What’s The Use Of Our Suffering?

A Question Is the Sensation of an Empty DesireWe exist within a law of nature, which is now being revealed and obliging us to follow it unconditionally. Since it is a law, it is therefore impossible not to follow it.

For example, take the law of gravity. When we know this law, we are able to build a plane that can easily move through the air, even though it is heavier than air and opposite to this law. However, if we were unfamiliar with this law, we would crash. This is how all of Nature’s laws work: if one doesn’t follow them, he kills himself.

We still don’t realize that we are now under the influence of a new law of nature – the law of universal interdependence between people. This law obliges us to completely unite with one another – to join our desires and thoughts. However, this is completely opposite to our current desires and thoughts.

Nevertheless, the law of universal interdependence or mutual guarantee is gradually being revealed to us, because we have developed to the necessary level. In the past we did not feel this law because we had not yet reached the final level of our egoistic development.

This is why we are gradually beginning to realize that we don’t know how to use everything around us. We don’t know what to do with our desires, thoughts and actions in order to receive even a small pleasure, the way we did before. Now, as soon as a person wishes to use others, he is crushed by a blow. And if this is still not evident to anyone, it will be revealed to them very soon. So what should we do?

In order to reduce the blows, we have to take a closer look at their cause. We will then see that these “plagues of Egypt” are there to separate us from our egoism, to enable us to understand that egoism is the source of all our suffering. But is this possible? Can we really separate ourselves from our very nature?

It is possible, because when we reach this state, we reveal the need for help from above. But until then, we can’t even suspect of this possibility. So it is none other than the affect of suffering that helps us reach the right inner demand: “Let the Upper Force come and correct me!”

We then see that the Creator did this on purpose – in order for us to feel that we need Him, and then to grow and become like Him!

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  1. This seems to parallel Judeo-Christian notions of suffering, redemption and finding the light at my beginners level of comprehension. Was Judeo-Christian religion a primary method of camouflaging the Kabbalah during the long concealment?

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