Should The Unemployed Go Into The Education Industry?

chessIn the News: (from Sky News):Union Condemns Six Month Teacher Training” Prime Minister of Great Britain Gordon Brown proposed establishing courses of accelerated retraining to enable individuals to change their professions and become school teachers within a half a year. However, the acting general secretary of the National Union of Teachers, Christine Blower, said that six months’ training was “very, very far from being enough.”

My Comment: We have to establish global education courses for everyone without exception – the employed and the unemployed both. We have to teach everyone how to exist in a global, integrally-connected world. People have to learn where their freedom of will lies and what kind of behavior Nature demands from us in regard to ourselves, our families, close ones, and strangers, and on all levels: economic, political, cultural, religious, and so on. Just as we educate children in order to prepare them for life in the world, so everyone must now learn to live in the new world.

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Who Created The Creator?

love-is-providing-others-with-the-means-to-fulfill-their-point-in-the-heartA question I received: Who or what created the Creator? Where did the Absolute come from? What caused the Creator to appear?

My Answer: Concepts or categories of limitation, such as “time,” “place,” and “movement,” exist only in our state – in the egoistic perception of reality. As soon as we will begin to perceive reality the way it really is, not distorted by our egoism, or in other words, when we start perceiving reality through the quality of bestowal – the same quality as reality itself, we will then discover that these limitations are absent. We will sense eternity and perfection in everything.

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A Peek Into The Backstage Of The Show Called “Life”

playingWe have to understand the roots of the things taking place. These roots are described in the books of Kabbalah. Those who wrote these books, the Kabbalists, were not bounded by the limitations of the terrestrial globe. Rather, Kabbalists see the souls and the connections between them. The changes in these connections determine our lives, individually and together.

The Kabbalists wish to tell us about what is happening to our souls, at the roots of everything. They have nothing to say about our world, since our world is the world of actions, while all the decisions descend to it from the world of souls. Kabbalists use the “language of branches” to explain the happenings in the world of souls, but we usually do not understand them. In order to understand, one must exist in both worlds at once, just as they do.

Therefore, if we wish to understand their words and to learn about the forces that influence us, the forces that control all the events in our world, we have to rise to the level of these forces – the level where the decisions are made. We have to shift our focus from the game that is occurring in our world, and instead try to see the inner force, the Hand that acts within every person, animal, or plant. It doesn’t matter what object or event you are looking at, as the most important thing is the inner force.

This is the only thing of importance. Whatever happens to the bodies in this world is of no importance. The main question is: what happens to the souls, which determine everything that happens to the bodies – their obedient puppets?

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The Group Is The Salvation From Everything

adviceQuestions I received about dealing with difficulties, egoistic desires and descents:

Question: You once told a story about a person who bought a lottery ticket and thought that he had the whole world in the palm of his hand. Then he went and sat behind the wheel of a car while drunk and got into a car accident. He did this because he felt that only a disaster could “sober” him up.

How can the study of Kabbalah prevent us from making such decisions? And how do you reconcile this with the fact that everything is predetermined and “there is no escaping one’s fate”? Won’t this approach make one fearless, even to the point of death?

My Answer: The group sobers us up from all our confusions. Stay connected to your friends more often.

Question: How should one handle egoistic desires, which cause one suffering? These desires are sometimes caused by the fear of not being able to overcome them and not being able to rise to a spiritual degree. And in spite of this, sometimes these feelings are replaced with the desire to be one with Creator and to find comfort in Him.

Question: Even though I have been studying with you for two years now, I feel this immense feeling of emptiness every day. Sometimes I don’t want to get out of bed at all since I feel that there is nothing good in the world and life is nothing but a game that I don’t want to play anymore! What should I do?!

My Answer: Read the book, Shamati, and feel how it is talking about you. Also, tune into the group – this is the only possible salvation.

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The Guide To Success In The New World

electA question I received: Is it enough for everyone to understand that their personal egos have turned global, or do they have to know that this process has a goal?

My Answer: Everyone’s goal is to have a good life, and nothing else. Just as people wanted to succeed in the past, so they do now. This is perfectly normal. We only have to teach everyone how to succeed. We want to provide them with a guide to success in the new world!

First, we should explain that this state is completely new. You see that nobody has a solution. Are all the people really that stupid? No, they are not stupid. It is just that a new, unfamiliar law has been revealed. But once everyone will understand this law, they will say, “But what should we do? We don’t know what to do.”

For now people still don’t accept this law. But once they will receive a few more blows of fate, they will accept it. They will start listening to the explanation out of helplessness, and will ask for direction. That is when you have to give them the method and teach them how to connect to other people and to the environment, in a way that will be considerate of everyone.

We are not telling people that they should immediately feel absolute love for one another. In the beginning, simply taking others into consideration will be sufficient. After all, we are all in the same boat, under the influence of one common force and one common Nature. So how can we change our attitude to the people around us? We can sing songs about it, talk on the radio about it from morning ’till night, write about it in the newspapers and have discussions about it. And we won’t be doing this in order for someone to make a profit from it, but because otherwise we simply won’t survive.

We have to change and become similar to Nature. Right now fear of losing one’s job and fear of poverty are spreading all over the world. So let us spread something else around the world as well: the idea that we are now in a new state, and we require new relationships in order to cope with it.

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What Will A World Of Infinite Love Be Like?

woman3A question I received: If people learn to live in our world according to the law, “love your neighbor as yourself” and will defeat their egoism, then what will our world look like? After all, corrected souls do not return to this world.

My Answer: The entire corrected humanity will rise as one whole to the state of the World of Infinity.

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The World Demands Correction From The Jews

natzizm1In the News (from The Guardian): “Holocaust memorial in France defaced with swastikas” Large, black swastikas were painted on to the memorial at Drancy, the site of the second world war deportation camp from where tens of thousands of Jews were sent to their deaths. The vandalism, in the middle of the Passover celebrations, sparked anger and unease among France’s Jewish population, the largest in Western Europe. Situated on the northeastern outskirts of Paris, the internment camp was the site to which French Jews were taken on route to concentration camps in Eastern Europe.

In the News (from JTA): “Survey:Sharp rise in anti-Semitism in 2009‘” A new survey shows that anti-Semitism rose sharply in early 2009 after a decrease in 2008. The survey, conducted by the Stephen Roth Institute for the Study of Contemporary Anti-Semitism and Racism at Tel Aviv University in cooperation with the European Jewish Congress, was released Monday on the eve of Holocaust Memorial Day and at the start of the Durban II anti-racism conference.

The survey’s authors estimate that there were close to 1,000 manifestations of all types of anti-Semitism throughout the world in January. The economic crisis that began in the summer also triggered anti-Jewish reactions, most notably in Eastern Europe and the Arab world.

My Comment: Kabbalah explains that this is caused by people’s growing egoism, which unconsciously demands to be corrected. The nations of the world have the right to demand from the nation of Israel that which it possesses and does not share – the method of correction, Kabbalah. Let them take it! See Items 66-71 of the “Introduction to the Book of Zohar.”

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We Are Coming Closer To The Law Of Universal Connection

we-must-only-unite-our-points-in-the-heartYou are told that you have to be considerate of others, but you are incapable of this – even when threatened with death! Even if you want to be considerate of others, how could you? It is against human nature!

People really do want to be considerate of everyone already. The law of universal connection and the need for the “Mutual Guarantee,” which are being revealed in the world now, stipulate that you will only receive food under the condition that everyone will be each others’ guarantors. When this happens, the economy and businesses will begin to work again and will provide everyone with all the necessities.

Today our livelihood depends on the mutual guarantee, which means that you have to be considerate of everyone and everyone has to be considerate of you. Of course, you don’t want suffering for yourself and your family, and so you are ready to change. But how do you do this? You would like to unite with others, but you are unable to. The reason is because you were created an egoist. Recognizing this is called “the realization of evil.”

When you reach this state, this dead-end, you will begin to reveal that there has to be a force that will correct you. You will feel a need for a force that can correct your egoistic nature. This force is called the Creator – the whole of Nature, and it can only be revealed inside you. This revelation of the whole universe will give you the power to rise higher and to control your egoism for everyone’s benefit.

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