Nature Has Set A New Condition For Our Well-Being

correctIn the past, Nature didn’t judge us by how strong the connection between us was. We were connected by Nature into one net (one soul – Adam), but Nature did not require us to implement this connection willingly and consciously.

Back in the 1940s, Baal HaSulam wrote in his newspaper “The Nation” that the world is actually one family, completely interconnected. However, this connection is only being revealed to us now. And today, everything depends on whether we will carry out this condition, set by Nature. The current crisis and everything that will happen to us in the future depends only on the quality of the connection between us.

Therefore, we must constantly envision the system of our interconnection as clearly as we can, in order to uncover our current disparity with it. This disparity is the cause of our troubles, and uncovering it is the first step to solving the problem.

If each person will reach a clear understanding of the cause of the crisis, this will solve the crisis! And then, all of our actions will gradually become consistent with Nature.

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