The Miracle Of The Birth Of A New Life

509Conception, pregnancy. and birth are the main elements of any developmental process. Even in these material processes, there is much that is unknown, hidden, and beyond our control.

It is difficult to understand the subtleties of the mechanism of this work and even more so to control it and find out its internal engine. Of course, conception pertains to the power of the Creator.

The birth of the human body belongs to the animate stage, and the birth on the human level is spiritual birth. We are talking about a person of our world in whom, thanks to his own efforts and processes controlled from above by the Creator, the upper force, the upper system begins to be born. Thanks to this, he will be able to call himself human, Adam, that is, similar to this upper system developing in him, the Creator.

We feel that there is some mystery in how a new life suddenly begins to develop from one cell. This involves some unknown force that gives the cell a boost to develop. We also experience this in our ordinary, corporeal life, and therefore, we perceive pregnancy and the birth of a person as a miracle.

And even more so, it is a miracle in spirituality. The most difficult thing is the first entry into the spiritual world, that is, into the sensation of spiritual forces acting on a person. He feels his soul starting to develop from one point and connecting with the forces acting on it. This is the beginning of the soul, spiritual conception from a drop of spiritual semen.

It takes many years to reach this spiritual conception, to establish a connection between the upper force and the forces of man. When there is this sensory contact in a person for the first time, his first connection with the upper force, the Creator, it radically changes his whole attitude.

He begins to see himself and the Creator as partners and understands that only at the moment of readiness for full annulment will he be able to start a new life. His whole attitude to life, to himself, and to the Creator changes.

Before, everything came from his natural, egoistic desire. But now he feels that he is ready to break away from his egoism, that he has the necessary understanding and strength for this, and that he is ready to imagine himself existing outside of his egoism and to act for the sake of bestowal. That is, he wants to act for the sake of the Creator without having any personal benefit at that moment.

This detachment from the desire to receive is one of the components of the process of conception and then birth in the spiritual world.

All actions leading to spiritual birth a person can perform only in a group, receiving through it forces from above, from the Creator. The Creator is within the group. To the extent that a person is ready to submit himself to it, he receives the forces of bestowal that help him build himself into a man. Otherwise, he will remain a dead drop of semen that has not yet begun to develop.

All the forces for development come through the group, through the ten. Therefore, only if you know how to gather the ten, unite, and be included in it, you can start talking about spiritual birth.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/11/21, “Ibur (Conception) and Preparation to Birth”

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