Is It Possible To Advance Without Suffering?

laitman_627_2Question: For many, the Creator looks cruel. Was there no other way besides the path of suffering? All people on the face of the Earth suffer even though they are not to blame, and recognizing this is additional suffering.

Answer: You can blame the Creator, but it will not help us. He has no other choice.

If we study His actions, beginning from the first operation in the world of Ein Sof to our world, we discover that the upper Light is absolute bestowal, absolute love, absolute feeling beyond Himself. Nothing exists within Him in relation to Himself, only the desire to create a creation in order to give it pleasure and fill it with absolute, eternal, and complete Light.

Proceeding from the fact that the Creator Himself is eternal and perfect, He wants to grant the same eternal and complete pleasure to the creature. We learn this from the five phases of extension of the Ohr Yashar (Direct Light), the action of the Tzimtzum (restriction), the creation of a Masach (screen), and then the attraction of the extension of the Light.

The Creator cannot behave otherwise! This is not a desire or whim of the Creator, but one positive and eternal force that wants to give birth to a state equivalent to Him.

The creature must undergo changes in form to become equipped with all the negative and positive characteristics on the way, and only after that does he go back and become equal to the Creator.

But we don’t need to experience all the negative characteristics to the degree that we will transform to positive and equal to the Creator. This happens only on the level of our world.

Question: Was it possible to simply create emotional sensations and concerns without physical suffering?

Answer: Here we are speaking about pure physics.

There is a quality of bestowal, emanation, the positive force, that wants to create a force similar to it. It would be impossible to create an identical additional force because then it would be the same thing. It is possible to create only a double force within which there is opposition and outside there is similarity.

This happens in a creature with the help of which he attains absolute resemblance and equivalence to the Creator. But it is up to him to move through two states: negative development from above to below, and then, positive development from below to above.

Question: Does this mean that a Kabbalist completely justifies all that is happening with him and with the whole world? No doubts appear in him?

Answer: Doubts and complaints appear in a Kabbalist all the time, but in every case he tries to justify them. This is our advancement.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/20/16

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