Time Is The Subjective Feeling That Something Missing Will Come Later On

machsomA question I received: How do Kabbalists explain the parameter of time, which we feel through our senses and can measure using technical instruments of this world?

  • Why do we need the factor and the perception of time, and why does this feeling fade after one crosses the Machsom?
  • How and why do we create time within ourselves?
  • What affect can a person have on time, and how does time affect a person?
  • Finally, what affect does time have on nature as a whole, and vice-versa?

My Answer: Time is produced by one’s egoism. Time is the feeling of a deficit, of the difference between what exists and what will exist. However, if one perceives the future as something that has already been received, something that is already present, then he does not feel time – he does not have the sense that there is something missing today which will come in the future.

On the other hand, if a person fully believes, without a shadow of a doubt, that he has not yet received something, but he will definitely receive it, then the present and the future are the same for him, since the future has nothing to add to the present. This is why ascending above egoism lets us enter the present and nothing but the present.

It is written that one who strives toward the Creator compresses time. The fact is, the entire image of the world is within us, and it includes the parameter of time.

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