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Somewhere Far Away

laitman_963.1Anti-Semitism in the world continues to grow. Last week in California, during the prayer at the end of Passover, a terrorist attack took place in a synagogue resulting in one person being killed and several others injured. However, it still fails to make people listen. It seems to them that this does not concern them; after all, it is happening “somewhere out there, far away.” This shows how much the Creator hardens the heart so that a person is indifferent even to such incidents. Just six months ago, a similar tragedy took place in a synagogue in Pittsburgh, but everyone has already forgotten about it.

Therefore, the Jewish people are called a “stiff-necked people.” A person does not respond to these warnings, thinking that this happened on a nearby street and cannot happen to him. We forget what happened yesterday, not to mention a few months ago, and do not notice that tension is building. To be stiff-necked means to receive a blow, wake up for an instant, and then forget everything as if it never happened.

The problem is that there is no sensation of an accumulative pain, heading toward a point when a person will be forced to respond. Everything disappears like water in sand.

It is most important to understand that this is not a random event, but a natural one, which proceeds from the foundation of creation. This process will continue and will not end unless we start doing something about it. Kabbalah explains this phenomenon on a scientific basis; it warned about the danger many years ago, while everyone laughed at such a possibility. Now it is no laughing matter, but still no one wants to listen to the Kabbalists. Time will come when there will be no choice and they will have to listen.

No matter how stiff-necked the people of Israel may be, the Creator nevertheless leads them out of Egypt by striking them and making them suffer. In our time it might be the same. Kabbalists continue to warn, but they do not believe, just like how they once did not believe Moses.

It is very symbolic that in just a few days the world will be marking the Holocaust Remembrance Day, and the same Holocaust is returning… Either Jews will unite or it will be very bad. Unity is a solution not only for anti-Semitism, but also for the general correction of the world, the correction of humanity, the growing global crisis, and the approaching world war, which are already being spoken about openly.1
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/28/19, Dissemination of The Wisdom Of Kabbalah
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My Thoughts On Twitter 5/7/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman, and @EMichaelJones1, a Catholic, discuss the reasons behind #Antisemtism and solutions for this and other world problems. Hosted by @LioSpiegler (April 22, 2019)

From Twitter, 5/7/19

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“Eva Could Be Me” (The Times Of Israel)

The Times of Israel published my new article “Eva Could Be Me

Germany 2019: “More than 12,000 neo-Nazis are active and prepared to use violence,” reads a recent German official report. It’s chilling to realize that this document sounds like it came from the early 1930s when a tiny Jewish girl took her first breaths in Budapest, Hungary. At age 13 during the spring of 1944, young Eva Heiman kept a personal diary like many teens now do on social media. Until three months later, she was taken from her home to her death in Auschwitz. 75 years have passed since then, and “Eva Stories,” a brilliant project on Instagram, traces her life and provides a “modern” glimpse at the dark days of the Holocaust. Tragically, those gloomy days have returned with the rise of anti-Semitism in America and the world, and these are signs, as our sages foresaw it, for us to unite as the one and only deliverance of the Jewish people.

While our cultural world has shrunk to a smartphone screen, our inner world has to expand. Although some would push the Holocaust to the margins of historical memory, we must instead strive to investigate our past and our future. We should demand answers in order to gain insights and shed new light on our reality.

If Eva was actually alive now, she would wonder, ”How could it be possible that anti-Semitism raises its ugly head in 2019 in every corner of the globe and in every language after all that happened? How is it possible that Jews are still the most persecuted people in the world? How does that burning hatred erupt in Hungarians and Germans, as well as Americans and Russians? How can it be that the brilliant Jewish mind—the one capable of flying a spaceship to the moon, of creating an artificial heart, of winning Nobel prizes and Oscars and building social media platforms—has not managed to defeat the hatred toward us over thousands of years?”

In spite of her graceful manners and her innocent smile, Eva must have been experienced enough to say, “No, the hatred toward us does not stem from jealousy. People do not hate us because we are the smartest, the most successful and inventive, and not because they think we control the media, banks and commerce.”

Eva would ponder the deeper reason for the incomprehensible hatred: “Could it be that maybe anti-Semitism is a law of nature, a phenomenon impossible to erase? Are blows from nature begging us to stop and ask a deeper question?”

Certainly, after all she experienced, she would want to listen to what the haters have to say, “Jews are to blame for all human evil. They only take care of themselves.”

She would also return to our sources to learn from our sages and she would discover that, indeed, there is a close, internal connection between Israel and the nations of the world. She would rush to find out exactly what that means: that Jews are obligated by nature to pave the way for unity over all differences. Attainment of human unity is the only solution to all the evils of the world, including anti-Semitism.

Eva’s story might just become our own if we do not bear active witness to how and why bigotry and hatred unfolds worldwide. Eva’s story should underscore the stark dangers of anti-Semitism and how its magnitude and intensity can rapidly evolve and spread. The hatred persists and strengthens day by day. When we are united and become exemplars of loving brotherhood will we be able to enlighten the world toward unity and eliminate all the threats against us. Maybe then Eva would finally post on Instagram the words she wished could have been written in her time: “In Israel lies the secret of the unity of the world.”

My Thoughts On Twitter 5/6/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The purpose of creation is intended for all creatures regardless of #race, #nationality, or other differences between them.” (Baal HaSulam. Arvut, 23)
But a group of people, #Israel, has been appointed to begin implementing the plan, which will convey its attainment to the rest of humanity.

The intention of the Creator is to unite the creation with Himself. One can learn unity only by working on it. Therefore, the created desire is broken and, starting with the call of Abraham, is uniting to attain the Creator, reaching the size of a nation. But the end of the correction is in unity of all mankind.

From Twitter, 5/6/19

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“Zionist Nazism? Lessons Learned To Avoid A New Holocaust” (The Times Of Israel)

The Times of Israel published my new article “Zionist Nazism? Lessons Learned to Avoid a New Holocaust

Once taboo and considered shameful, the veil over anti-Semitism has been lifted in today’s world. Hatred toward Jews is now manifested openly through the media, mainstream politics and extremely violent acts in the streets and places of worship. Attacks against Jews have doubled in the US, according to American watchdog groups, while Europeans report a 70 percent increase in vicious anti-Semitic incidents in Germany alone. These statistics are a loud wake up call for the Jews to act to prevent a new Holocaust. We need to take our destiny in our own hands by uniting and implementing our role as “a light unto nations” against the increasing darkness revealed among the people of the world.

Now is a crucial juncture for us to examine and learn lessons from history. We must not miss the signs of approaching catastrophe in a world where there is nowhere to run. Do you know the story of the Nazi Germany’s initial support for Zionism? There are important lessons for us to take from that historical balance point in time when it was still possible to save the Jews of Germany from annihilation.

In 1933, when the Nazi party came to power, about two months after Hitler’s appointment as Chancellor of the German Reich, Leopold von Mildenstein headed the Jewish section of the Nazi Party’s security service. It was his task to find a solution to the Jewish Question, and Baron Mildenstein regarded the Zionist idea that Jews return to their historic homeland in the land of Israel as the best solution. He poured his efforts into trying to strengthen the Zionist bodies in Germany and to weaken those calling for Jewish assimilation within Germany. In retrospect, his mission was actually to save German Jewry.

In order to promote the idea of ​​sending German Jews to British Mandatory Palestine, thus turning Germany into a Judenrein (an area from which Jews are excluded), Dr. Kurt Tuchler, a German-Jewish jurist and judge who served as the Zionist movement’s representative in Germany, invited Mildenstein to visit Palestine. The idea was that he would write his impressions of the visit to the emerging Zionist land and present them in the German press as an attractive destination for Jews, encouraging Jews to move to then-Palestine.

In the spring of 1933, Mildenstein and Tuchler traveled with their wives for a month’s visit to the British Mandate of Palestine. The visit was such a media success that it was extended to six months during which time a series of flattering articles called “A Nazi Travels to Palestine,” were sent and published in the Nazi journal, Der Angriff, edited by Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Propaganda Minister.

Mildenstein toured the Jewish homeland, mingled with the pioneers and settlers, and wrote sympathetically about their achievements in creating, according to him, a new type of Jew. He glowingly described Jews plowing the land, drying swamps, fulfilling the Zionist dream, and warmly praised Zionism as a movement that greatly benefits Jews.

Following this German pro-Zionist activity, and as a memento of the cooperation between the Nazi Party and the German Zionist Association, the newspaper issued a coin with a Star of David on one side and a swastika on the other, bearing the caption, “A Nazi Travels to Palestine.” These limited edition coins were given as gifts to new subscribers to the Nazi journal.

As hard as it may be to understand today, at the beginning of the Nazi period in Germany, long before anyone could have imagined the horrors the Third Reich, the Germans actually tried to help bring Jews to Israel, even by offering financial support. They built a special economic organization designed to help German Jews to immigrate without losing a penny, so that they would have all their financial assets here in Israel, just as they had in Germany.

Upon his return to Germany, Mildenstein continued his activities in support of the Zionist movement, and even participated in the 19th Zionist Congress as the official representative of the Reich. He enlisted Adolf Eichmann into the effort and in 1937 sent him to Palestine to determine whether it was fit to absorb the Jews. But in spite of all the supportive Nazi efforts, the Jews of Germany came to Israel in very small numbers. Most did not want to go and Mildenstein failed in his mission.

As a result of the failure of the project, Mildenstein was transferred from his post. Two years later, he was appointed as deputy under Adolf Eichmann, who instituted a completely opposite policy that led to the actual implementation of the Final Solution to exterminate the Jews during the period of the Holocaust and World War II.

We all know the tragic end to the story of the Jews under the Nazis, but we can still use its bitter lessons to prevent the gray anti-Semitic cloud that threatens Jews once again from closing in around us. The situation of the Jews around the world today is little different from that of the Jews at the time when the Reich tried to support the building of Israel. On the one hand, Trump and the United States ostensibly support the Israeli-Jewish interests, while on the other hand, anti-Semitism is rampant in almost every region of the world.

The possible future scenarios are two: Either Trump, “today’s Mildenstein,” could lose his job and begin a severe deterioration that would lead to similar or even worse than what occurred in the 1940s in Europe; or the people of Israel will recover their senses and take advantage of the grace period they are being given in order to begin to realize their historical role toward the world: to establish an exemplary society that operates in unity and mutual responsibility as a lighthouse for the world.

The sages of Israel, among them Kabbalists and many intellectuals, wrote extensively about the power of Jewish connection as a solution to the problems the world faces. Rav Kook, for example, wrote: “The building of the world, which is now collapsing at the feet of the terrible storms of a sword full of blood, demands the building of the nation of Israel.”(Orot)

Only when Jews fulfill their mission will anti-Semitism cease and the Jewish people and State of Israel be given legitimacy to exist in safety to lead the world to happiness and peace.

What Is The Difference Between Anti-Semitism And Anti-Israelism?

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 5/2/19

What’s the difference between anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism? Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman explains that there is a difference, even though the basis is the same.

Since Jews bear inside them the method for the world’s correction, and the more the world deteriorates, the more necessary this method becomes, the world starts needing this method more and more. There is a certain subconscious feeling that this method exists in the Jewish people, and therefore there is hatred toward the Jewish people because they prevent the world from having a good future. What exactly is the good future and what exactly should the Jews do? They don’t know.

Nature, however, is giving everyone besides Jews a feeling that the Jews have something that they’re not giving the world, and therefore, the world is suffering.

Usually, during the 2,000 years of exile, it was directed at the Jewish people in a more or less revealed way, and nowadays, after the establishment of the Jewish State, the State of Israel, then a part of anti-Semitism has become anti-Israelism, which is against the State itself.

Therefore, anti-Semitism has several faces. There are some who feel more anti-Semitic, and others who feel more anti-Israeli, but both stem from the same root, and undoubtedly, there is something about the Jewish people that they have to give the world. Jews themselves don’t know what it is, besides the Kabbalists among them who bear the method of correction. Therefore, if the Jewish people will reveal this method to humanity, then both anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism will disappear from the world.

What Made Hitler An Anti-Semite?

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 5/1/19

Hitler saw that he could unite the people through anti-Semitism, and that he gained a lot of support through his anti-Semitic actions, and these were the stepping stones to Hitler’s becoming an anti-Semite.

Countries such as France, England and Poland, who were hostile to him and who he couldn’t conquer yet, agreed with him on his anti-Semitic stance, and thus he used anti-Semitism to rise above the people, unite the people, and to take the wealth of the Jews. He also publicized his actions against the Jews as much as possible, because he saw that the people agreed with and encouraged his anti-Semitic actions. Eventually, he became a true anti-Semite, even though he wasn’t one to begin with. When he started rising to power in Nazi Germany, there were even many Jews and the fathers of Zionism who supported him. In short, in terms of whether Hitler was an anti-Semite, he wasn’t one in the biological sense, where he felt a natural hatred of Jews from within. He became one as he saw that it garnered him a lot of support.

Into Truth Trailer

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 5/1/19

The Holocaust remembrance day is the right time to ask ourselves what is the reason for the hatred of Jews throughout history? And is there a true solution to anti-Semitism?

My Thoughts On Twitter 5/1/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

#Hitler saw that he could unite the people through #Antisemitism, and that he gained a lot of support through his anti-Semitic actions, and these were the stepping stones to Hitler’s becoming an anti-Semite.

From Twitter, 5/1/19

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State Department And Antisemitism

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 3/31/19

$2 million is the amount allocated by the U.S. State Department for two projects to combat the growing anti-Semitism in Europe and Central Asia.

This proposal itself highlights the problem with the approach to anti-Semitism. The premise is wrong. We are trying to fight anti-Semitism instead of understanding the reasons for it. We are looking for ways to silence the hatred, rather than understanding where it emanates from and thus alleviate the problem.

Anti-Semitic incidents are like a messenger carrying a message: The relentless negative sentiments toward the Jewish people demand a deep and satisfactory explanation. Without it, the hatred will continue to bubble under the surface, and erupt on the face of it.

Instead of “killing the messenger,” we should invite him to a discussion about the source of the hatred and the solution for it. Instead of trying to blur the phenomenon, we must agree that it’s there and it needs to be understood.

The ancient wisdom of Kabbalah, which is being revealed nowadays, provides a systematic, comprehensive explanation for the phenomenon of anti-Semitism. An explanation that binds together the development of humanity from the dawn of civilization, human nature and the psychology that operates it, the birth of the Jewish people and the nature of its relationship with the rest the nations. Simply knowing the explanation will cause an immediate alleviation of anti-Semitism, since “a disease known is half cured.”

And here is the explanation in brief: According to Kabbalah, humanity reached a unique turning point about 3,800 years ago in ancient Mesopotamia, as human nature evolved to a new level. After thousands of years where human beings had an instinctive connection to each other and to nature, humans began to develop their sense of self. In Kabbalah, this is referred to as “the evolution of the human ego.”

As a result of the growth of the ego, human beings became more individualistic and egocentric, society became more complex, and human existence required the formation of deeper and stronger connections between people.

Abraham, who is known to this day as the common ancestor of the three major religions, had discovered the dynamics of human evolution: Nature continually increases the human ego, thereby allowing humans to form a more conscious connection, above the growing ego. This is how nature advances the human species to become a more conscious, more intelligent, more advanced form of life. In other words, nature increases the ego – and human beings are driven to increase their connection.

Abraham gathered around him representatives from the various groups and clans who lived in ancient Babylon, and built them into a group capable of enhancing human connection over the growing ego. The group abandons the Babylonian kingdom, grows to the scale of a nation, and acquires the name “Am Yisrael“. From that point onward, the Jewish people and the other nations separate and continue to evolve on two parallel axes.

For some 1,500 years the Jewish people lived according to the Abrahamic principles, until human egoism grew to a new level in humanity as a whole. At this stage, the Jewish people lose the special bond that binds them together, and begin to scatter and roam the world. In other words, the Jews lose contact with the system of connection that has accompanied them since they were founded as a people.

In the last two millennia, humanity has evolved through various forms of social regimes, trade and commerce, science, education and culture, all the while becoming interdependent across the globe. And in the last century, the human ego has reached its final peak, and is now leading human society towards an unprecedented global crisis: the family unit is disintegrating, the pubic loses trust in all forms of government, economic inequality reaches new levels while technological unemployment is around the corner, nuclear and climate threats are rising, drug addiction and depression rates are soaring, and the list goes on.

All the above are pushing humanity to rearrange itself around the planet, which in fact requires a new level of human connection. And the way to do it is the same as that which took place in ancient Babylon. The method for increasing human connection lies within the Jewish people who are scattered throughout the world, and this is why the Jews evoke a unique and negative sentiment throughout thousands of years of their existence.

Both Jews and anti-Semites do not recognize the natural dynamic that activates them. This is why this explanation is so vital. Only the understanding and awareness of these natural foundations can serve as a basis for solving the problem of anti-Semitism. As soon as the explanation permeates the public discourse, the anti-Semitic flames will subside.

The U.S. State Department’s $2 million would be helpful if it would be put toward spreading the explanation for the root cause of anti-Semitism, to Jews and non-Jews alike.