Why Does A Businessman Need Money?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I met with a group of the representatives of medium and large businesses who read your blog. They became interested in the integral methodology and began to show this literature to their employees. The result was a radical change in people’s life values.

They really begin to appreciate life, nature, and health more. However, at the same time, their motivation not only to make money, but even to work at all, disappeared. For example, an accountant quit his job and began drawing, and a businessman could not find the motivation to do business, so his company went down. What could be their motivation that they are driven to move on?

Answer: The problem is that you need to be involved in integral education, rather than self-learning. This is wrong because on one hand, they seem to be convinced that there is nothing in their relationships and activities today that could be worth giving strength and attention, but at the same time, they do not see another goal before them. That is why it is necessary to restructure the entire system and not just to exclude oneself from it as an active element. This is incorrect.

All the books on the subject of integral education are intended to acquaint oneself with it, and then there must be a specialist constantly tied to the groups of people. It is impossible otherwise.

In the integral system there is motivation to improve productivity, to ensure that people in the company think about how they work, how to save, make more economically, and how to relate to each other better. Here, to the contrary, a person leaves somewhere, loses any motivation and the desire to work. This is the wrong use of the method.

Question: Can the entrepreneurs who have completed the school of integral education retain the desire to earn money, and for what purpose?

Answer: It is to correct the world, to match it with the new system. Give me billions, and I will know what to do with it. They need to expand dissemination, to go further into the world! Then, their eyes will light up.

That is, the purpose of business is to further dissemination, to reveal the inner integral system because you disclose nature to all of humanity. You are the most important one here. You feel how you do this every day and all the rest find themselves in the system that you present to them. You feel like a god!

You can invest not only in dissemination but also in competition only on the new basis of building an enterprise where people will work according to this new system. It will be more efficient in terms of labor productivity.

Observe how much productivity will increase if people would desire to work, receive, earn, and simultaneously evolve, and further develop the integral system. For them, work will not be just a way of making a living but a means of expansion, a sensation of ascent.
From KabTV’s “Through Time” 3/17/13

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