The Salvation From The Swine Flu Is Not Isolation But Cooperation

man2In the News (from Stratfor):The Geopolitics of Pandemics” The [swine flu] virus traveled faster than news of the virus. When the news of the virus finally caught up with the virus, the global perception was shaped by a series of deaths suddenly recognized in Mexico. … Viruses that spread through casual human contact can be globally established before anyone knows of it. Given modern air transportation, diseases spread globally in a matter of days or even hours.

The true threat to humanity, if it ever comes, will not come from influenza. Rather, it will come from a disease spread through casual human contact, but with a higher mortality rate than flu and no clear treatment.

My Comment: The swine flu has demonstrated that humanity is unable to stop a virus. And that is because there is no global health infrastructure that can quickly develop, manufacture and deliver the needed medicine to the sick around the world. Our salvation cannot come from trying to isolate from each other, but only from the opposite – mutual cooperation!

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The Evolution Of Our Bodies And Souls

pointIn the News (from Crystalinks):Human Migratory Patterns”  Modern humans are known to have left Africa in a wave of migration around 50,000 years ago, but another, smaller group – possibly a different subspecies – left the continent 50,000 years earlier, suggests a new study. While all humans today are related to the second “out of Africa” group, it’s likely that some populations native to Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia retain genetic vestiges of the earlier migrants, according to the paper’s author, Michael Schillaci.

My Comment: There is no discrepancy between this and the Bible because the Bible speaks only of man’s spiritual development, of our desires (heart) and reason (brain). It says nothing about our animate body, which belongs to the animate level.

However, our desires and thoughts are the basis for the future soul, and they come from the Reshimot (informational data) of the Upper World. These Reshimot carry the qualities of bestowal and love, and that is why the evolution of our desires and thoughts raises us toward bestowal and love of others, the primary Biblical commandments.

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The Religion Of The Future Is “Love For The Fellow Man”

Man, Woman and Divinity Between ThemA question I received: What should be the connection between the Jewish religion and the state of Israel?

My Answer: There shouldn’t be any connection between religion and state. Every person should be able to lead the lifestyle of his choice without coercion. Kabbalah states: “There’s no coercion in spirituality!”

People should only be influenced by the correct education. Sure, the upbringing in Israel should be conducted the spirit of the Jewish tradition, Jewish culture and all that we received from our forefathers. However, this should be done through a gentle, kind upbringing in the spirit of the nation’s traditions.

Through the dissemination of Kabbalah, today’s religion – a set of obligatory actions, will turn into true religion. This is what Baal HaSulam describes in the article, “The Essence of Religion and Its Purpose.” How will this happen?

The Upper Force that is being reveals to us today will change us, and people will then begin to feel and understand the Creator. His revelation will eliminate the need for the religious services of today and the need for intermediaries between man and the Creator, such as religion and its leaders. It is written, “And people will stop teaching about Creator, for all will know Me, from small to great.”

The revelation of the Creator will show everyone the principle of the entire Torah: “Love your neighbor as yourself,” which is currently absent even among the religious people. Baal HaSulam writes in “The Future Generation”:

The religious (ethical) form, determining the life of all nations, must first and foremost obligate its representatives to engage in bestowal to the fellow man, according to the principle, “love your neighbor as yourself.” And this will be the social consciousness of all nations… However, with this exception, each nation should be free to follow its own religion and traditions, and no nation should interfere with the affairs of another.

The science of Kabbalah explains that the main principle of the Torah, “Love thy neighbor as thyself,” indicates that the observance of the Mitzvot (precepts) and Torah means the correction of one’s egoism, where one reaches the level of love for the fellow man. So it is the correction of one’s egoistic desires that is called the observance of the precepts.

If a person engages in self-correction in order to develop an attitude of bestowal to the fellow man, this means that he is performing all the rules of Torah. This is what the great sage Rabbi Akiva said. When he was asked to explain all of the Torah while “standing on one leg” (metaphorically speaking), he cited the general rule of the entire Torah: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Another sage, named Hillel, who lived in the times of the Talmud (the beginning of the Common Era) states this principle as: “Don’t do to another what you don’t want others to do to you.”

Therefore, the entire institute of religion will definitely go through a big change, as it doesn’t stand by these principles.

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Stanley Fischer Is Gloomy About The Future Of The Global Economy

Why Does Everyone Hate Israel?In the News (from GlobesOnline): “The pessimistic outlook for global trade is the most important factor because export is a substantial part of our production. Global growth forecasts for the second half of 2009 are very pessimistic,” Governor of the Bank of Israel Prof. Stanley Fischer today told the Knesset Economic Affairs Committee.

“Global trade is projected to fall by 9%. If these forecasts turn into facts, it will mean the worst global economic situation since World War II. Obviously, if global trade plummets, we cannot but be affected. Unemployment will probably continue to rise through mid-2010. In other words, we face a difficult year. We must pay attention to the real economy precisely when great optimism leaves the financial markets.”

My Comment: I applaud Prof. Fischer for being so direct and honest. Since man’s nature is “the will to enjoy,” it erases the negative emotions we felt in the past. So when our suffering becomes permanent, we stop noticing it. This is what’s happening with the crisis: although it isn’t ending, and is actually getting worse, it seems to us that it is almost over.

Kabbalah warns that humanity has an egoistic illness and it is not treating it Therefore, just like any disease, it is going deeper inside us, and will strike us more severely. If we continue closing our eyes to the facts, then we will soon face all the horrible symptoms of the illness!

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10+10 = The Basis Of Life In The Universe

Get Through the Night, and Welcome the DawnIn the News (from The MIT Technology Review): Why ET’s genetic code could be just like ours” We know that amino acids are common in our solar system and beyond. Various first experiments to recreate the conditions in the Earth’s early atmosphere have produced 10 of the amino acids found in proteins. Curiously, analyses of meteorite samples have found exactly these same 10 amino acids. The first genetic codes must have evolved to exploit these 10 prebiotic amino acids. Nature had settled on the full 20 we see today by the time the earliest common ancestor of all organisms on the planet first emerged, at least 3.5 billion years ago.

My Comment: The science of Kabbalah describes the 10 phases of the Light’s expansion from above downwards (the ten Sefirot of Ohr Yashar, Direct Light), and the 10 reverse phases of the Light’s expansion from below upwards (10 Sefirot of Ohr Hozer, Reflected Light). Life (a Partzuf) can form only when all of these phases are present.

The 10 main amino acids (10 Sefirot of Ohr Yashar) are the basis, but the protein matter appears only when there is a complete set of Direct and Returning Lights, or in other words, when there is a connecting screen between them.

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What’s The Difference Between Money And True Fulfillment?

it-all-comes-back-to-youA question I received: The equality you are describing sounds more like oppression. If every person receives the same as everyone, this will suppress people’s initiative to give more to others. What good does such equality bring?

My Answer: Man lives inside the will to receive, to be filled. This desire is the essence of creation, the only thing that was created, and it doesn’t change. All that changes is the intention, the purpose, or how you use this desire – “for my sake” or “for the sake of others.”

Let’s say I have an eight-digit amount of dollars in my bank account. What makes me feel satisfied is the sense that I have a lot of money, rather the amount itself. It gives me the sensation of power and of confidence about the future and the present. However, man’s desire cannot be filled with the dollars themselves.

Our desires are strictly formed within us by nature, and they are of two types:

  • Bodily desires – for food, sex and family
  • Social desires – for wealth, fame, power, and knowledge

Either way, our fulfillment always comes from our sensations, and never from the material objects.

If a person receives society’s appreciation, honor and awards, and if his children are proud of him (instead of hearing that their father is despised by the society), then wouldn’t this be enough incentive for that person to work for the benefit of society?

A true expert sees his job as a work of art, a craft. He does this work in order to achieve the end result, and not to be rewarded. This is how he satisfies his desire.

What we’ve done is to wrap people’s desire into the “wrapping” of money. This is why money comes from the word “covering” or “screen” (in Hebrew the word for “money” is Kessef, originating from the word Kissui – covering). However, money is just a provisional measure of the desire’s fulfillment.

The current crisis will eliminate all the superficial kinds of compensation, leaving just the pure fulfillment. What is that? It is the satisfaction that comes from bestowal. This is the only fulfillment that does not disappear and is completely supported by the society.

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