Let’s Influence The US Commission On The Crisis

writeIn the News (from Yahoo News):US votes for 9/11-style commission to probe financial crisis” US lawmakers voted Wednesday to create a 9/11-style commission of experts to probe the causes of last year’s devastating financial meltdown and to draw lessons to prevent its recurrence. The commission would have a wide-ranging remit to examine the role of US regulators and the Federal Reserve.

My Comment: No commission will be able to find out what the cause of the crisis is, because the cause is inside all of us. It lies in our relationships, which have become interconnected; but because they are egoistic (since egoism is our nature), the interconnection is a negative one . The network of our egoistic relationships is invisible to us. We don’t feel that it exists and obliges us to act a certain way. This is why everyone is still trying to guess what the cause of the crisis is.

My Suggestion: Let’s “attack” (influence) this commission with our thoughts, our desires for the true cause of the crisis to be revealed. This is an action all of us can take together. In addition, I propose to create a document called, “The true cause of the crisis and the proposal for its correction,” and to send it to this commission. It will attract attention if it is signed by thousands of our friends. Perhaps we can send it to this commission through the media, as an open letter.

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The Butterfly Effect Is Strongest On The Level Of Thought

betA question I received: The world is going through drastic changes lately. Do these changes have an effect on the still and vegetative levels of Nature?

My Answer: What we see is but a small portion of what is going on in the world. In reality, there are various species of plants, fish, birds and animals going extinct. Why is this happening?

The world is whole and integral and all of its parts are interconnected. Therefore, even the smallest change that occurs in this unified, interconnected system causes changes in the whole of Nature’s organism.

This is analogous to a body where a small injury is felt by the whole body, and the body’s vital functions immediately respond by isolating the injured part.

Similarly, the world crisis is a consequence of human activity, since man has the greatest power of all other parts of nature. He incorporates the whole world and is therefore capable of changing it.

The world is built like a pyramid, comprised of the still, vegetative, animate and human levels (from the bottom up). The sum total of all the still objects is equal to one object or representative of the vegetative level; the sum total of all the vegetative objects is equal to just one element of the animate level; and the entire animate level is equal to one person. So just imagine how much greater is the force of the Upper Degree compared to the lower degree, since just one of its elements is greater than everything in the lower degree!

Therefore, one negative thought or one small negative desire of man has a negative – and a thousand times more potent – impact on all the lower degrees.

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When Israel Unites With The Nations Of The World

thirdA question I received: The people of Israel suffer from Anti-Semitism. If they will begin to observe the law of “love your neighbor as yourself” and change the system of relationships in the country, will other nations stop hating Israel? How are these things connected?

My Answer: We, Bnei Baruch, have many friends all over the world, and this global community shows what happens to people who have learned about what Kabbalah has to give to the world.  These people have become close to us and we can all feel that there is love and unity among us.

If a person sees that you have precious knowledge about the soul, about the future, about the world’s destiny and the connection between everyone, and if he can feel that these things are correct, then he unites with you. And then you won’t sense any difference between you.

This is what we see in practice: there is no distance or any differences between us in Israel and any of our friends around the world. They are part of our group and are guided by the “point in the heart.” There is no difference between us in our perception, our actions, or our attitude toward the Creator. Moreover, when you come close to someone from afar, then that person becomes even dearer to you.

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We Can’t Unite, But We Must

the2520intention2520of2520attaining2520the2520creator2Today humanity is discovering that it must unite, yet people cannot even imagine that this is possible. It seems completely unrealistic. And this reflects how distant we are from one another, how separated by our egoistic goals. We are absolutely powerless to unite with everyone as one whole, to be one government and one nation, above and beyond all the differences. However, this is just what Nature demands of us, and today we are revealing our inability to do so.

So we throw up our hands and give up. However, it is exactly this realization of our own powerlessness that we have to reveal – and nothing else! We have to understand that we are incapable of uniting, and yet we are obligated to do so.

As soon as the world will realize this, people will suddenly turn to the Kabbalists, those who hold the wisdom of how to unite everyone into one whole. People will realize that they have to unite, and will understand that the world’s salvation depends on this. This is the only way to save our world from destruction, because the world is global, integral and like a small village where everyone is interconnected. And yet, people will realize that they are unable to accomplish this on their own, and will ask the Kabbalists for the wisdom and the strength to unite.

Along with all of humanity, Kabbalists will also grow closer and unite, and thus everyone together will reach the complete correction of egoism and the sensation of eternal, perfect fulfillment.

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