The Mathematics Of Love And Hate

laitman_2009-02-03_3Hate for the fellow man is not expressed as the sensation of hate, but as the desire to use him for your own good. This is the feeling we have until we turn it into love – the desire to fill the other instead of myself.

My teacher Rabash used to say: You can picture yourself as a zero and your friend as a one, or you can see yourself as one and him as a zero. This depends on your desire – whether you desire to use him for your benefit, or to use yourself to benefit him.

To the extent that you desire to fulfill the other, the Light of bestowal and love will fulfill you.

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The Crisis In Science Indicates A Need To Change Our Consciousness

russiaIn order to rise to the “human” level, to a level higher than the animate, one must acquire the quality of bestowal and love toward others. This is called “faith above reason” – bestowal above reception. It enables a person to come out of himself and his egoistic nature.

Science is going through a crisis while it develops on the egoistic level. Meantime, humanity has gradually risen to a higher level, where everyone is interconnected as one body. From now on, the only way we can understand and reveal Nature is by becoming one whole. By making this change in our consciousness, we will reveal a deeper layer, new connections, forces and dependencies in the world around us.

But until we change our egoistic perception of reality to an altruistic one, our sensations, desires and thoughts will not allow us to overcome the knowledge barrier that we are stuck in. It is imperative that we rise above our egoistic reason to the altruistic reason. We must step outside ourselves to a feeling that seems completely irrational to us today. This is why the subject of my PhD thesis was: “Kabbalah – The Irrational Method for Attaining the World.”

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My Meeting With Psychologist Dr. Kalman J. Kaplan

While in New York, I had an interview with renowned American psychologist, Dr. Kalman J. Kaplan.


Dr. Kaplan is a social and developmental psychologist as well as a licensed clinical psychologist. He has published widely in the areas of interpersonal and international relations, and life-span developmental psychology, with concentration in the areas of aging, family theory and therapy, as well as the emerging field of biblical psychology, the use of transactional analysis in schizophrenia, and in suicide and suicide prevention.

Currently, Dr. Kaplan is a Professor of Clinical Psychology in both the Department of Psychiatry and the Department of Medical Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine, and Director of the Program in Religion, Spirituality and Mental Health ( sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation.

He was a Fulbright Fellow in the Department of Psychology at Tel Aviv University in 2006-2007, served as editor of the Journal of Psychology and Judaism, is on the editorial board of Omega: The Journal of Death and Dying, and is also a reviewer for the International Journal of the Psychology of Religion.

He has been the recipient of federal grants from the National Science Foundation and the National Institute of Mental Health and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Humanity Is Tired Of Wars

war-is-no-solutionA question I received: The world is suffering from a crisis. Sometimes people say, “I have suffered and I don’t want to unite with anyone.” In other words, people prefer to be secluded and to worry only about themselves. After all, no one takes care of them. Can it be that instead of uniting and realizing that the world is integral and global, people will, on the contrary, shrink into their shells? What will happen then?

My Answer: This is a real danger. The crisis can lead to nationalism in many countries, and then Nazi regimes and wars. Baal HaSulam, the great Kabbalist of the 20th century, wrote about this.

Nevertheless, after the Nazi regimes and the third and fourth world wars (which are possible but not necessary, according to Kabbalah), and after all the suffering that they will bring, humanity will still reveal the truth.

However, today Europe has reached a state where it no longer wants to go to war, since it is exhausted from the previous wars. Europe has shed enough blood to learn this lesson.

However, the rest of the world has not yet gone through sufficient internal suffering to reach the same realization. The same realization can be attained through analysis, by looking at history and scientific data, or it can be reached through suffering and war.

This is why Baal HaSulam talks about the existence of two paths to the new world. And this is why we, his followers, are doing everything we can to eliminate the second path – the one that leads to nationalism, isolation of countries, and war.

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