We Don’t Have To Prolong This Crisis

the2520creator2520will2520become2520revealed2520insideA question I received: I have always been a good, responsible worker, but I was recently fired from my job. I have no money, but I have to feed my family. So who’s to blame for all of this: my own ego? And what should I do now?

My Answer: There is a reason for the situation in the world today. Everything is developing purposefully. Nature has a plan, and currently it is making all the people in the world, in every country, be afflicted by blows. These blows are not coming down on us randomly, because everything that happens to every person is purposeful and thought out. We are all interconnected inside a global network, where there is a place and a program for every person.

Therefore, it does you no good to simply complain about being fired and ask, “What should I do now?” The circumstances require you to gain awareness and understanding. This is what you have to focus on, and if you do, your situation will improve.

However, you are not the only one who does not understand what is happening. Just look at how the whole world is reacting to the current crisis: everyone is simply running away from the unpleasant situation toward something that appears better. The “bubbles” they created have burst, so now they are creating new ones. This is why the stock market keeps rising and growing. How else could it be rising if people are being fired, the industries and production are coming to a standstill, and trade is winding down?

Hence, it is obvious that today we are being lied to two-fold. It’s as if we have taken a pill to reduce our fever and we think that we are already cured. We see the stocks rising and think that everything is okay. People have comforted themselves, but in actuality it’s like taking a drug. For now everything seems alright.

But our situation is like a person who’s falling off a roof top, and someone asks him, “How are you doing?” And he replies, “Just fine – I’m still alive.”

Notwithstanding, people are scared inside. But a person cannot live in constant fear; he has to compensate for it in some way. There is nothing we can do until people will figure out why this situation is happening, what is the cause of the “illness” and how it is progressing. That is how they will find the way to cure it.

This illness can go on for many years if we don’t begin treating it. But when we do begin, then everything will happen quickly and easily. The remedy exists – it is the method of correcting man’s nature, known as “Kabbalah.”

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Any Excess Is Harmful

We Are In the Center of All the WorldsIn the News (from The American Physiological Society):Mouse Aging Study: It’s Better to Go Hungry than Go Running” A study investigating aging in mice has found that hormonal changes that occur when mice eat significantly less may help explain an already established phenomenon: a low calorie diet can extend the lifespan of rodents, a benefit that even regular exercise does not achieve. Overall, these findings indicate that the physiological stress of exercise did not produce enough damage to tissues or DNA to explain why exercise does not lengthen life span. Instead, the study suggests that caloric restriction creates beneficial changes in the body’s hormone levels which exercise does not.

My Comment: People have observed these facts for a long time, and now they are also explained by science.

In the News (from AFP):Sleep more to slim down, scientists say” “More sleep could be the ideal way of stabilizing weight or slimming,” said neuro-scientist Karine Spiegel, of France’s INSERM, a public organization dedicated to biological, medical and public health research. Two key hormones produced at night, which help regulate appetite, were at play, she said. Grehlin makes people hungry, slows metabolism and decreases the body’s ability to burn body fat, and leptin, a protein hormone produced by fatty tissue, regulates fat storage.

Conclusion: Eat less and sleep more!

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The Creator’s Name Means “Come and See” (Advanced)

musicThe Creator is the quality of bestowal that is revealed in a person’s corrected desire, in his intention to bestow. Our only task is to develop this intention to bestow by connecting among us. Then, we will reveal the Creator – the quality of bestowal and love found within this connection.

In Hebrew, the Creator is called Boreh, which is composed of the words Bo and Reh – “come” and “see.” What does this mean? “To come” means to change one’s desire from reception to bestowal. Then the desire to bestow that one has attained (or the desire to bestow in order bestow, Galgalta Einaim) and love (receiving in order to bestow, AHP) becomes his attainment and revelation of the Creator.

Stated differently, the Creator is the force that connects us to each other. Therefore, the connection between us is what reveals the Creator to us. If we connect through mutual love, then we will sense the force of bestowal inside us. This is the force of the Creator that is revealed between us.

The Creator is the force that connects us to each other. The Upper Light has endowed us with the power to bestow to each other, and by bestowing to each other and getting to know this Upper Force, we attain the Creator. How does this happen?

By bestowing to each other, we attain the quality of bestowal, and thus we attain the source of the bestowing force, because it contains its higher origin, Keter. This is how the Creator becomes revealed in us, or in our desire. He is revealed in the upper part of the Kli, which is why the revelation is called “a revelation from above.” The revelation happens in Keter with regard to the lower part of the Kli, Malchut.

For this reason, Kabbalists named Him “Boreh” – “Come and see.” When one ascends from below upwards by means of the Reflected Light, one ascends from one’s nature – “the will to receive” to the Creator’s nature – “bestowal.” One then attains the complete ten Sefirot of the Direct Light. One attains the Creator’s attitude to him as well as the Creator Himself – the root of everything.

It turns out that aside from one’s soul (which consists of 10 Sefirot), there is nothing else to reveal. This is all that was created, and one senses the Creator within this creation.

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