From Lack Of Balance To Perfection

war2A question I received: A lack of balance is obvious when looking at people who consume more than the necessary for a normal existence. But how can you say this of a person who barely makes it from one paycheck to the next?

My Answer: He is also not in balance. There are seven billion people inhabiting the earth, of which 50% are hungry and 40% don’t have enough for normal sustenance. Only half a billion people are happy with their material lifestyle. However, they are precisely the ones who experience depression, take drugs, end up divorcing, committing suicide, and so on.

Perfection descends to us from the World of Infinity, and the only way we can reach it is by rising to that spiritual level. This is realistic and attainable, and Nature is pushing us toward it. And the method of attaining the perfect state is being revealed to you – it is the science of Kabbalah!

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