10+10 = The Basis Of Life In The Universe

Get Through the Night, and Welcome the DawnIn the News (from The MIT Technology Review): Why ET’s genetic code could be just like ours” We know that amino acids are common in our solar system and beyond. Various first experiments to recreate the conditions in the Earth’s early atmosphere have produced 10 of the amino acids found in proteins. Curiously, analyses of meteorite samples have found exactly these same 10 amino acids. The first genetic codes must have evolved to exploit these 10 prebiotic amino acids. Nature had settled on the full 20 we see today by the time the earliest common ancestor of all organisms on the planet first emerged, at least 3.5 billion years ago.

My Comment: The science of Kabbalah describes the 10 phases of the Light’s expansion from above downwards (the ten Sefirot of Ohr Yashar, Direct Light), and the 10 reverse phases of the Light’s expansion from below upwards (10 Sefirot of Ohr Hozer, Reflected Light). Life (a Partzuf) can form only when all of these phases are present.

The 10 main amino acids (10 Sefirot of Ohr Yashar) are the basis, but the protein matter appears only when there is a complete set of Direct and Returning Lights, or in other words, when there is a connecting screen between them.

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  1. There are thought to be 22 amino acids which is an interesting number in that there are 22 Hebrew letters of creation. Thank you Rav Laitman.

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