Economists’ Tricks Won’t Save Us, But A New Education System Will

international-kabbalah-congress70x70_preview1In the News (translated from APN): Mikhail Khazin, a famous Russian economist, asserts that the only way to save the world from catastrophe is to implement a “global project” that will renew the public consciousness. Hopefully the world’s most ambitious individuals will then prove their worth by spearheading meaningful social projects, instead of showing off the size of their boats. And their reward will not be another ten billion dollars, but the respect and gratitude of the entire humanity.

My Comment: The world cannot be saved by economists’ tricks. The reason for the crisis is our egoistic relationships, which have become global. We are like cogwheels meshing together and unable to break free – and we’ll never be able to break free! Yet, every cogwheel (person) still keeps trying to spin in his own direction.

Because we are in this situation, there is only one solution – to start spinning all together, in total agreement. This is what we must learn to do. Otherwise, the crisis will not go away, and will even continue to worsen.

The new public consciousness can only come from a new system of education. Every one of us must be reeducated, from being petty egoists and separate cogwheels, to becoming one massive mechanism, like the members of one family.

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What Objectives Should A Small Country Like Latvia Set To Overcome The Crisis?

withoutA question I received: I’m from Riga in Latvia and I’ve been studying Kabbalah with you for a few years. There is currently a debate in Latvia about the country’s long-term goals: should it be independent, join NATO, the EU, or take a number of other actions? Many people think that the main reason for the country’s economic problems is its lack of objectives and basic values.

This is why the government is taking initiative and sponsoring a new TV show called “Latvia’s Objectives,” where anyone is invited to submit their opinions on the country’s goals, values and moral code. All submissions will be handed over to the country’s leadership.

Could you propose some objectives that are in line with the teaching of Kabbalah on the governmental and international levels?

My Answer: Today it is certainly possible for a small state or country to build the right conditions for its people to unite based on mutual participation, good relationships, compassion and eventually even love, like among members of one family.

The way to achieve this is to unite the media and the educational programs, to create the right environment and a positive public opinion that will surround and influence every individual. Making this transition in our relationships, from egoistic to considerate of others, will bring about the emergence of completely different, positive forces in the society and the whole country. People will then enact forces of Nature of whose existence they did not even suspect!

Moreover, this proposal will not contradict any other plan or decision the state will make. It will only help to eradicate many negative social trends, and it does not require great expenditure to be implemented.

On our part, we are ready to present a detailed plan of action and to conduct all the necessary consultations – free of charge.

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My Book, “From Chaos To Harmony,” Is Now In The Royal Library

The Bnei Baruch group in Toronto sent the book From Chaos to Harmony as a gift to some of the most prominent people in Canada. In response, they received thank you letters from two of the most important government leaders – Canada’s Prime Minister, Steven Harper, and Canada’s Governor General, Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean, who represents the royal crown in Canada as part of the British Commonwealth.


The thank you letter reads:
“On behalf of Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean, I thank you for sending a copy of Michael Laitman’s book From Chaos to Harmony: the Solution to the Global Crisis According to the Wisdom of Kabbalah. She views your gift as a symbol of friendship.”

An Honest Deal Brings The Greatest Profit

you-cant-teach-anyone-through-forceA question I received: The average person doesn’t see that the crisis is revealing the connection between people, and that mutual guarantee is a law of nature. He just sees that the dishonest manipulation of the stock market has caused the stock prices to fall, and that the company where he worked suffered losses and he was laid off. What does nature have to do with any of this?

My Answer: The current crisis is global, and therefore it’s impossible to fix it piecemeal. It is because the universal connection among all people is now being revealed. This is also why the crisis is not just happening in the economy, but also in industry, trade, culture, education, and more generally – in our attitude to everything.

But the greatest revelation is that all of these phenomena are underpinned by another, deeper layer. This is why we are unable to solve this crisis through additional legislation, agreements or regulators. The only way to make the system function correctly is by changing our relationships with each other.

To do this, we must recognize our mutual responsibility to one another, to the whole of humanity, to our planet and all of Nature. In the meantime, Nature, which completely surrounds us, holds us in its grip and is tightening it. It demands that we start understanding the need for mutual responsibility and making different kinds of contracts with one another: in addition to the conditions laid out on paper, the lawyer’s signature, the penalties and other regulators, the contracts must include our inner willingness to be honest with one another. This is the mutual connection and guarantee, and they cannot be formally stipulated or dryly observed. In order for any individual to hold true to any agreement, one has to correct one’s egoism.

Today people always profit at someone else’s expense. But now we have to create something entirely new. This is why the solution to the current crisis looks completely unreal: we have to come up with a way to make a profit that won’t come at our neighbor’s expense. How is this possible? The only formula for success we have ever known is: if you lose, I win. This is how everyone today thinks. We are confident that this is the only way to make a profit. But is there another way?

There is, if only each person will limit his material profit to the level of bare necessity, and will contribute all the rest to the society. This is how we can get to a point where no one will live in need. Moreover, every person will receive internal, spiritual compensation in the form of society’s respect and appreciation, depending on the level of his contribution. Thus, one will also feel personal benefit from servicing the society.

On the other hand, in the egoistic society people disregard this kind of attitude. They despise tokens of appreciation and consider money to be the most important and powerful stimulus.

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Where Are You In Humanity’s Pyramid?

laitman_2009-03_4166We have to try to inform people – especially in America, Russia and Europe – of the fact that there is a solution to all our problems. Why is that?

Like everything in nature, humanity has the structure of a pyramid, comprised of the still, vegetative, animate and human levels. The human level is at the top of the pyramid and influences all the levels beneath it. However, to be “human” means to understand the thought of creation and the process of evolution. Only this kind of person influences the entire pyramid of humanity from above downward.

Nevertheless, even though such a person’s attainment and perception of reality place him at the top of the pyramid, the pyramid itself is driven by those who are at the very bottom, on the still level. They put the pyramid in motion by their reaction from below upward (by raising MAN). Yet, these people are only influenced by the suffering they feel in their lives, rather than by an awareness of the purpose of creation or a vision of the future.

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My Meeting With Edward Topol In New York

This week I had a meeting with novelist, playwright and film script writer, Edward Topol, with whom I have spoken to in the past through teleconferences. The main topics discussed at this meeting were the global crisis and its resolution.

laitman_2009-05-08_eduard-topol_w edward-topol

My Meeting With Judith Regan In New York

This week I had a meeting with Judith Regan, a well-know American editor and book publisher, who became famous for pioneering the publishing of celebrity autobiographies.


Announcing A Mini-Congress In Brazil

we-must-only-unite-our-points-in-the-heart1A  mini Kabbalah Congress will take place in Sao Paulo, Brazil on May 22-24, and there will be a simultaneous Congress in Argentina. This event is organized by Louis Olivera and his group, with the help of the Bnei Baruch group in Israel.

Louis Olivera writes, “Over twenty new students signed up at our first open meeting, which will be a series of four introductory lessons. The second meeting will take place this Monday and we hope that even more guests will attend. The Sao Paulo group estimates that between 50 to 100 people will attend the mini-Congress in May. We decided to work vigorously with the beginners in order to enable some of them to also attend the Congress in Argentina.”

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