The Kabbalistic Group Is A Spiritual Booster

Dr. Michael LaitmanA Kabbalistic group unites around one goal: reaching love for one’s neighbor and through it, love for the Creator. This means loving the property of love and bestowal. Every person, who agrees with this goal, adds his small force to the group, the point in the heart that was given to him from Above.

None of us is able to enter the spiritual using only his own strength; we can only do it through combining our strength, in other words, joining with a group and canceling ourselves, our egoism. Joining a group and canceling our egoism with the purpose of receiving the force of bestowal from it is the first step towards spirituality. Work in a group is the work on transitioning from corporeality into spirituality through the opening created by the group.

The group is the means. It is not the group that fixes you like a screwdriver or a wrench, but you yourself must use the group for work. The group is the spiritual model before you. It is given to you in a corporeal form, but we turn it into a spiritual form by relating to it as to a collection of souls and not a group of bodies.

We build a spiritual space inside our group. We build a spiritual vessel, the Kli, by canceling ourselves and connecting our points in the heart to the collection of all the other points. I only add my single small force to the group, but I receive "620" times more from it. Spirituality becomes revealed to me as a more inner degree in the exact place where I find this connection and our common force.

We cancel our material nature, our animate egoism. All our "donkeys" (donkey, Hamor, which comes from the word Homer – matter) stay beneath, but we rise above them and unite. So we acquire a single, big force, which is "620" times greater than the previous one, and this force will definitely let every person defeat the animal within. In this way we create a new spiritual vessel, which did not exist before the breaking of the souls. Inside this vessel, among us, we reveal the common property of bestowal within which we reveal the Creator.

I add my single force and receive 620 times more by rising to the first spiritual degree. And now I add this big force to the group and receive 620 times more as I rise to the new degree. It turns out that my initial point of the soul swells 620 times its initial size, and this way then it grows bigger and bigger as it ascends step by step. The group becomes Malchut, Shechina.

This is why the group needs to be united with a single opinion: a desire to reach bestowal, adhesion with the Creator. This creates the "head" (Rosh) of the spiritual Partzuf. Our common spiritual vessel is the spiritual world, but every person experiences it in their own way, according to their essential, primary point of the soul; the soul does not disappear, instead it grows 620х620х620… times. This is how we build the spiritual world within, where the Creator becomes revealed. There is no other place.

From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/20/10, Article “The Purpose of Society”

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