On A Swing

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Every time I feel comfortable, I am thrown somewhere like on a swing: to a good state or to a bad state. How can I find the middle line in the movements from left to right?

Answer: We are thrown to and fro from the balance point since it’s the only place we can advance from. If I want to adhere to the group, to the teacher, to the books, to the goal, then I realize myself.

The center is usually opposite from my desire and my mind. The balance point is always above the left and the right line, in the middle line. It’s faith above reason, above what the heart and mind tell me. So what can I hold on to so that I won’t count on chance? The only thing that can guide me is what the group, the teacher, and the books obligate me to do.

We should only make sure that we understand and that we’ve heard the right advice. We feel so confident that the teacher meant what we think and we actually argue about that with one another. Everyone hears something different, so how can I be sure that what I have heard is right?

If I annul myself in order to adhere to the group, I begin to hear the right advice. The greater and higher a person is, the more he should humble himself.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/27/13, Shamati #72 “Confidence Is the Clothing for the Light”

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