When We Wake Up

laitman_939_02Question: In our world, we raise children, work, study, and play. And what does the soul do?

Answer: All the actions in our world we experience only in our consciousness. Therefore, it is written that when we return to the upper world we understand that everything we went through in this world was like a dream.

Question: What we will do when we wake up?

Answer: To wake up means to obtain real consciousness. Then we will be engaged in the creation of the soul, which means uniting in order to attain the true universe, true world, true eternal, and perfect state in our unity, as in a single organism called Adam. In other words, we will begin to create a real state above our sleep.

Question: What is the real state? What do people do there?

Answer: Not people, but souls, meaning desires that are corrected for mutual bestowal to each other. These desires begin to feel the unified upper force, the Creator, that exists in them, because they become one single desire by rising above their egoistic inclinations “to grab everything for themselves” to the intention “to give everything to others” and thus to be mutually connected.

By being included in the Creator above the egoistic desires that tear us apart, we attain this upper force, its perfection, oneness, and eternity and become like it. This is the purpose of our development.

Our souls are engaged only in unification between each other at all spiritual degrees. Now we are starting to master this technique practically in the tens.

Therefore, I advise to everyone to join us and under no circumstance to miss practical classes on Kabbalah. This is the most important thing. Only for the sake of this it is worth living 21 hours a day, in order to spend three hours with us at our classes.

Think about it and decide.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/6/16

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