Nature Has Set A New Condition For Our Well-Being

correctIn the past, Nature didn’t judge us by how strong the connection between us was. We were connected by Nature into one net (one soul – Adam), but Nature did not require us to implement this connection willingly and consciously.

Back in the 1940s, Baal HaSulam wrote in his newspaper “The Nation” that the world is actually one family, completely interconnected. However, this connection is only being revealed to us now. And today, everything depends on whether we will carry out this condition, set by Nature. The current crisis and everything that will happen to us in the future depends only on the quality of the connection between us.

Therefore, we must constantly envision the system of our interconnection as clearly as we can, in order to uncover our current disparity with it. This disparity is the cause of our troubles, and uncovering it is the first step to solving the problem.

If each person will reach a clear understanding of the cause of the crisis, this will solve the crisis! And then, all of our actions will gradually become consistent with Nature.

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Time Is The Subjective Feeling That Something Missing Will Come Later On

machsomA question I received: How do Kabbalists explain the parameter of time, which we feel through our senses and can measure using technical instruments of this world?

  • Why do we need the factor and the perception of time, and why does this feeling fade after one crosses the Machsom?
  • How and why do we create time within ourselves?
  • What affect can a person have on time, and how does time affect a person?
  • Finally, what affect does time have on nature as a whole, and vice-versa?

My Answer: Time is produced by one’s egoism. Time is the feeling of a deficit, of the difference between what exists and what will exist. However, if one perceives the future as something that has already been received, something that is already present, then he does not feel time – he does not have the sense that there is something missing today which will come in the future.

On the other hand, if a person fully believes, without a shadow of a doubt, that he has not yet received something, but he will definitely receive it, then the present and the future are the same for him, since the future has nothing to add to the present. This is why ascending above egoism lets us enter the present and nothing but the present.

It is written that one who strives toward the Creator compresses time. The fact is, the entire image of the world is within us, and it includes the parameter of time.

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Shamati #36. ” What are the Three bodies in a Man” – Lesson 2, Part 2

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We Have To Realize That Egoism Is The Cause Of The Crisis, Before It’s Too Late

worldWe wouldn’t have to go through this financial crisis if we had become aware of the previous crises. These include the crises of the family, upbringing, depression, drugs, terrorism, ecology, and many others, which began in the middle of the 20th century. All we had to do was to realize that a good connection between us would give us peace at home, good upbringing for our children, and a correct attitude toward nature and the ecology.

However, we did not discover that the cause of our troubles lies in the connection between us, and this is why we arrived at our current state – the financial crisis. Today it isn’t just the political scientists, economists, and psychologists that are starting to realize what the cause of the crisis is, but everyone is starting to see it.

However, if people will not be able to influence society and change their attitude from “looking out for number one” to “we are all a family,” then the distance between us (the breaking of the soul of Adam) will become revealed even clearer. This means we will not only harm each other in the area of finance, but we will literally eat each other. This will continue until we find the reason for our condition – our initial egoism, and then begin to correct it and rise above it.

This financial crisis will be followed by a stage where the connection between people will be revealed in an even uglier form. It will show our dependency on each other to an even greater extent, and we will be much worse off than right now. Even our imagination is unable to fathom what can happen. And all of this will happen in order for us to reveal the enormous egoism that separates people, because this is precisely where the breaking occurred.

However, correction is possible – it can be done with the help of the Light, by studying and using Kabbalistic sources. This study reveals our egoistic desires to us and gives us the strength to correct them and to unite with each other.

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