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My Thoughts On Twitter, 4/16/17


What is going on in #NorthKorea ?


Before #Passover is over, make sure you got it right.


What has changed in me this #Passover? Test Yourself!


From Twitter, 4/16/17

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The Whole World Is The Language Of The Creator

laitman_423_02Question: Does the Creator speak with us through people?

Answer: Yes. He turns to everyone through people, but not in the same manner people turn to you. He speaks with you through His influence on you through the environment, through animals, plants, and even through stones, through everything that is around you.

The whole world is the language of the Creator. Strengthen your inner hearing and you will hear.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/11/16

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Be Kind To Others

Laitman_006Question: When a person is raised to the upper level, does it give him an opportunity to manage all relationships, or at least a part of them?

Answer: The ascent on the spiritual ladder allows a person to rise only above himself, not above others. During the spiritual ascent, a person learns how to control himself in order to be kind to others.

This is the meaning of our correction, making the relationships between us so close, so that we will reveal the Creator in them.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/11/16

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My Thoughts On Twitter, 4/15/17


What is going on in #NorthKorea ?


Before #Passover is over, make sure you got it right.


What has changed in me this #Passover? Test Yourself!

Instead of accusing #Israel of being an “apartheid state” American Jews should work to unite Israelis—that will lead to absolute peace.

The world laughs at #Trump for flip-flopping on NATO, China, Russia. But this shows flexibility and capacity for learning. A good example!

Let’s stop lying to ourselves that the former order was liberal! #Trump represents a new order—such is the evolution of society!

#EU will fight fake news by creating its own news system to educate & illuminate. But who will properly educate the workers of this system?

The growing anti-Semitic attacks on the pro-Israel #Kushner are supported by anti-Israel Jews, but it will all turn against them soon!

The world keeps getting thrown right and left – it has no method of following the middle line—taught by Kabbalah. Let’s learn #balance!

Hating Israel has nothing to do with how it treats Palestinians, but with #Jews‘ relationships with one another. And it’s easily verifiable!

From Twitter, 4/15/17

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Are We Guarded From Above? Part 3

Dr. Michael LaitmanA human being exists in this world under the constant influence of two opposing forces that push and develop him, like an embryo inside a mother’s womb. There are no coincidences in life.

Every event is planned and programmed by nature, even as simple as a child breaking a plate. Everything, from beginning to end, unfolds according to the plan of creation.

The more we study nature, the more we are convinced that nature is a closed, integral system that follows strict laws, not permitting any coincidence. But a human being perceives the unfolding events according to the level of his development, that is, to the degree to which he is either in agreement with nature’s system of control, or not.

An average person knows nothing of the upper governance system; he just moves through life instinctively and unconsciously. He complies 100% with all commands of the system and has no free choice, not one freely chosen action, thought, or desire.

This is why it is impossible to judge him and say that he deserves some kind of a reward or punishment, because he grows almost like a tree in a forest, according to its nature and the surrounding environment.

Question: Where is nature leading a person?

Answer: Nature wants a person to become familiar with its system, plug into it, and begin to consciously interact with all of it. Nature is called the “Creator,” the upper force, and it holds us under complete and continuous control.

Question: Does this system control each person individually or all together collectively?

Answer: It is general and individual governance because everyone is included in one integral system.

Nature is a tremendous system that is developing toward a state in which all its aspects—inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human—are interconnected correctly, consciously, and with understanding and from within this connection are able to reveal the upper force of this system, its “brain,” that has been operating in it from the very beginning, but was concealed.

When a person reveals this force in nature, he identifies himself with it and adheres to it. This is the ultimate goal of evolution in nature, on all its levels. To adhere to nature means to take upon yourself all its control, correction, all its functions. A person begins to act instead of the Creator.

Everything remains the same as before. But before, the upper force (the Creator) governed all creation: inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human levels, all of whom were not aware of it and instinctively obeyed its commands. But now, a person is aware of the influence that is being exerted on him from above and he begins to behave like the upper force, that is, he begins to merge with it.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” #818, 01/26/17

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Re-Education Instead Of Punishment

Dr. Michael LaitmanRemark: Many years ago there was a case when a thief robbed an apartment and along with other things, by mistake picked up the book Kabbalah. After reading it, he quit his old ways, and his fate changed drastically.

Answer: This has to do with one’s freedom of choice. A person has to see and feel what he does in life and what his true realization involves.

He has to realize himself in this world and do it himself, not someone else.

That is why the concept of prison does not exist in the Torah. Imprisonment cannot be punishment because it restricts a person in his realization. It’s necessary to work on a person so that he develops a desire to realize himself correctly.

In ancient times there was a system of re-education, not punishment! Offenders got bailed out, and they all had to undergo a very serious rehabilitation course.
From KabTv’s Lesson in Russian 12/18/16

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Learning To Distinguish Good From Evil

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we distinguish between good and evil? After all, they both can hide under the same mask.

Answer: We learn this gradually. There are no deceptions here because we are dealing with the force that creates and shapes us. Therefore, a person must thoroughly examine himself and understand that he is an absolute egoist. Then he will continue to discover himself more and more.

There is no other way. He has to keep going forward until he reaches the first degree of correction. Then it will become easier for him because he will develop his own understanding of how it happens.
From KabTV’s Lesson in Russian 11/27/16

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