The Group Is The Salvation From Everything

adviceQuestions I received about dealing with difficulties, egoistic desires and descents:

Question: You once told a story about a person who bought a lottery ticket and thought that he had the whole world in the palm of his hand. Then he went and sat behind the wheel of a car while drunk and got into a car accident. He did this because he felt that only a disaster could “sober” him up.

How can the study of Kabbalah prevent us from making such decisions? And how do you reconcile this with the fact that everything is predetermined and “there is no escaping one’s fate”? Won’t this approach make one fearless, even to the point of death?

My Answer: The group sobers us up from all our confusions. Stay connected to your friends more often.

Question: How should one handle egoistic desires, which cause one suffering? These desires are sometimes caused by the fear of not being able to overcome them and not being able to rise to a spiritual degree. And in spite of this, sometimes these feelings are replaced with the desire to be one with Creator and to find comfort in Him.

Question: Even though I have been studying with you for two years now, I feel this immense feeling of emptiness every day. Sometimes I don’t want to get out of bed at all since I feel that there is nothing good in the world and life is nothing but a game that I don’t want to play anymore! What should I do?!

My Answer: Read the book, Shamati, and feel how it is talking about you. Also, tune into the group – this is the only possible salvation.

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