The Butterfly Effect Is Strongest On The Level Of Thought

betA question I received: The world is going through drastic changes lately. Do these changes have an effect on the still and vegetative levels of Nature?

My Answer: What we see is but a small portion of what is going on in the world. In reality, there are various species of plants, fish, birds and animals going extinct. Why is this happening?

The world is whole and integral and all of its parts are interconnected. Therefore, even the smallest change that occurs in this unified, interconnected system causes changes in the whole of Nature’s organism.

This is analogous to a body where a small injury is felt by the whole body, and the body’s vital functions immediately respond by isolating the injured part.

Similarly, the world crisis is a consequence of human activity, since man has the greatest power of all other parts of nature. He incorporates the whole world and is therefore capable of changing it.

The world is built like a pyramid, comprised of the still, vegetative, animate and human levels (from the bottom up). The sum total of all the still objects is equal to one object or representative of the vegetative level; the sum total of all the vegetative objects is equal to just one element of the animate level; and the entire animate level is equal to one person. So just imagine how much greater is the force of the Upper Degree compared to the lower degree, since just one of its elements is greater than everything in the lower degree!

Therefore, one negative thought or one small negative desire of man has a negative – and a thousand times more potent – impact on all the lower degrees.

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