bring everyone to a new positive, happy and uplifted state.

The Jew Function – YouTube Channel Dedicated to this series

Holocaust Memorial Event

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 1/20/20

The memory of the 6 million Jews who perished in the Holocaust will be commemorated at Yad Vashem: World Holocaust Center, Jerusalem by over 45 world leaders on the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz this Thursday.

However, a Holocaust memorial must be more than a commemoration of those who died. It should be seized as an opportunity to face the future with a conviction to realize our role—to unite (“love your neighbor as yourself”) above division (“love will cover all transgressions”) in order to be “a light unto the nations.” This is how future such atrocities can be prevented.

“American Jews And The Israeli Dream – How Anti-Semitism Will Accelerate A Jewish American Exodus“ (Breaking Israel News)

The largest portal Breaking Israel News published my new article “American Jews and the Israeli Dream – How Anti-Semitism Will Accelerate a Jewish American Exodus”:

The future of American Jewry is at stake. In the face of distress and adversity due to the rise of virulent anti-Semitism in the US, Jews cannot bury their heads in the sand and pretend life is business as usual. The sense of safety in the US has changed and is collapsing fast. The option of emigrating to Israel can no longer be overlooked, not only as a matter of survival, but also as an opportunity for the renaissance of the Jewish nation.

59 percent of Americans perceive anti-Semitism to be more intense than 15 years ago, according to research conducted by the Hudson Institute. In fact, the statistics indicate that there were 234 anti-Semitic incidents reported last year compared to 186 cases in 2018, based on official data. Interestingly, while biased attacks against Jews rose 26% in New York City in just one year, hate crimes overall were at a record low. The biting reality exerts overwhelming pressures on Jewish communities, mainly in the largest US cities.

Thus, a shift in prevailing immigration trends is expected in the near future, particularly from the US, as the possibility of making Aliyah becomes an increasingly attractive option.

A New Chapter for Jewish American Immigration to Israel

A total of 3.3 million immigrants have moved to Israel from the time of the Jewish State’s establishment in 1948 until 2018, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics. Of all these immigrants, only 148,083 Jews emigrated from the United States, according to Jewish Agency data.

No one expects that tomorrow morning thousands of American Jews will arrive at Ben Gurion airport—it might take a decade—but thoughts about purchasing an apartment in Israel “just in case” increase. There is no reason for concern about real estate, however. Israel is a wide-open country. It has space not only for the thousands of Jews who will eventually arrive from North America, but for every Jew in the Diaspora, and even for the future reemergence of the ten lost tribes and their many descendants. Not a single one will be driven back into the sea.

The Book of Daniel calls the Land of Israel the “land of the deer.” Also, as the Talmud explains: “Just as the hide of the deer has the capacity to encompass its body, but shrinks when separated from its flesh, so too can the Land of Israel expand to encompass its rightful inhabitants but shrinks when we are exiled from it.” In other words, if we make Aliyah and settle in Israel, there will be room for all.

What will happen in the USA when the Jews leave? It will implode. Without the Jewish spirit which fills it and brings about its success and prosperity, America will lose its superpower status. This is what happened to Spain in the Middle Ages, in France, and in Germany. When the Jews were expelled, those countries lost their grandeur.

The Impact of a Massive American Aliyah

Massive immigration of Jews to Israel will project a state of enhanced Israeli power in the eyes of the Arab countries and will restrain them until calm descends over the Middle East. Clearly, the world is in a continuous maturation process. While it is true that for the time being we have a trusted friend in America, even if Trump is re-elected, change is still on the horizon. Imagine masses of hateful protesters, fed up with the government, converging on Pennsylvania Avenue all the way to the White House with no holds barred, kicking their feet until the government is overturned by force. Or perhaps someone who holds anti-Semitic views will rise to power and the trend of anti-Jewish and anti-Israeli sentiments will snowball.

In such a scenario, which is not at all unfathomable, Jews will not be allowed to escape with their property, certainly not with the industries and conglomerates they may own. In the best of cases, they will be able to flee in haste with only a suitcase in hand. Yes, history is bound to repeat itself. Such a period in the U.S will be reminiscent of the dark period eighty years ago. Not all details will be the same, but the rules of the game will be frighteningly similar.

This is why today, as then, we have to think about our good future and accelerate the change of incompatible lines of thought–from rejecting “the land of the deer” to love of the homeland. Israel is home, shield, and fortress. Within the stalking sound of anti-Semitism, the voice of Divine protection calls upon us to shelter together under one roof, even though this is not the final stop.

We can reach our final destiny of tranquility only when we attain complete unity in the connection of all currents and opinions, when we live in “love above all crimes” and differences. Only then will the bitter anti-Semitism end, as well as the troubles of the long exile. When we approach each other out of free choice to make strides into a positively connected future, and not to escape persecution, we will then reach redemption at last. As the Kabbalist and first Chief Rabbi of pre-state Israel, Rav Kook wrote,

“All individual thoughts and ideas proceeding in an impoverished and scattered state—the atmosphere of the land of other nations—must form one bundle, must clothe themselves in one general intent related to the life of the entire nation, under the influence of the land of Israel.” (Chevyon Oz)

In line with Rav Kook and the chain of great Kabbalists that preceded him, the Land of Israel was viewed as a new spiritual milestone and there the people returning to Zion would be required to realize their spiritual role. They believed that the Land of Israel was given to the people of Israel in order to form an exemplary spiritual society, a hotbed for the work in which the desire for inner fulfillment is cultivated, far beyond the aspects of territorial concern.

The ingathering of the Diaspora in the Land of Israel symbolizes the beginning of the realization of the spiritual idea upon which the Jewish people was founded: a place for attaining unity that transcends our narrow egoistic existence to build a common and flourishing destiny for all.

“Why Does The Jewish Community Have To Go Through So Much Suffering In History And Today?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: Why does the Jewish community have to go through so much suffering in history and today?

We Jews endure suffering from anti-Semitic sentiment toward us from the nations of the world, which has always existed, but which intensifies in certain periods more than others.

In my recently released book, The Jewish Choice: Unity or Anti-Semitism, I thoroughly detail how we have suffered throughout history due to anti-Semitism that rises up against us.

What then is the cause of anti-Semitism, which makes different nations at different periods in history rise up against us?

Many reasons have been stated, for instance, that we hold too much power in countries we’ve assimilated into, ruling the whole world, being greedy, envy of our disproportionate success in the world compared to other nations, oppressing Palestine as a Jewish State, the fall of Germany in World War I, the assassination of Tsar Alexander II in 19th Century Russia, drinking children’s blood in the Middle Ages, denying Muhammad’s prophethood and murdering Jesus Christ.

However, beyond any kind of reasoning that has been given at different time periods, we need to understand how the many reasons given for anti-Semitism are preceded by the sensation of hatred in and of itself. As Kabbalist Rav Yehuda Ashlag (Baal HaSulam) writes in his article “The Solution”:

“It is a fact that Israel is hated by all nations, whether for religious reasons, racial reasons, capitalist reasons, communist reasons, or for cosmopolitan reasons, etc. It is so because the hatred precedes all reasons, but each merely resolves its loathing according to its own psychology.”

In other words, anti-Semitism exists independently of the many varied actions and behaviors of the Jewish people.

Anti-Semitism is rather a sensation embedded in nature that emerges within people.

How does the feeling of anti-Semitism, a hatred of Jews, surface?

In order to answer this, we need to understand the foundation of the Jewish people, the Jewish role in the world, and how non-Jews respond in relation to whether or not Jews are performing this role.

The Foundation of the Jewish People

The Jewish people emerged in ancient Babylon some 4,000 years ago. It was a time when Babylon was experiencing a crisis of social division, with conflicts and hatred tearing up the ancient Babylonian society. During this period, Abraham, a Babylonian priest who discovered the path to unite above the growing divisions, i.e. reaching the revelation of the single force of love and bestowal that exists in reality above the growing ego, began openly teaching his method to anyone who wanted to learn.

Since social division was felt as a burning problem, many people flocked to learn with Abraham. He guided them to the discovery of the single force of love and bestowal above their divisive drives. The group he led became known as “the people of Israel” (i.e. “Israel” coming from “Yashar Kel,” which means “straight to God,” i.e. straight to the single force of love and bestowal that exists in reality), and later they became known as “Jews” (the Hebrew word for “Jew” [Yehudi] comes from the word for “united” [yihudi] [Yaarot Devash, Part 2, Drush no. 2]).

Therefore, the Jewish nation was founded not on a biological basis, but on an ideological one.

People from all over ancient Babylon who felt a problem with social division and a need for unity gathered under Abraham’s method and united above their divisive drives. By doing so, they became known as “a light unto the nations,” as the attainment of the one, unique and unified force of nature above the human ego, which causes all the divisiveness and problems in society, has a positive domino effect that “upgrades” human consciousness: it leads to more positive connections, more consideration, support, love and care, among humanity in general.

The Jewish Role in the World

As it was then, so it is today, but on a much larger, global scale.

The overblown human ego, social division, conflicts and hatred are all experiencing an exponential boost, bringing about myriad problems and crises. For instance, despite more human population than ever before on the planet, and all the technological and cross-cultural connections that have been established worldwide, human society feels more and more isolation, stress, depression, emptiness and anxiety.

The more people feel such problems, the more people subconsciously feel that the Jews are the cause of these problems.

That is where the sensation of anti-Semitism comes from: that the Jews have a role in the world, to unite (“love your friend as yourself”) above division (“love will cover all transgressions”), and by doing so, be a conduit for the single unifying force of love and bestowal to spread throughout the collective human consciousness (“a light unto the nations”).

The Response to the Jews from the Nations of the World in Relation to the Jewish Role

If we Jews function correctly in relation to our role in the world—uniting among each other in order to pass unity to the world—then we will experience a positive reaction from everyone in the world.

If, however, as it currently stands, we fail to acknowledge or make any effort to unite among each other, we then block the positive unifying force from reaching humanity, and hatred stirs up in non-Jews toward the Jews as a natural phenomenon that serves to pressure us to perform our role.

It is thus my hope that we will realize our role in the world sooner rather than later, sparing the world and ourselves much suffering.

We simply don’t see what it would mean if we make some steps toward uniting, how much all the tension in human society and between nations would calm down, how all the exploitation, manipulation, hatred and abuse in humanity would be replaced by mutual support, consideration, love and care for our fellow human beings.

This is why I put in so many efforts to disseminate the message about the role of Jews in the world, and the cause and solution to anti-Semitism, since humanity’s future of happiness or torment depends specifically on this.

What Is A Real Jew? – Talk With Matt Beat

Is Jew a representative of a specific ethnic or religious group? Does it apply to national identity or social status? Is it something that you can become or get rid of?

It is none of the above. According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, “Jew” is a quality that awakens in a person who longs for connection with the upper force of love and bestowal through unity with other human beings.

From this point of view, there are no good or bad Jews, or true or half-true Jews. There are only people who want to maintain the condition of “love your neighbor as yourself” and balance the destructive nature of the human ego with the power of positive connections between us.

Today, we see the world becoming more and more divided, a situation that might lead to an explosion. Our ego is rapidly growing which makes people increasingly alienated from each other. However, even in such conditions, there is a chance of achieving a peaceful and pleasant life. If we let the point called “Jew” appear in our hearts, we’ll be able to get together and cultivate healthy human relations peacefully and in balance.

The Jew Function – YouTube Channel Dedicated to this series

Israel’s Duty Toward Humanity

laitman_962.1Israel’s duty toward humanity is a very important topic because it determines our entire work directed to the end result: to connect all the created beings into one being in adhesion with the Creator. This process includes internality and externality because there is the Creator and there is the created being, and both these systems consist of internal and external parts.

The internal part of the Creator is Atzmuto, His essence, and the external part is His attitude toward the created beings. The created beings consist of Israel and the nations of the world in proportion to the intensity of the desire remaining after the shattering.

The point that awakens in a person and pulls one to correction is called “straight to the Creator” (Yashar-Kel), Israel. Such a person must receive help from above and also organize one’s environment and work from below.

The purpose of creation is the general end of correction, and therefore, we must yearn for it all the time. This will appeal to the upper force, which wants everyone to know it from the smallest to the greatest. Therefore, we must bring this knowledge to all the nations of the world and provide them with a connection to the force of correction and unity, seeing ourselves in the role of Jonah the Prophet. Although we neither want nor know how to do it, we understand the importance and the greatness of our responsibility to become the light for the nations of the world.

“The end result is in the preliminary thought,” and therefore, we must already see the final goal and the final state, verifying each step by the extent to which we realize this goal. Our whole path is in carrying out the purpose of creation, the final corrected state, by getting closer and closer to it and perfecting ourselves.

The purpose of the big convention in Tel Aviv is to connect the entire worldwide Bnei Baruch group, thus laying the foundation for the general correction of the world.1

We have received spiritual awakening only because it is necessary for our generation, which is obliged to start the correction. Therefore, if we wish to progress, we have to think about who we are working for. We, Israel, are the transitional channel connecting the Creator with the created beings. If we become faithful workers of the Creator and fulfill our mission without thinking about our own reward and destiny but only about giving contentment to the Creator and bring the created beings closer to Him so that He could correct and fulfill them, then we will succeed.

Therefore, we must take into account not our success but only our mission as servants of the Creator and the created beings, and then we can become partners of the Creator in creation. The main thing is to explain our future state to humanity, which already exists in nature and must be revealed. If we are ready for this revelation, we perceive it as good times. But if we are not ready, then nature still leads us through the same states toward the end of correction, but we feel them as unpleasant and we suffer. Therefore, for the benefit of the Creator and the benefit of the created beings, we need to prepare humanity for the next steps and help them constantly increase their connection.2

Why do we discuss these painful questions of anti-Semitism, the Holocaust, and Nazism if there are so many nice topics in Kabbalah? The fact is that it is for the sake of healing, and the treatment is unpleasant and painful. The festering was internal and now that the doctor is opening it up to cure it; of course, it hurts. However, there is no way out, we need to open this wound and check it in order to understand what we did wrong and how to continue.

The correction is not revealed in the inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature, but it depends on the human material to the extent that it feels the stages of its development. If we understand how we should develop, we will welcome the doctor’s actions. Even animals tolerate pain if they feel that a person is trying to help them.

However, we should not just tolerate it but rather take part in our own development, and then these stages will become pleasant for us not only in our sensations but will also bring understanding and attainment. We will carry out our own treatment with the help of the upper force. This development will become desirable for us because we will be looking at ourselves from above, wanting to receive the force of bestowal against our egoistic desire.

Otherwise we will see the same catastrophe unfolding as eighty years ago in Germany, knowing what will happen if we do not intervene in the course of events. The path to the end of correction has already been set, but it is possible to walk through it by the path of the light or by the path of suffering—the choice is ours. There is no way to escape from it.

We must draw conclusions from the past history for the future because history always returns, the ten Sefirot are revealed again in our world, it is always the same process. It takes place with new weapons and on a new scale, always bigger and bigger, but the overall image always repeats itself.

Humanity is on the verge of a world war. It is no longer about individual extremist actions but about escaping the global catastrophe—the third world war that Baal HaSulam wrote about. This is not a long-term prospect and can happen at any moment. Once upon a time, war required long preparations, movement of troops, warships, and today it is enough to push a button to destroy half the world.

The increased attacks on the grounds of anti-Semitism are only initial signs of the final process of the general correction of the world through a world war. After all, we live in the last generation, in the era of the end of correction, so it will not be limited to a local war somewhere in Europe as it was before. The war will cover the entire planet, everyone will begin to settle scores with each other. It will be revealed that fifty countries have nuclear weapons, which is unknown at the moment.3

With each passing day, it becomes increasingly clear that the world needs to unite; otherwise, it will fall apart. The glue is a connection that can only be achieved by Israel’s example. There is no other way according to the laws of nature.4

People must understand:
1. The key to the entire historical process is in the people of Israel.
2. The sharp reaction of the general egoism of the nations of the world is caused by the fact that the Jews hesitate and do not accelerate the correction.

Now it becomes clear how we must act together: Israel and the nations of the world. Anti-Semitism, hatred toward Jews, in the nations of the world, awakens in order to push the Jews forward.

It is written in Prophets that the nations of the world will lift Israel on their shoulders and bring them to build the Temple. Do you think that Jews will be carried on a tray like a gift? No, it will be in the form of a demand. The people of Israel must feel the need of the nations of the world for correction, for understanding the thought of creation, its purpose. All the troubles of this world are the result of the fact that humanity receives no answer about the cause of its suffering. This is suffering from the lack of the light of Hassadim, the attainment of the Creator, which is also why drugs are so common. This is all because Israel does not carry the upper light through themselves to the nations of the world.

The nations of the world should learn their role, how they should use the negative attitude toward the Jews, the hatred that is awakening in them, and turn it into a demand so that together with the people of Israel, they can perform the correction. The method is in the people of Israel, and the power is in the nations of the world, so we must tread together toward the end of correction.5
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/30/19, Israel’s Duty Toward Humanity
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“Is Another Holocaust Inevitable This Time In The USA?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: Is another Holocaust inevitable this time in the USA?

The signals of an extremely dangerous situation for Jews similar to the time preceding the Holocaust are definitely visible in America, where historically high numbers of violent anti-Semitic attacks are reported every day. Deliberate assaults upon Jews only for being Jews have become particularly recurrent in New York. Hate crime monitoring groups call the state an “epidemic.”

In fact, 2019 was the worst year on record for anti-Semitic incidents in New York City: around 214 complaints compared to 182 cases the previous year, according to police data. These make up roughly half of all hate crimes reported in the city.

The “Slow-Rolling Pogrom” in New York

In a recent letter sent to New York City Governor, Andrew Cuomo, four Jewish lawmakers urged him to declare state of emergency amid the spate of anti-Semitic offenses, expressing great concern that “it is no longer safe to be identifiably Orthodox in the State of New York. We cannot shop, walk down a street, send our children to school, or even worship in peace.”

They described the menace against the American Jewish community as a “slow-rolling pogrom,” and added, “anti-Semitic hate crimes have grown to frighteningly high numbers over the past several months…. identifiably Orthodox Jews in and around areas we represent have been targeted with a rash of violence unseen in modern history. Orthodox Jews are being regularly assaulted, menaced, stabbed and murdered in increasing numbers.”

I cannot view the current situation heedlessly. During the last decade I’ve warned through media
articles and books about the threat of a potential new Holocaust on American soil in light of the growing anti-Jewish sentiment from multiple fronts. Only a few years ago, when I met Jewish leaders to express my concern, they reacted with incredulity.

Now their perspective has changed. Former Democratic New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind has
questioned, “Why are Jews being assaulted in a way they were assaulted in pre-Nazi Germany?” and
said, “if you were to ask Jews 20 years ago if a Holocaust could happen in America, you would get a uniform answer: ‘it’s impossible, not in America.’ Well, that’s not the case anymore.”

The increased recognition of American anti-Semitism is a positive first step toward addressing the problem and unearthing its solution. I expressed this in my new book
The Jewish Choice: Unity or Anti-Semitism (p. 190) as follows:

“Clearly, the 20th century marked a new level in the cruelty of humankind, especially toward Jews. Having experienced the Holocaust, we cannot be certain that it will not happen again. If it happened once, it can happen twice, or thrice, and the globally mounting hatred toward Jews and toward the State of Israel proves that the fear of a second Holocaust is well-founded. This, once again, reminds us of the necessity to return to Abraham’s method of uniting above our differences, and of our duty to set an example to the world by so doing.”

As foremost Kabbalist Rav Yehuda Ashlag wrote in the early 1950s:

“The world erroneously considers Nazism a particular offshoot of Germany. In truth, it is the offshoot of a democracy and socialism that were left without … manners and justice. Thus, all the nations are the same in this, and there is no hope at all that Nazism will perish with the victory of the Allies, for tomorrow the Anglo-Saxons will adopt Nazism, since they, too, live in a world of democrats and Nazis.” (The Writings of the Last Generation)

The Jewish Duty to Prevent a New Tragedy

Our Jewish nation was forged upon the ideology of mercy and brotherly love, when strangers agreed to unite and bond as equals. We became a nation when we pledged to be “as one man with one heart.” Since then, it has been our duty to maintain this connection and pass it on, namely to be a “light unto the nations,” not out of entitlement, but to serve others. Therefore, the duty of the Jewish people is to execute and set an example of love of others to the world.

Over time, we have abandoned the unique connection we once cultivated and became self-centered. But now that globalization has made us interdependent, humanity is seeking a way to live together peacefully but cannot find one. Until Jews relearn how to be as united as before, the world lacks access to the knowledge of how to do this and will continue to blame us for its woes. Their unfulfilled demand is unfailingly projected as anti-Semitism, as a mounting pressure, until we change our course of action toward cohesion rather than division.

So being a light unto nations is a practical assignment: make peace among ourselves and the world will also be at peace.

Unity for Good

The world is always examining what we do, so whenever we display disharmony, it serves as a bad example that becomes reflected in the world. If we quarrel among each other, we project this disharmony onto other nations and they also begin to fight. But deep within they sense that their fight somehow originated with us, just as they express in the forms of mounting rancor toward us.

Our problem is that we unite only when a common enemy threatens us. If we would turn unity into a conscious process, we would require no dark outcome of a new Holocaust to direct us toward it. Thus, the pressing times we face will decisively demand us to make a fateful decision. Our Jewish choice is whether to remain divided and at odds and suffer the consequences, or to reverse our attitude toward one another, develop mutual responsibility and care, and spread it to the world. If we wisely choose the latter, a new reality of trust, friendship, and mutual support will unfold before us, in America and worldwide.

What Is The Root Of Hatred Against Jews? – Talk With Matt Beat

Throughout the centuries, hatred toward Jews couldn’t be explained rationally. Some people said that Jews are too detached from the rest of society, and others said that they poisoned their beliefs, but in truth, the more Jews tried to assimilate and disperse among the nations, the more they were hated. Why?

The hatred against Jews exists because, according to the laws of nature, they have to bring the world to the complete and connected state, but they refuse to perform this task.

The Jewish people are the collection of the 70 nations of the ancient world. Thus, consciously or not, they represent all the nations of the world, and the relationship between them defines the relationship between the different ethnic groups.

Today’s world calls out for finding the solution to the fast-growing and overall crisis. This solution is in the nature of the connection between people, and Jews are the ones who possess the key to it. As soon as they maintain unity between them according to the principle “love your neighbor as yourself,” the whole world will follow their example, and the hatred will dissolve and turn into support.

“The Jew Function” – YouTube Channel Dedicated to this series

“Rekindling Black-Jewish Relations In America Through Jewish Unity” (Newsmax)

My article in Newsmax: “Rekindling Black-Jewish Relations in America Through Jewish Unity

From rhetoric to actions, anti-Semitism from certain sectors within America’s black community has set off an alarm as a new disturbing phenomenon causing deep distress among U.S. Jews. As surprising as it may seem, the most effective solution lies among Jews themselves.

In the last few months, a sharp increase in unprovoked violent attacks against Jews by black individuals took place in cities with large Orthodox Jewish communities, particularly in New York and New Jersey, including the killing of three people at a Jersey City kosher market and a machete attack at a rabbi’s home in Monsey. Those officially-defined hate crime incidents were the most violent of recent links in a chain of harassment, beatings, and vandalism against Jews in those areas.

Anti-Semitism From All Fronts

We are familiar with extreme right-wing anti-Semitism from white supremacists, which blames Jews for helping immigrants, among other accusations. We have begun to address anti-Semitism from the Left, among the most prominent being the BDS movement, but lately we are becoming increasingly acquainted with a new kind of anti-Semitism from parts of the black community.

To further complicate the division, among African Americans there appears to be two distinct types of anti-Semitism. The first type arises from the Black Hebrew Israelites, a group whose members define themselves as “the original Jews,” as opposed to white Jews who are blamed for stealing their legal heritage. The second type seems to be arising from the melting pot of communal life in the U.S., where developing hatred against Jews claims that they want to take over their property and neighborhoods and “bring us back to the miserable slavery days.” It is a view that has even found sympathizers among members of the Jersey City Board of Education, the media has recently revealed.

Embracing Humanity’s Melting Pot

It is important to understand that original Judaism had no interest in exclusive ownership of the Torah. On the contrary, it was intended to reach everyone in the world, particularly anyone who longs for unity and mutual guarantee. Anyone who wanted to live according to the great rule of the Torah, “love your neighbor as yourself,” was welcomed and we would all unite and embrace one another in great joy. As Kabbalist Rav Yehuda Ashlag (Baal HaSulam) wrote: “It is certain and unequivocal, that the purpose of Creation lies on the shoulders of the whole of the human race, black, white or yellow, without any essential difference.” (The Arvut)

Therefore, the claims of those from the first group who claim that “Judaism is mine” and “I fit but you do not” are basically discriminatory. Such an attitude, from whoever it originates, does not derive from real Judaism which calls for love of the other. The second type of anti-Semitism in the black community mentioned earlier belongs to the exclusionary anti-Semitic line of thought just described.

As we have seen throughout history in every period, some particular groups of people hold a grudge against the Jews and find their rationale for hatred. Baal HaSulam wrote about it as follows: “The hatred precedes all reasons, but each merely resolves its loathing according to its own psychology.” (The Writings of the Last Generation)

Therefore, it is quite easy to incite any oppressed group into believing that Jews are responsible for their bleak situation and that they have to act against them. Undoubtedly, the members of such a group will gladly espouse hatred for the Jews.

It is important to remember that the people of Israel were composed of representatives of numerous clans from ancient Babylon, which had extended to become “the 70 nations of the world.” Abraham the Patriarch established one overarching rule: unity above and beyond differences. It might seem like the people of Israel are like any other people, but they are in fact unique. The people of Israel have a particular role: to be united and serve the rest of the nations of the world.

Jews Paving the Way to Unity

When the people of Israel overcome their differences, they attain a degree of spiritual unity that reveals the upper force. At this time, a positive force emanates from them. They then spread “light unto the nations” and become a beacon of peace for all. On the other hand, when Jews make no motions toward unity, but instead let their differences separate them, the nations of the world feel it subconsciously. This is because everyone is connected in a single network. In the absence of the positive upper force, the negative force begins to bubble through. Instinctively, the world manifests hatred toward the Jewish nation, holding it responsible for the lack of balance between the two opposing forces. This is the underlying reason for the increasing anti-Semitism.

We can engage in all kinds of efforts that do not primarily focus on our unification in order to try and palliate this phenomenon, but they will bring about no meaningful and lasting positive changes. Anti-Semitism will only continue increasing unless we tackle it at its root through the only possible antidote: unity of the Jewish people, first and foremost, and then unity of the rest of the world. Such an intervention will neutralize all animosity toward us, and will bring about a peaceful existence and cordial relations among all people.