Comprehend The Higher Power Of Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Does the ego change its form during the shared work with the altruistic force, or will it remain as it was in its essence?

Answer: With the correct interaction between egoism and the force opposite to it, we begin to learn about one force from the other force, to understand their essence correctly, to perceive whom we are building between them. In fact, we are constructing that power that produced both the egoism and the altruism. It’s called the higher power of nature that produced the Big Bang in its time. It is from the Big Bang that the two forces were created: the altruistic force, which is hidden in nature, and the egoistic force, that began to extend, to conquer space, to contract and compress all of the matter that was created.

Together with this, within the matter, the altruistic force is acting all the time, but it works without being felt. After all, if it didn’t exist, how would the elements have been connected? They would have only been scattered around. If the force of altruism had not connected everything, then egoism wouldn’t have had the possibility of separating, pushing to the sides, expanding.

Expansion always requires the existence of the inner force that keeps the connection, and if there is no connection, then this is no longer development. Development is an expansion of the limits of the previous state where new qualitative linkages, new laws of switching, are being discovered in it.

Therefore both egoism and altruism exist in nature. In that we derive the hidden altruistic component from nature, we begin to develop ourselves and human society as one unified whole. Simultaneously, besides humanity, we use the nature of the still, vegetative, and animate in that spirit, in that harmony, in that global and integral movement towards unity, towards reciprocal integration in each other. We build one whole from all parts of nature. And then the only creature that we create from the unity of all the parts is discovered. And this is called Adam, that is, resembles the Creator, from the word “Domeh – similar.”

Thus, through the creation of this system, we discover in it that force that produces the positive and negative components from it. We call this force the Creator because it created our entire universe and us, created all the prerequisites so that we would construct ourselves wisely from the two opposing forces and we would understand what this force is.
From Kab TV’s “An Integral World” 10/24/13

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