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What Will Happen To The Common Soul If Humanity Dies Out?

laitman_600.02Question: What will happen to the common soul if all of humanity comes to a global catastrophe and becomes completely extinct?

Answer: Do not worry, humanity will not come to total extinction, although a portion of humanity could. Therefore, we need to think about helping people start the process of correction before a problem occurs.

In principle, the state of complete correction already exists in a spiritual form. The only thing we can do is to quickly implement it and be in it.

From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/16/18

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Two Incarnations Of A Great Soul

Baal HaSulam is the greatest Kabbalist of our time. It is very difficult to speak of such a tremendous force because we do not really understand what it means to be a Kabbalist. He lives alongside us and at the same time in a different world. A Kabbalist actually lives in two worlds.

For a Kabbalist there is no confusion. He sees the upper world and the lower world. But what interests him most is their interdependence: how it is possible to make corrections in the upper world from the lower world such that it again influences the lower world and our world rises to the level of the upper. This is the task of every Kabbalist.

A Kabbalist is coming from that desire which characterizes him in the general system of the soul called “Adam.” Each of us has a different root. It is called “point of reference” or “point in the heart.” And that’s why each reveals the upper world in their own unique way.

However, all points in the heart reveal this system in a relatively similar fashion. Nonetheless, all those who wrote prior to Baal HaSulam, for example, had a very difficult time writing a commentary to The Book of Zohar.

And prior to the appearance of The Book of Zohar, no one was able to write anything even resembling it, despite the fact that many Kabbalists knew more than Rabbi Shimon. They just couldn’t describe it the way he could.

That is, in Kabbalah there are many such conditions: you can be great, a spiritual genius, but cannot describe anything, you simply don’t have the ability.

But Baal HaSulam had both of these qualities. It’s amazing! In the entire history of Kabbalah there was practically no Kabbalist with such ability.

Moses was the greatest Kabbalist, and still the Five Books written by him are written in such a way and in such language that everyone can interpret them in any way they want.

And what was written by the Ari in his work The Tree of Life cannot be understood at all; here, a clear attainment of the spiritual world is necessary for one to even begin to understand what he is talking about. In this book, purely physical data are laid out, just as in any physics textbook.

That’s why when the Ari started to teach, the only one who was able to appreciate him was a great Kabbalist of his own time, the Ramak. He sent all the other students to the Ari as well, emphasizing that this material is something new. But neither they, nor he, were able to understand the system of the Ari, not even to the day he died. And that’s because the Ramak belonged to the previous generation of souls, those who came into this world prior to the Ari.

That’s why Baal HaSulam openly says: “All that I attained, I attained following the Ari’s soul incarnating in me,” in other words, he was the Ari’s next incarnation. What is meant here is not the physical body, since it doesn’t exist and neither does our world. The only thing that exists is the shattered, scattered desire in a tremendous egoistic space.

In this space there are drops, like raisins in a cake that have inclinations toward unity, toward adhesion with the Creator. But we don’t feel these inclinations because we exist in an ocean of egoism, we sit in this dough, that’s why we don’t even sense our ego. Each “raisin,” each point in the heart, constantly undergoes all types of corrections.

Baal HaSulam happens to have been the outcome of that same “raisin,” which was the Ari, that same soul who was the Ari, who continued his work. This is called an “incarnation.” In other words, this is not a separate soul, but that same soul continuing its work, only under different conditions, in a different generation.

And what does a “generation” mean? It is not what happens to us in our world. When many points in the heart, embryos of a soul, even though they are changing constantly, while they still exist in a wrong kind of connection between them, they imagine themselves ostensibly experiencing our world.

That’s why it is most important that we think not of this world, presenting itself to us through our five animal sensory systems, but instead about that which is happening through the point in the heart.

Question: When a soul reincarnates, is the individuality preserved?

Answer: The soul engages through various external conditions. The Ari brought into our world The Tree of Life. The next time that same Ari came, he was called Baal HaSulam and brought into our lives Talmud Eser Sefirot.

Question: In other words, he held the same spiritual level of attainment as the Ari?

Answer: Even greater.
From the Lesson in Russian, 10/16/16

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“The Coming Anti-National Revolution”

laitman_264_01Opinion (Robert Schiller, Nobel Laureate in Economics, Professor of Economics at Yale University, author): “ For the past several centuries, the world has experienced a sequence of intellectual revolutions against oppression of one sort or another. These revolutions operate in the minds of humans and are spread – eventually to most of the world – not by war (which tends to involve multiple causes), but by language and communications technology. …

“I think the next such revolution, likely sometime in the twenty-first century, will challenge the economic implications of the nation-state. It will focus on the injustice that follows from the fact that, entirely by chance, some are born in poor countries and others in rich countries. As more people work for multinational firms and meet and get to know more people from other countries, our sense of justice is being affected.

“Thomas Paine’s pamphlet Common Sense, a huge bestseller in the Thirteen Colonies when it was published in January 1776, marked another such revolution, which was not identical with the Revolutionary War against Britain that began later that year (and had multiple causes). The reach of Common Sense is immeasurable, because it wasn’t just sold but was also read aloud at churches and meetings. …

“The same could be said of the gradual abolition of slavery, which was mostly achieved not by war, but by an emerging popular recognition of its cruelty and injustice. …

“All of the past ‘justice revolutions’ have stemmed from improved communications.”

My Comment: Everything depends on the connections between people. When they begin to feel they belong to a greater whole that is manifested in them subconsciously as the one force that manages them, the Creator, appears in them. Hence, the growing intellect appears in the recognition of dependency, in the new meanings that emerge from the discovery of the connection between us, which is not clear at the moment; it is revelation of the connection between all, the system of Adam (Man).

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Why Do I Get All of This?

laitman_555Question: Why do numerous troubles pour onto those who live virtuously, never hurt anybody, and make every effort to help the others? Is it a punishment for their prior lives?

Answer: People came up with many theories about punishments for their prior lives and future rewards. In fact, nobody knows why we get blows from destiny.

We all depend on each other. We all are in one network. All of us represent one common soul of Adam; we are one whole! The overall system we exist in is called “Adam.”

Each of the system’s parts is responsible for the others. Our body works similarly: if there is a wound on the foot, it hurts the whole body aches and can’t think of anything besides the wound. In this case, head and nerves depend on the sore foot. Our interdependence extends to this degree.

Our world is an integral system. That’s why it is necessary to improve the entire world, mend our inclusion into each other and the rest of souls. If you do, you begin sensing yourself in a perfect and absolutely comfortable state.

Question: What does the correction of our inclusion in other souls mean?

Answer: It signifies the state of “loving thy neighbor as thyself.” Before we completely correct ourselves, entirely and mutually, we will continue asking questions about the reasons for earthly afflictions without being able to find suitable answers.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/27/15

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The Physical And Spiritual World

Laitman_712_03Question: How does the physical world influence the spiritual world?

Answer: It doesn’t. Everything descends from top to bottom: the upper world affects the lower. But under certain conditions, we can influence the upper world, and through it—the material world.

As we correct our egoistic desires, we affect the properties we have mastered—the properties of bestowal and love. By matching these properties with the altruistic properties of the common soul, through it, we influence the impact it has on our world.

Question: Is there danger that by bringing oneself closer to the Creator and mastering the governing system, Kabbalists could abuse their knowledge?

Answer: It is impossible, because when you fall from the property of bestowal and love you immediately lose your connection with the upper world and, therefore, its impact on our world.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/11/15

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The Sin Of Adam Is The Cause Of All Of Our Troubles

laitman_929Question: Why in these days, from the beginning of Rosh Hashanah, is a completely unique atmosphere felt?

Answer: These are days of judgment, and we see this when we look at the events that are happening in Europe and Israel. The world requires our correct participation.

In the days of judgment we need to judge ourselves, our behavior, our deeds, to clarify the cause for all of the failures and the unfavorable fate.

It is always necessary to examine ourselves in relation to the origin, and our origin is Adam HaRishon (the First Man). The sin of Adam HaRishon is the reason for everything that happened after it.

Twenty generations after Adam, one of the great sages of ancient Babylon Abraham began the correction of the sin of Adam HaRishon; he called for all the Babylonians to unite and rise above the mutual hatred, which is called the Tower of Babel that led to a crisis.

Some of the Babylonians heard the call of Abraham and joined him. Abraham taught his students “to love your neighbor as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18), so that love will cover all crimes, over all hatred. So Abraham gathered a group that later evolved into the people of Israel.

These events are directly related to what is happening today. After so many events we have experienced throughout history, we are still in the same situation of Adam HaRishon; we must correct his sin.

The people of Israel were chosen from among all the other peoples for this purpose because they had the desire for unity, spirituality.

These are a unique people possessing a unique desire, a special readiness of mind and soul that can achieve such a unity between them by which the whole world is then united. The great Kabbalist Baal HaSulam wrote about this in the article, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar.”

The sin of Adam is the basis of the breakup of humanity, all of its suffering and troubles. All of our problems come from this sin because of which one great desire, one soul, was shattered into a multitude of fragments. In each one of us there is a tiny fragment of the collective soul.

If eight billion people are living in the world today, there is a part of the soul of Adam HaRishon, of Adam in each one of them. So we need to connect with each other so that all of these parts will merge together.

But the realization of this function isn’t imposed upon eight billion but upon the people of Israel. If the people of Israel will correct themselves and unify according to the conditions of “You shall love your neighbor as yourself,” then all the nations of the world will automatically be integrated within it.

This is specifically what Abraham taught the ancient Babylonians who joined him and created the people of Israel. They were selected from all of the humanity that existed then, when for the first time the shattering, the first crisis after the shattering of Adam was discovered.

Abraham gathered around him all those who wanted to correct the primordial sin. These were unique people who yearned for the goal of creation, the attainment of the meaning of life, and Abraham taught them the method of connection and unity.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 9/20/15

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Once Again Everyone Will Become A Single People

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (cont.ws):  “This revolution, many researchers call a demographic catastrophe, as the European region stopped the reproduction of its population. By 2050, excluding immigration, instead of the current 728 million, the European continent will number 600 million. That is equivalent to the loss of the population living today in Germany, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland combined. The last time such a significant reduction in the population was observed in Europe was only during the plague years 1347-1352. …

“Naturally, this leads to the inability of the EU to maintain the integrity of the existing social structure: the labor force will soon be too small, which already puts into question the very preservation of the social security system. While the many generations who were born in the demographic boom after World War II are still working in Europe, when they retire, the system will change radically. …

“The most important condition to prevent it is a constant and growing influx of immigrants. …

“As a result of these processes in the countries of Europe, there is a deep ethnocultural restructuring, in which it is increasingly becoming like a ‘melting pot’ (the concept of total blending of nations and races …). Europeans are being replaced by other ethnic groups, which are mixed with each other, and are forming a ‘nation of immigrants’ or ‘new nomads.'”

My Comment: All this is completely compatible with the trend of all matter merging into a single whole, into the image of Adam (Man), as described in the wisdom of Kabbalah.

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In The Shadow Of The Asteroid Cloud

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is the impression created that Adam HaRishon (the first man) Adam was much more advanced than we are because he felt the upper force we don’t feel?

Answer: There is no doubt about it! Spiritual development doesn’t proceed parallel to physical development. On the contrary, the first Kabbalists were much closer to the upper force and the upper worlds than we are. If we now had the luck to meet with our father Abraham, it would be possible to ask him many questions. In the spiritual sense, a constant decline happens more and more with each generation. And accordingly, our ego and technological advancement, along with financial and economic development, have grown more and more..

Ultimately we have reached maximal technological advancement and minimal spiritual development in this world. And so the global crisis develops and breaks out, which is moving and felt all over the world in our time. It is possible to solve this crisis only through the revelation of the wisdom of Kabbalah to all of humanity. If all of us are united, we will reach discovery of the upper force and this world will ascend to the height of the upper worlds.

Question: We scarcely make any money to live in this world, but you want us to be involved with higher worlds?

Answer: The present crisis is only the beginning. Terrible blows are expected for the world. I don’t want to scare you, but unfortunately that is how it is. We already see clear symptoms now of a future Holocaust all over the world that nobody can stop.

The idea is that the world is becoming round. The higher spiritual forces are approaching our world like an asteroid cloud or a comet. The higher forces that are linked in a single network compress in an increasingly dense ring around our world, which is not connected into a single network. Rather, everything is divided, separate, crushed and torn apart by internal struggles. Our world and the network of higher forces that are approaching it are in opposition and contradiction with each other, so very unpleasant and negative phenomena are revealed in our world. They will grow more and more until we begin to connect and unite to be more and more adjusted to the one and only integral force. Only in this manner can we be saved.

Question: Are all the problems of the modern world sent to us as a punishment?

Answer: There are no punishments! It is only people who perceive what is happening in this way. In fact the law of nature is simply acting on us. More and worsening negative forces are awakening within us as we see the ego has grown from generation to generation. But higher spiritual forces are approaching us more and more like a single network. The opposition between these two systems is increasing: On the one hand, there is the evil human ego, and on the other hand, there is a higher network of good forces. Between them appear the potential differences and tension that we endure.

We cannot change the higher network; we need to only correct ourselves and unite. And you shall love your friend as yourself is the great general rule in the Torah. (Yerushalmi Nedarim 30b), which if not for its existence, we wouldn’t survive. The whole world is becoming global and integral, linked like a single small village. And as such, the world demands from humanity an identical good connection between them. But we are not ready to create a connection like this, so we suffer.

Only the wisdom of Kabbalah can bring all of humanity to good and wonderful relations, so it is being revealed in our time. Further, The Book of Zohar, which was written 2,000 years ago, pointed to our time when humanity would reach a state where it would be compelled to use the method of Kabbalah to connect itself and live in happiness. So I wish for a good and sweet year for everyone, meaning a year in which we have a chance to reach the good life.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 9/6/15

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When You Correct Everyone, You Correct Yourself

laitman_929Baal HaSulam, “600,000 Souls”: “Even if one man came before his Master in complete repentance, the Messiah King would come at once.” This means that whoever it was, even if it were only one man in the generation who was rewarded with extending that soul by himself, he will be able to reward his whole generation, since all who are obliged, exempt the public through their duty, and he can do much praying and hold his own until he rewards his entire generation.

In the article “600,000 Souls” Baal HaSulam tells us about the structure of the soul in its whole and integral form, when all its parts are mutually interdependent, when they are not separate parts but a whole structure that we see as split up, broken, and scattered to great distances only because of our corrupt ego.

The truth is that we are all in one wonderful system, in one soul called Adam. At first this structure was called Adam HaRishon (First Man), and it was the structure that the Creator created, and then it broke.

We have to reconstruct this structure, which means to reach the same feeling, the same recognition, but by ourselves. This is the reason that we don’t attain Adam HaRishon’s form but the form of Adam that is 620 times more understanding and who feels the Creator inside him.

Because all the parts are interdependent and connected to one another each one corrects everyone, because one part cannot be corrected without correcting its incorporation in all the other parts, until they all respond to it and become incorporated in it.

This is the reason that each part becomes whole only if the whole structure is whole. In this structure there are different important roles, but these roles are fulfilled in the mutual incorporation. There are prophets and Moses as their head, priests, and Levites—Kabbalists of all the generations who have already reached the attainment of the whole soul and are incorporated in it, which means in roles that are different spiritual levels according to their importance in the system.

There are several phases in the mutual incorporation: three times two thousand years, or 125 levels. Each one has to be corrected so that everyone can be corrected. Only if each one corrects everyone except himself, can he thus correct himself. This is his intention.

He has to subdue himself before everyone in order to correct everyone. This is his role in taking care of them, in acceptance, in submission. On the other hand, he has to raise himself above everyone in order to see that everyone depends on him. After all, the Lord has chosen him and he has to correct himself because no one else can correct his part.

It makes no difference who he is: whether the one sitting behind the millstone stone or a prince. After all, there is an opposite correlation between the Lights and the vessels and in the general vessel all the parts are equally important with regard to the end of correction. If one part is not corrected, its incorporation with all the other parts is not corrected.

Consequently, all the other parts are not corrected because of this part and cannot correct their incorporation in the other parts either. It is a chain reaction, and eventually the whole system can be corrupted as a result of one small, uncorrected component.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/21/14

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The World Of One Soul

laitman_944Baal HaSulam, “The Peace”: Thus, in our world, there are no new souls the way bodies are renewed, but only a certain amount of souls that incarnate on the wheel of transformation of the form, because each time they clothe a new body and a new generation.
Therefore, with regard to the souls, all generations since the beginning of Creation to the end of correction are as one generation that has extended its life over several thousand years, until it developed and became corrected as it should be.

And the fact that in the meantime each has changed its body several thousand times is completely irrelevant, because the essence of the body’s self, called “the soul,” did not suffer at all by these changes.

Question: How does the population on earth keep growing if the number of the souls that reincarnate from one generation to the next is fixed?

Answer: The souls are divided according to the number of bodies. Basically there is one soul that is divided into many parts, but this division doesn’t really exist and we only perceive it that way.

In fact, reincarnation is a change of form of the desire to receive. There are many such reincarnations at every given moment.

There is only one soul, which seems broken. We see that it is dispersed in different bodies and divided into seven billion people and besides there are also animals, plants, and inanimate rocks. The whole world is part of the desire to receive that undergoes changes or reincarnations in their desire.

A Kabbalist writes about the reincarnations of the corrected desire that is equipped with an anti-egoistic Masach (screen).

Question: So what is the meaning of the corporeal world that we see, changing it in time?

Answer: The meaning of this world is to use it correctly to ascend to the spiritual level, that is, to add the spiritual essence to the corporeal picture that we see. By that we sanctify this world and it becomes spiritual.

We discover the connections between all the parts of creation: the inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature, and most importantly, the speaking that are increasingly more connected by ties of love and mutual support until we reach the picture of one whole reality.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/21/15, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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