Can The European Union Help the World Out Of The Economic Crisis?

The Remedy for the Global CrisisIn the News (translated from To overcome the economic crisis, we need a new European approach that goes beyond the boundaries of parties and countries of the Union. These were the words of the former [Belgian] Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt this Sunday at the presentation of his book, The Way Out of the Crisis. How Europe Can Save the World.

My Comment: If Europe could really overcome its egoism and unite, it would definitely overcome the crisis.

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The TV Numbs Our Sense Of Morality

reasonIn the News (from CNN): Rapid-fire TV news bulletins or getting updates via social-networking tools such as Twitter could numb our sense of morality and make us indifferent to human suffering, scientists say. “If things are happening too fast, you may not ever fully experience emotions about other people’s psychological states and that would have implications for your morality,” said researcher Mary Helen Immordino-Yang. … the study raises questions about the emotional cost, particularly for young people, of heavy reliance on a torrent of news snippets delivered via TV and online feeds such as Twitter.

My Comment: This is exactly where the problems of our youth come from. This is the impact of TV programs that are intended to appeal to purely superficial thinking, rather than the more conscious level.

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Is Modern Society Ruining Childhood?

massive1In the News (from Livescience): Kids are worried about modern problems and fearing things that weren’t even in youngsters’ vocabularies in generations past. Back in 1999, Ohio State University researchers asked 86 children: “What are you afraid of?” Boys reported that they fear snakes, monsters and scary theme park rides more often than girls did. Girls tended more to fear thunderstorms and the dark

[Today,] fifty-one percent of the UK kids worry about their parents divorcing or arguing, and more than half also worry about violence and street crime…The biggest factor for unhappiness among UK children, according to the researchers: boredom, cited by 74 percent.

My Comment: Children have become the same as adults, and modern society has no solution for them.

In the News (translated from Schoolchildren in Hong Kong are trading in their textbooks for special electronic devices loaded with the contents of the entire school curriculum.

My Comment: Then people will stop reading books altogether. The consequences will be truly unpredictable!

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My Meeting With Hank Sheinkopf

This week I had an interview with Hank Sheinkopf – a leading political consultant.


Throughout his 40 year long political career, Hank Sheinkopf has worked as an adviser and political consultant for many clients, including former US President Bill Clinton. His work has taken him all over the world, where he has also functioned as an envoy on special assignments.

In addition to having a very practical and realistic outlook on life, I found that he has a sensitive spirit and a love for the Hebrew language, which he speaks fluently. I hope we will receive much more valuable advice from him that will help shape our work in the US and worldwide.

What Will We Be Like When We Rise To The Level Of Nature?

the-spiritual-goal-is-the-same-for-everyoneEverything in reality is divided into:

The internal part: the spiritual world, the world of roots, decisions, and intentions.

The external part: our world, the world of branches, consequences, actions, and execution.

Our work lies in revealing the internal part through the things happening to us and the influences being exerted upon us. In other words, we have to rise from the level of action to the level of intention in order to understand what the single and common Force called Nature demands of us and why it develops us specifically in this way. By examining what happens to us, we will gain the complete knowledge of ourselves and Nature (or the Creator), including Its desire, reason, plan, and thought.

In order to obtain this knowledge, one has to attain the same qualities that are inherent in Nature: qualities of bestowal, love, and the commonality between all of its parts. Otherwise one won’t understand it. If one performs the same actions as Nature, and if one studies these actions and agrees with them, then one attains the level of Nature (the Creator). This is how one reaches the level of Adam (from the word Edameh – similar to Nature, the Creator).

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Learning to Live In the Spiritual World

laitman_2008_3173Wishing to prepare our children for a good life, we teach them the best way to “get ahead” in this world. To this end, we spend many years educating a child, gradually making his exercises more and more difficult, while hoping that the upbringing we give him will prepare him for life in the world that he reveals.

This is exactly how the Creator treats us: He demands that we go through a preparation for entering the spiritual world. We have a limited amount of time to go through this preparation, and we don’t have a choice – within that period of time, we have to learn to live in an integral world, in a universal and unified nature – the Upper World.

The sooner we understand what is required of us and the sooner we agree to be reeducated, the less suffering we will feel. This is because our suffering comes from the pressure of forces that compel us to change. By agreeing with the Creator, we will be able to change consciously, happily and voluntarily.

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