The Two Ways Of Reaching Our Goal

the2520meaning2520of2520spiritual2520and2520physical25A question I received: I have heard you say many times that the desire is the only thing that exists, and only the desire determines everything. Then why don’t all the desires that I have in life come true?

My Answer: It’s because in addition to your desire, there exists the program of creation. In other words, there is a certain plan, and according to this plan the whole of creation advances towards its pre-determined goal. This advancement toward the goal is called Beito, which means advancement along time, where everything occurs in due time.

However, a human being consists of a desire, and therefore he feels the fulfillment of the desire as pleasure and the lack of fulfillment as emptiness or suffering. This is how he feels the affect of the program, which uses our desire for fulfillment or pleasure to control us. After all, we always aspire to pleasure and try to distance ourselves from suffering.

If you wish to realize the program of creation on your own and to achieve the goal quickly and pleasantly, instead of being driven to it by blows, you can do so by directing your desire according to the rule, “Make your desire like the Creator’s desire.” What is “the Creator’s desire”? This refers to His desire to bestow all of Himself and His state into your personal perception. As a result of this, you reveal a new level of desire, perception, awareness and understanding. And when this happens, you feel the gap between yourself and the Creator. Then, by intentionally eliminating this gap, you liken your desire to the Creator’s.

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The Spiritual Root Of Medicine

soulA question I received: If we convince the whole world to play a game for one day where everyone will do nothing but bestow, then humanity would feel the flavor of bestowal. Would this action draw enough Light to correct us?

My Answer: Any doctor knows that there is almost no medicine that can cure a person immediately. This can only happen by virtue of a miracle, but not a man-made medicine.

A person could drink a drop of poison and die, or he can use it to create a medicine. It is no coincidence that the symbol of medicine is a snake. It is a known fact that every medicine is poison, but not every poison is medicine. When poison is used as medicine, it is taken in very small dosages and over the course of a long time, until a person is cured. This is the law of correcting the animate body, and the same law holds for correcting the soul.

Why is it that a person can die instantly from taking a drop of poison, but he has to take it for months in order to be cured? This is the consequence of a spiritual process: the breaking of the unified soul into parts. This breaking was carried out from above, and therefore it is instant, whereas the correction, the re-unification, and the cure occurs slowly, depending on us.

Why did the breaking of our souls and the need for correction occur even before we came to this world? It happened so that in the process of our correction we would elucidate the cause, the process and the goal of creation, thereby forming ourselves in similarity to the Creator, the Upper Force of Nature.

And since a person had to reach similarity to the Creator (who is called in Hebrew Bore = Bo – come, and Re – see), this process takes so much time, namely 6000 years, from the first attainment made by Adam, to the last one.

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From Lack Of Balance To Perfection

war2A question I received: A lack of balance is obvious when looking at people who consume more than the necessary for a normal existence. But how can you say this of a person who barely makes it from one paycheck to the next?

My Answer: He is also not in balance. There are seven billion people inhabiting the earth, of which 50% are hungry and 40% don’t have enough for normal sustenance. Only half a billion people are happy with their material lifestyle. However, they are precisely the ones who experience depression, take drugs, end up divorcing, committing suicide, and so on.

Perfection descends to us from the World of Infinity, and the only way we can reach it is by rising to that spiritual level. This is realistic and attainable, and Nature is pushing us toward it. And the method of attaining the perfect state is being revealed to you – it is the science of Kabbalah!

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Lessons From The North American Congress

ny_congress-2009Here are the lessons I gave at the North American Kabbalah Congress, which took place this weekend in the Catskills Mountains, New York:

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You Are Responsible For All The Crimes In The World

moralWhat does it mean to be a guarantor? If I am someone’s guarantor, then if that person breaks the law, the authorities can come to me and put me in jail instead of him, because I have taken on the obligation to be that person’s guarantor!

Or let’s say that person doesn’t pay off a loan that he took out from the bank. Without even talking to him, the bank can demand the loan payment from me. That’s the law of mutual guarantee in action. It is Nature’s unbreakable law that binds us together, and we can’t run away from it.

How unfair, how cunningly devious and cruel it is for Nature to put people who hate each other in a closed space and give them horrible desires and impulses. And then to go and punish one person instead of the other! If we could actually feel this law, we would literally burst with indignation.

Moreover, I may be held responsible not only for the consequence of someone else’s actions, but for the fact that he committed them in the first place. In other words, the fact that someone destroys, murders, steals and rapes is my fault, and that’s why it is just to demand compensation from me and to punish me. The guarantee is not that you have to compensate the damage done by someone else, but that you have to guarantee that his deeds will be good. And if he acted poorly, that means I was an accomplice to his actions.

It turns out that by making any small transgression, I cause the misdoings of many people around the world. And this will definitely come back to me – I will be punished. We can’t even imagine how absolutely the law of mutual guarantee envelops us and works without our consent. It is everywhere – even in our thoughts, intentions and actions.

Each one of us is “guiding” others throughout their lives, similar to a puppet master who leads and controls the puppet. However, none of us feels that he is the one who leads and is being led. If we would see our mutual dependence, we would lose our freedom of will and become robots. This is why our universal mutual connection is concealed from us and is being revealed gradually, to the extent we can bear it and turn it into a positive one.

How can we make it positive? It is done by each one of us connecting to other people. However, this shouldn’t be done out of fear or because of pressure, but out of our own, free desire to give and to love others.

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Would You Trust Others With Your Life?

spiritual2520food2520is2520the2520light2520that2520filA question I received: Why can’t people develop the instinct of love for their neighbor just like animals do while under the pressure of difficult circumstances and suffering? This seems to be the most natural and evolutionary path of development.

My Answer: You’re right: if people were on the same level of development as animals, they really would be able to develop the same kind of instinct as bees, ants, and human cells. For example, a single cell in a body is able to sense that if it doesn’t unite with another cell, and then with a third cell, and a fourth cell, it loses out on the force of life. In other words, two cells that are separated go through the realization of evil and reach the realization, “We should unite in order to live longer and better.”

In the process of uniting, the cells come to understand the benefit of the unification to a greater extent, and they then begin to separate according to each cell’s “specialization”: some cells become the heart, others become the lungs, others – the brain, yet none of the organs can exist separately. Each organ is certain that the others will take care of it.

In the past, a cell could exist on its own, completely alone. However, as the cells united, they discovered that specialization gives rise to a higher form of existence. And in order for this to happen, each cell must reject its personal life and begin to live the life of the whole organism.

This way, the cell literally entrusts its life to the other cells. It gives its life over to them because by specializing to become an eye cell, for example, it stops carrying out the other functions. It trusts another cell to be its heart, and another cell to be its brain, and another cell to be the lungs.

And  what role do the lungs play? They breathe for the whole body, but actually they practically don’t need oxygen for themselves. They do it because the whole body needs the oxygen to exist. And the other cells have absolute faith that the lungs will provide them with oxygen, because they are all in a mutual guarantee!

This is how stem cells (small, universal cells) became cells of different types – of the brain, lungs, heart, and so on. And that is how organs formed and living organisms began to develop.

Biologists believe that this happened “on its own.” But in reality, this process happened because of the revelation of “Reshimot” (informational genes), which are implanted in creation from the beginning and are revealed in a specific order. According to them, we must now consciously achieve the same kind of unity in human society.

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