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The Special Influence Of The Creator

507.05“The Advantage of the Land,” Baal HaSulam: Thus, when one suffers, he becomes far from the Creator since he naturally becomes hateful of He who imparts him torments.

In such a case a person is called a sinner. He cannot justify the Creator with regard to what he feels in the world, and to this extent the Creator is concealed from him.

If we feel bad, we do not feel that this bad feeling stems from the Creator. It is the special intention of His bestowal unto us.

If the feeling is good, we feel that it stems from the Creator, but if the feeling is bad, if we have not prepared ourselves to feel negative impacts as positive, we do not feel that they stem from the Creator and instead feel them as torments.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 12/22/19

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“What Is Every Single Benefit Of Physical Pain?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: What is every single benefit of physical pain?

Pain protects us by making us feel a boundary, where if we cross it, then we enter a danger zone.

We typically want to simply not feel pain, and if we feel it, we want it to disappear right away. Together with this tendency, it is worthwhile to add a scrutiny of why we feel pain, and how we can get rid of it. Or on the contrary, it could be that we feel pain due to a disease that surfaces, which is a sign that we need to get ourselves treated.

However, more importantly, we should understand that our nature is a desire to enjoy, which wishes to move away from pain and move toward pleasure, enjoyment and happiness. What, then, stands between our experience of total enjoyment and happiness in life compared to a life full of various pains? It is simply a different screen by which we can perceive and sense reality.

In order to achieve this change where we perceive and sense a world full of goodness and happiness, we need only connect with our desires and apply efforts to change them so that we will start perceiving everything in our world as good, enjoyable and pleasant.

This is an inner change that requires us wanting to give others everything that is good for them, and then in return, we will receive all the goodness that we want for ourselves.

If we make such a transformation, then we will experience utter perfection and happiness, or as it is expressed in the Torah, “a land of milk and honey.”

It all depends on our desire to give to others. The moment we get rid of our egoistic intention to receive at the expense of others, and replace it with an altruistic intention solely to benefit others, then when we attain such a giving desire, we will see that there is an abundance of everything good in life in front of us, and we will want only to give that abundance to others. It can be likened to all the gold, silver and diamonds in the world suddenly appearing right in front of our very eyes the moment we have no intention to receive any of it for ourselves, but only wish for others to benefit from it. When we reach such a degree in our intention, then we will experience total perfection and happiness.

Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

“Suicide: Why Do People Kill Themselves?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: Suicide: Why do people kill themselves?

People who commit suicide do not want to endure ongoing feelings of frustration and emptiness.

Like any person, they wanted to become fulfilled—and today there are myriad pleasures available to us at the tap of a button—but suicidal people find fulfillment to be completely elusive.

The inner distress they feel within exceeds any sensations that they can receive from anyone else.

What do these people ultimately need?

They need the answer to the meaning of life.

Do our lives have meaning, a goal and a purpose that make our lives worth living? What is our impetus to continue living on in life?

Such questions awaken in certain people, and they drive some people to seek their answers, and some to a pit of desperation, where they would like to invert such questions and sensations, but they cannot, and then they reach the end.

To get answers to the questions about life’s meaning, I recommend checking out the links in my Quora bio, where there is a plethora of courses and other materials available to help people find the answers to life’s deepest questions.

Photo by Lachlan Dempsey on Unsplash.

How To Reduce Suffering

laitman_294.2Rabash, “Love of Friends” Article No. 6: The most important thing is to always remember the purpose of creation, which is known to be “to do good to His creations.” Thus, if He wants to give them delight and pleasure, why are these three above matters—faith, fear and “Love thy friend”? It means that they need only qualify their vessels to be able to receive the delight and pleasure that the Creator wishes to give to the creatures.

The material of creation is a desire to enjoy. This is how the Creator made us. All forms of desire on the inanimate, vegetative, animal, and human levels only want one thing: to fill themselves so they feel pleasure.

Pleasure is a very complex concept. What happens in the body when it is enjoying?

We perceive everything like animals: “I feel pleasure!” What is pleasure? Where does it take place? In what cells and internal systems? Do you sense a certain kind of fulfillment against some feeling of lack? Does one complete the other?

Based on this, we see that pleasure can only be whenever there is a preliminary need, and only to the extent of its fulfillment can one feel pleasure.

In principle, what should the Creator have done? Only one thing: Having wished to give delight and pleasure to the created being, He needed to create a desire for that pleasure, or a feeling of deficiency. Yet the Creator did the opposite: He created evil, a minus, so that afterward by neutralizing and filling this minus with an opposite quality, the created being would feel the plus.

This is why it is written “I created evil…” and this is bewildering to an ordinary person. Evil, however, was created only in order to then replace it with good. This means that we need to do some work here, a certain manipulation of oneself, or nature, or the Creator in order to come from the feeling of evil to the feeling of good, from hatred to love.

This raises many questions. How could I feel all the qualities that are opposite to the Creator? Why do I have to go through all the terrible sensations that are worse than death? If the Creator wants to give me eternal, perfect fulfillment, does it mean that I have to feel a state opposite to it?

The solution is as follows: I do not have to go through terrible states, emptiness that is “worse than death,” and so on. I simply need to realize that after feeling even the slightest bit of suffering, I can immediately move on to enjoyment. More precisely, I should feel the suffering from the absence of pleasure, and then I will never feel the suffering itself.

This is where the wisdom of Kabbalah is leading us. It is calling on us to strive for connection, kindness, and love, and this is when I begin to feel that I am completely opposite to that. However, at that point I will already be in the positive field, in the field of the Creator, in His half.

This is why the contrast that I will feel when I aspire to clarify what He is and who He is will also be positive, since it is an indication that I am not like Him. Precisely at that point I will be able to demand and ask without detaching from Him. While trying to adhere to the Creator’s property—bestowal and love—I will feel how my “I,” my nature, is tearing me away from Him, and at the same time I immediately hold onto Him through the group.

Thus, I do not have to go through terrible, opposing states, but only small unpleasant sensations, like a baby who is being separated from his mother. This is enough for him to cling to her and always be concerned about drawing closer to her.

Such alternating small states that we go through are called the stages of our development. Each time, while we aim for the Creator through the group and constantly think about how to urge the friends toward Him, I feel how much compared to them I am still not succeeding in this, and in this manner I come closer to the Creator, I acquire His properties.

In other words, we do not have to go through states of darkness, separation, and estrangement, which are opposite to adhesion with the Creator. By working on His side, working through the group, it is enough for us to feel literally a tiny bit of separation from Him each time in order to pull ourselves toward Him, and to carry out our work in this manner.

The Creator’s actions on us will then be felt like small prods and calibrations, the way a mother nudges a child: “This is what needs to be done, give this a try.” They will be felt only in this manner and not in their true form of the enormous black abyss that is “worse than death.”
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 3/22/18

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Why Do We Get Problems?

Why Do We Get Problems?Question: Suppose a person lost a wallet with money. And suddenly it occurs to him that this happened because he didn’t come to the lesson or did something wrong. How can we explain it?

Answer: We don’t. It’s foolish! Do not ever draw such conclusions or connect these things together. Later you will see how wrong you were. And most importantly, it limits you and starts imparting unnecessary clues and connections.

Question: Why are such problems sent to me?

Answer: Because you are an egoist. First and foremost, you have to establish your connection with the friends in the group, and through them draw the upper Light of goodness that will correct you. Then you will not lose wallets if it’s unnecessary. And if it’s necessary, you will.

Question: Does it mean that I can sit in a ten from morning till night and lose a wallet every day? And there’s no use trying to understand what the reason was?

Answer: It’s not that there is no use doing it. It’s forbidden! You will not discover causes and consequences before you fully reveal the whole system anyway.

Question: But does the “cure” still come through a ten? Can I tell myself that if I have any problems, it means that I do not invest enough in the love of friends?

Answer: In any case you hit the mark in a ten!
From KabTV’s Lesson in Russian 12/11/16

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Planetary Tsunami

Dr. Michael LaitmanAny Disaster is Israel’s Misdoing

Question: Some people are happy that Europe is now overwhelmed with Muslim refugees. They think that Europe deserves it. What is your attitude toward it?

Answer: One shouldn’t gloat other’s afflictions. Besides, any troubles will eventually be turned against us.

It somehow happens that any suffering in this world is blamed on us and only us, and the same will inevitably apply to the current refugee crisis. Only we will be blamed for it. Africans, Asians and Europeans will approach us and say, “You are guilty of causing our disasters. This is how we feel.”

Current world events are just a preparation to attack Israel. It doesn’t matter where events take place and who is involved in them. A storm of disasters, a sense of bitterness, despair, and helplessness are around the corner. They will hit us very soon unless we prepare a remedy against the disease.

Cards on the Table

Kabbalists warn us that we have to be ahead of the upcoming paroxysm. We must notify humanity, lay our cards on the table, and together turn into one man with one heart.

There is no alternative; it comes from nature, the upper force. And there is a methodology that can improve our relationship that exists with nature. It is called the science of unity, the wisdom of Kabbalah. We should implement it in life and take advantage of it to everybody’s benefit.

The whole of humanity is one family, descendants of ancient Babylonians. Let’s act together, otherwise things will get worse while we continue gobbling each other up.

It’s impossible to do nothing and just watch others suffer. We have to take responsibility, if only because there is no chance for us to avoid it.

The overall interdependence is obvious today. We can’t get rid of our common nature, even if we were to attempt to hide somewhere on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean. Very soon, the waves of a devastating tsunami would hit the entire planet.

Welcome to Africa?

In addition, we don’t take into account potential natural disasters and financial catastrophes. And yet, they can affect the entire world and leave us all in the position of living in standards lower than the current Third World countries.

Today, the Third World countries are at least entitled to ask for help and get some assistance from other countries. However, global economic collapse might devalue all monies and there would be no one to turn to.

A family that huddles in a hut together with a goat and a tiny piece of land will somehow survive, but what will a European do without a job and source of income? It is even worse poverty, since westerners will be incapable of anything.

It is written: “I created the evil inclination and the Torah as a spice.”  In the end, planetary tsunamis such as we see today will rid us of the old world, “the evil inclination,” so that we start using “the spice” as the means of correction, thus moving to a new, happier world.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 8/28/15

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More Religious Wars?

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (elpais.com): “In the Judeo-Christian traditional imagery is chronicled the murder of Abel by Cain. …  From the moment Cain killed Abel, violence has become an inseparable part of human history. …

“The obvious question is whether religions are the source of violence or the way to peace. Is violence actually embedded in monotheistic religions? …When we thought religious wars were phenomena of the past, they have resurfaced particularly harshly and radically… carrying black flags and destroying everything in their path, from human life to cultural symbols that are the heritage to humanity. …

“In the absence of rational arguments to justify these wars, they rely on God and in His name, they aggressively kill others, thus making God Himself a murderer. The philosopher Martin Buber said: ‘”God” is the word most vilified of all human words. None has been so tarnished, so manipulated…Human generations, with their religious partisanship, have torn the word.  They have killed and are willing to die for it. This word carries fingerprints and blood. People draw a stick figure below and write the word “God.” They murder each other and say, “we do this in the name of God.”‘”

My Comment: Indeed, religions do indeed only divides, separate, and incite us against one another. Because all the religions in the world are based on human nature: egoism.

And only the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches a person how to ascend above his egoism and reach unity to reveal the upper world inside us. This is the next level of our existence. In this, Kabbalah differs from Judaism and other religions. We have to reveal to the world, the way of ascending to the next level of our evolution as soon as possible, not along the path of suffering, but along the path of path of connection and unity.

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In The Shadow Of The Asteroid Cloud

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is the impression created that Adam HaRishon (the first man) Adam was much more advanced than we are because he felt the upper force we don’t feel?

Answer: There is no doubt about it! Spiritual development doesn’t proceed parallel to physical development. On the contrary, the first Kabbalists were much closer to the upper force and the upper worlds than we are. If we now had the luck to meet with our father Abraham, it would be possible to ask him many questions. In the spiritual sense, a constant decline happens more and more with each generation. And accordingly, our ego and technological advancement, along with financial and economic development, have grown more and more..

Ultimately we have reached maximal technological advancement and minimal spiritual development in this world. And so the global crisis develops and breaks out, which is moving and felt all over the world in our time. It is possible to solve this crisis only through the revelation of the wisdom of Kabbalah to all of humanity. If all of us are united, we will reach discovery of the upper force and this world will ascend to the height of the upper worlds.

Question: We scarcely make any money to live in this world, but you want us to be involved with higher worlds?

Answer: The present crisis is only the beginning. Terrible blows are expected for the world. I don’t want to scare you, but unfortunately that is how it is. We already see clear symptoms now of a future Holocaust all over the world that nobody can stop.

The idea is that the world is becoming round. The higher spiritual forces are approaching our world like an asteroid cloud or a comet. The higher forces that are linked in a single network compress in an increasingly dense ring around our world, which is not connected into a single network. Rather, everything is divided, separate, crushed and torn apart by internal struggles. Our world and the network of higher forces that are approaching it are in opposition and contradiction with each other, so very unpleasant and negative phenomena are revealed in our world. They will grow more and more until we begin to connect and unite to be more and more adjusted to the one and only integral force. Only in this manner can we be saved.

Question: Are all the problems of the modern world sent to us as a punishment?

Answer: There are no punishments! It is only people who perceive what is happening in this way. In fact the law of nature is simply acting on us. More and worsening negative forces are awakening within us as we see the ego has grown from generation to generation. But higher spiritual forces are approaching us more and more like a single network. The opposition between these two systems is increasing: On the one hand, there is the evil human ego, and on the other hand, there is a higher network of good forces. Between them appear the potential differences and tension that we endure.

We cannot change the higher network; we need to only correct ourselves and unite. And you shall love your friend as yourself is the great general rule in the Torah. (Yerushalmi Nedarim 30b), which if not for its existence, we wouldn’t survive. The whole world is becoming global and integral, linked like a single small village. And as such, the world demands from humanity an identical good connection between them. But we are not ready to create a connection like this, so we suffer.

Only the wisdom of Kabbalah can bring all of humanity to good and wonderful relations, so it is being revealed in our time. Further, The Book of Zohar, which was written 2,000 years ago, pointed to our time when humanity would reach a state where it would be compelled to use the method of Kabbalah to connect itself and live in happiness. So I wish for a good and sweet year for everyone, meaning a year in which we have a chance to reach the good life.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 9/6/15

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We Need To Build The New World Together

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (M Delyagin, Ph.D Economy, manager, Institute on World Problems): “In our day the general collapse that we have become accustomed to and the global economic crisis masks the transition of humanity to a qualitatively new state.

“If in the past we have transformed the surrounding world, so now we are transforming our perception of this world. The motivations of society have changed: People are beginning to consciously sacrifice their interests for emotions.  

“The nations have taken a submissive stance in relation to global business Because of the high productivity of Information Technology, a decreasing number of people are required for the production of necessary products.

“The result will be the social elimination of the middle class.

“This eliminates traditional democracy, the market economy, market relations; profit will cease to be used as a substitute for the meaning of life.

“So the West found a temporary solution to remove the ‘excess’ population. But this decision, due to its lack of humanity, could only be temporary.

“We must build a new world together, because the old one has already ended.”

My Comment: We are beginning to understand that we are found in the network of the laws of nature that also manages society and leads it towards a singular new state. Essentially a human is a “desire to fill himself with pleasure,” and he exists for this. This is the law of our egoistic development: Today money buys and manages everything. But this law has already been replaced by another.  

At the end of technological development, in order to supply all human demands, the participation of 2-3% of the society will be required. The result—the elimination of the social middle class. And not just the average and in general all those who are not strong, then the strong and “eat” each other … unless disclosure of the natural law does not lead them to the realization that it is necessary to change society in compliance with it.

Therefore, the West found a temporary solution to the disposal of the “excess” population. But this solution because of its brutality can only be temporary.  It refers to the encouraging people not to marry, family breakdown, the availability of drugs, and so on.

We will together build a new world, because the old has ended. It is important to first understand that it is necessary not to build on the old patterns, but on those nature shows us. It was stated thousands of years ago in the wisdom of Kabbalah and has been waiting for the moment of its implementation.

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The Process Of Human Correction Has Begun

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (vesti.ru): “Europe is paying for all the years that it conducted a colonial policy. To combat illegal immigration, France and England are establishing a special coordinating center.

“The experts in this center will be involved with monitoring the illegal immigration of refugees to Europe. In a word, this is called a deluge; rescue from which is not expected in the foreseeable future. Immigrants from the nations of Africa and the Middle East are reaching Europe in a massive stream. The quality and standard of living in Bulgaria or Romania is higher than in Libya, Iraq and Syria.

“Currently, there is a collapse organized by the Western nations, therefore the stream of immigrants to Europe has broken out. There is no solution to the immigration problem under current European conditions. The European Union cannot limit the flood of immigration, neither physically nor legally. What is left is only to build walls, but no wall will stop the immigrants who want and aspire to the good life in Europe. The European Union began its way specifically with the removal of fences and barriers. Has the opposite process now begun?”

My Comment: The reverse process cannot happen. The process of the mixing of the peoples has begun, as in the beginning of the development of our civilization in ancient Babylon. We are returning to the beginning. And we will be obliged to do what they did but did not complete, which was the ancient Jews under the leadership of our father Abraham, the founder all religions, connecting above all the oppositions and differences, as Abraham taught, according to the general rule, “And you shall love your friend as yourself.”

And the correction phase begins from the most egoistic part of humanity, from Europe. According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, continuation will come either through the way of suffering with the conquest of Europe by the Muslims, world war, the turning to Israel and the correction of humanity from hatred to love, or, through the way of Torah by accepting the method of the wisdom of Kabbalah in order to rapidly correct the universal ego from collective hatred to love.

Which will they choose?

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