Is Modern Society Ruining Childhood?

massive1In the News (from Livescience): Kids are worried about modern problems and fearing things that weren’t even in youngsters’ vocabularies in generations past. Back in 1999, Ohio State University researchers asked 86 children: “What are you afraid of?” Boys reported that they fear snakes, monsters and scary theme park rides more often than girls did. Girls tended more to fear thunderstorms and the dark

[Today,] fifty-one percent of the UK kids worry about their parents divorcing or arguing, and more than half also worry about violence and street crime…The biggest factor for unhappiness among UK children, according to the researchers: boredom, cited by 74 percent.

My Comment: Children have become the same as adults, and modern society has no solution for them.

In the News (translated from Schoolchildren in Hong Kong are trading in their textbooks for special electronic devices loaded with the contents of the entire school curriculum.

My Comment: Then people will stop reading books altogether. The consequences will be truly unpredictable!

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