Where Are You In Humanity’s Pyramid?

laitman_2009-03_4166We have to try to inform people – especially in America, Russia and Europe – of the fact that there is a solution to all our problems. Why is that?

Like everything in nature, humanity has the structure of a pyramid, comprised of the still, vegetative, animate and human levels. The human level is at the top of the pyramid and influences all the levels beneath it. However, to be “human” means to understand the thought of creation and the process of evolution. Only this kind of person influences the entire pyramid of humanity from above downward.

Nevertheless, even though such a person’s attainment and perception of reality place him at the top of the pyramid, the pyramid itself is driven by those who are at the very bottom, on the still level. They put the pyramid in motion by their reaction from below upward (by raising MAN). Yet, these people are only influenced by the suffering they feel in their lives, rather than by an awareness of the purpose of creation or a vision of the future.

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