Everything Flows, Everything Changes…

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The situation in the world is changing at a very high speed. Does the method of integral education also change accordingly?

Answer: In the world everything changes, but not with us. The issue is that all structures of matter are very rapidly moving to connection and unity, except for the human being, the highest level that exists in creation. And that positions all of humanity and each one of us, as an inseparable part of it, in an unpleasant situation.

The main law of nature is the law of balance of all its parts, and if we are not in balance, we suffer accordingly. The suffering is distributed on several levels. There are ecological problems felt more and more seriously: volcanic eruptions, typhoons, etc. It’s also the global ice age that is tirelessly approaching and already afflicting both Russia and Europe, judging by what’s happening with the climate. There are also political problems and, of course, mostly economic problems.

But all of this can be solved only through one method: the balancing of humanity with the surrounding world, with the entire system of nature.

We already spoke about this many times: If we begin to connect and unite on different levels, each one in his family, in his work place, within his area, in cities, in countries, and between countries; if we stop the “bustle” on the Internet and begin to seriously use it as a tool for our connection, for mutual understanding, then we will prevent all these problems and really come to a good level of existence.

Together with this, the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature can quickly come to the correct order according to our advancement. Through our behavior, our mutual coming together, we will reconstruct and heal it. Everything depends only on us.

Thus, our main problem is to explain to people the meaning of the closed system in which they exist, and in what way we can influence it. We need to do this in the quickest and most efficient way in order not to perform unnecessary and harmful movements and to begin, as fast as possible, in the shortest and most effective way to implement the correction of man, of society, of the world.
From the Virtual Lesson 04/07/2013

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