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A Battle In The Arena With The Ego

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: On the one hand, we must reach a permanent and strong intention. But on the other hand, it is written: “For the Torah shall come out of Zion”; that is, specifically from the “exits” from spirituality and the returns. How is it possible to combine the two opposites?

Answer: We must continue always towards a permanent intention so that the Creator will be discovered in the center of the group, within our connected hearts, without any dividers between them. This picture must always be before me. And I must be concerned that my friends will be directed towards that thing and will not abandon this intention. That is how I assure myself automatically that I will also remain in that intention. By this means I summon upon myself the Light that Reforms which strengthens me in the right intention.

But together with this, new desires, new conditions, are discovered and awakened in me all the time since in the meantime my Kli is not fully corrected. Therefore I am found in exits all the time. Additional density is discovered and it throws me out, and I must again and again return to the center of the group. But these exits must come from Above. I am not weakened in my intention; rather, it’s as if I lost consciousness: Every new egoistic desire throws me to the boards from which I must rise.

It’s said that the Torah specifically emerges from such “exits.” After all, I must overcome them and specifically above them I will construct the new me.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/15/14, Workshop

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Kabbalists’ Mistakes And The Absolute

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “The Teaching of the Kabbalah and Its Essence”: This is the source of Rav Baal Shem Tov’s mistake: he interpreted the Guide for the Perplexed according to the wisdom of Kabbalah… Of course, the Guide for the Perplexed did not refer at all to what Rav Baal Shem Tov interpreted, and he did not see how…

Question: Does it mean that Kabbalists make mistakes?

Answer: Of course they do; the same as scientists do. As an example, I can mention the world-renowned Stephen Hawking who publicly admitted his mistake several years ago. His confession makes him really great. He said: “You believed me, but I was wrong.” My teacher, Rabash, made notes on book margins; then he crossed them out and wrote “Wrong!” on top of them, and then made new comments over and over again.

It’s a science, a researcher’s study. A Kabbalist is a person who develops his vessels,desires, to the extent that he starts perceiving the Divine. Kabbalists divulge the upper world to the degree their vessels are advanced. If they have not completed certain stages, their vision of some phenomena is quite remote and it’s possible that they make mistakes. Things that are closer to them are clearer, whereas things that are farther are blurred and vague.

A Kabbalist is a researcher. For example in his book, Gatehouse of Intentions, Baal HaSulam seriously criticizes Rashash (Rabbi Shalom Sharabi) , who was a great Kabbalist. Yet, he failed to reveal and understand some things. I have no ability to judge at a level this high, but possibly Rashash didn’t realize what exactly he was overlooking. It happens.

There is a hidden part in the wisdom of Kabbalah that is still vague. Many issues are intentionally veiled because of some specific conditions. At very high levels (mainly in the world of Atzilut) these things are very numerous, same as in any other science.

We have to understand that we do not directly attain the Creator, but rather we know Him from His actions to the degree of our correspondence to and similarity with Him. Only at the end of correction “everybody will know Him, from the least of them unto the greatest of them…;” then, “nobody will teach one’s neighbor.” When all vessels will be corrected, we will fully reveal Him. However, even at this point, our revelation of Him will be limited to the desire He made.

One way or the other, our vessels will be filled to the degree of their correctness. The Upper Light is in a state of absolute tranquility. The power of bestowal rules the world. The rest depends on us. If you know how to use it, please do so! If you can’t, then don’t. You should not artificially apply superfluous “initiative” or “enterprise” to the upper force. You should get rid of these stereotypes.

There is a good force that does good to both the virtuous and wicked. It’s ready to act in accordance with the properties of each of us. There is a potential, a “rope” that we can pull on, a “socket” that we can use. Unless we are connected to it, we won’t know what it is exactly.

Let’s say you turn on your oven. You will come to the conclusion that a socket that is connected to it is a “heating force.” If we plug a refrigerator into the same socket, it will turn into a “freezing force.” So, is it warming or cooling? Neither: We are the ones who warm or cool.

Let’s summarize what we should always keep in mind:

  1. Kabbalah is a science.
  2. A Kabbalist is a researcher who conducts empirical studies and reveals the Creator from His actions.
  3. The Goal of the Creator is to have everybody know Him.
  4. “Faith” is not a blind belief, but the power of bestowal. The degree of our attainment always matches the level of our faith. If we don’t expand our faith, we will achieve nothing.
  5. The Creator is absolutely good and does good. The absolute never changes. We are the ones who change.

This approach has to be utterly clear. However, humanity refuses to hear this information since it means that it’s we who have started working. It obligates us to modify ourselves instead of altering Him. We cannot “toss a coin” and wait for a positive reaction from Above. It’s all about actual self-restructuring.

However, the current epoch forces us to acknowledge and clarify the path that we have already traversed. People are changing, even religions are rapidly transforming. Humanity is growing.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/9/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Living With Wolves…

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Suppose that some entrepreneurs, thanks to supporting each other, reach a conclusion about the necessity of mutual, integral cooperation and decide to change direction. What strategic changes can they make if they know this?

Answer: The problem is that entrepreneurs exist in an egoistic society as a cancerous tumor and are part of it. Therefore it is difficult to imagine that they would somehow begin to change that business culture in which they reside. This is possible only if the numbers are large and if they gradually become aware of the necessary changes that must take place in them and in the connection between them.

This reform is possible to realize in a country, a closed system, but only if this country can reach an integral form consciously by building the right connections between all strata of the population: between the upper, middle, and lower classes. But if we just explain to some small businessman how to reorganize his business according to the current trend of the changing world, then it is doubtful that it is possible.

This is because he is locked in a system of competition and corruption, where everyone preys on each other, a rigid system. In order to place his small business on a new path, to produce the most essential product and sell his products at a price that is sufficient only for his existence and nothing more, he would be like a small fish living among sharks that would devour him immediately. He would not survive such a hostile environment.
From Kab TV’s “Through the Time” 9/16/13

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The Future Businessman

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can entrepreneurs reach mutual conclusions in order to understand the new integral principles and change within the business community?

Answer: First of all, they must be trained in the method of integral education and upbringing. Then they will prefer good relationships between them to the present relationships at home, in the family, in the area where they live, in their city, and even in their nation.

They will be satisfied with an average salary, will devote much attention to all kinds of plans and social relations that provide education, healthcare, and so forth for free. In other words, their businesses must actively participate in social life.

At least they must be ready to separate from their material advantage, to work for the sake of the entire community, to get satisfaction from the fact that they are respected, valued, and loved by those who relate to them as to people who truly function correctly and maturely in this community.

The reputation of a businessman will not be determined by wealth but by active social standing. Integral education must bring him to a condition like this, where he will feel that he can stand out in society specifically because he foregoes material luxuries because they will be despised in the wider circles of society.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/16/13

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