The Future Businessman

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can entrepreneurs reach mutual conclusions in order to understand the new integral principles and change within the business community?

Answer: First of all, they must be trained in the method of integral education and upbringing. Then they will prefer good relationships between them to the present relationships at home, in the family, in the area where they live, in their city, and even in their nation.

They will be satisfied with an average salary, will devote much attention to all kinds of plans and social relations that provide education, healthcare, and so forth for free. In other words, their businesses must actively participate in social life.

At least they must be ready to separate from their material advantage, to work for the sake of the entire community, to get satisfaction from the fact that they are respected, valued, and loved by those who relate to them as to people who truly function correctly and maturely in this community.

The reputation of a businessman will not be determined by wealth but by active social standing. Integral education must bring him to a condition like this, where he will feel that he can stand out in society specifically because he foregoes material luxuries because they will be despised in the wider circles of society.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/16/13

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