What Is Balance In Nature?

laitman_75A question I received: Words like “mutual balance” and “mutual guarantee” are very beautiful and admirable. However, it’s not clear what they mean. Could you explain it using specific examples?

My Answer: Balance in Nature means that all are equal and everything belongs to all, including the land and everything it holds (such as oil, gas, ore, water, and so on). Balance is when everyone has an equal attitude toward the consumption of Nature’s resources.

It is necessary to maintain this balance when consuming from Nature: every person must receive only the things he needs to lead a normal life. In addition, people should not produce anything that isn’t necessary for the existence of their animate bodies. Any excess is harmful and contrary to the law of Nature’s balance.

Among people, the law of balance is properly expressed when each person receives according to his essential needs, his natural necessities. And we are not equal in this regard, since every person has different innate qualities and needs.

Nature or the Creator has made us different on purpose, in order for us to sense each other’s needs, desires and thoughts. It is in order for us to develop a desire to feel the souls of others, to sense their inner essence and their desires. Then, if you want to achieve an equal supply of resources for all, you will have to sense the people around you the same way you sense yourself. Only then will we be able to become cells of one body.

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Why Are There So Many People In The World?

profit1A question I received: Why did the Earth’s population have to reach seven billion people? Is it to prepare humanity for making the leap to a new state?

My Answer: The entire path humanity has gone through was necessary for just one thing: to bring people to the recognition of evil. This is the point from which correction begins.

The population growth is related to the constant growth of our “will to receive,” or the desire to feel pleasure. This desire has to be divided among billions of people since otherwise it would be too big for each person and impossible to correct. When it is divided over a large number of people, it becomes possible for each person to correct his personal, small egoism. So, it is the level of egoism that determines the world’s population size.

Everything is planned. When there is a possibility that a smaller number of people will carry out an intenser correction, this causes a war. In times of great suffering, people become more sensitive to others and are more willing to make concessions. Correction can then be achieved by a smaller number of people, and therefore a large part of the population dies.

Everything is determined by the level of the will to receive and the need to correct it. This is not decided at the level of our world, but is determined by the Upper Governance.

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