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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is it like to bestow?

Answer: We cannot ask questions about sensations because if I feel something, I feel it. And whatever I do not feel—I am not yet able to feel. And this is why there is no answer to the question: “What is it like to feel something I do not feel?”

In our world we can ask this question in hopes to receive a clue of something similar, already familiar to us. But it is pointless to ask about a sensation I have never had in any shape or form and have nothing to liken it to. What can I compare it to, what do I point to? Nothing.

I asked Rabash, my teacher, this question. He said the following: “The first spiritual degree is the Light instead of a tiny spark that created this entire world, everything that exists in it, all the pleasure that fills all the matter of the still, vegetative, and animate nature over the entire time of existence of reality, over the course of all generations.”

It can be said simpler. There are seven billion people in the world. All their pleasure put together is a tiny spark in comparison with the Light you attain on the first spiritual degree.

But this is quality wise, not quantity wise. You perceive eternity and perfection in this attainment, and only then you are able to value them. And all of this happens according to the desires you have prepared.

Question: How can you receive all this Light without “exploding?”

Answer: You do not “explode” because you prepare the desire ahead of time. Desire must precede the Light. It is a proper question. If I tried now to consume all of this enormous Light, you would really need to “pick my pieces off the wall,” as if there was an atomic explosion. But this is when we receive within egoistic desires that absorb everything into themselves.

But when I come out of my ego into the bestowing desires, I acquire an unlimited vessel, and the Light merely goes through me towards the others. It does not stop within me. I receive pleasure from it going through me towards the others. I fulfill the desires of others to the extent that I connect them to me, and the Light goes through me without stopping. This is why I enjoy, and I do not have a problem with it. After all, I do not detain the Light, it goes through me and moves on. The Light cannot even stop for a moment; the second it stops, it disappears.

This is why the method of reception of Light is called “the wisdom of Kabbalah,” a science about reception. This is because you can only receive the Light under the condition that you transfer it to others. Then you are not limited and remain eternal and perfect.

Hence, it is impossible to receive the Light egoistically. When you approach it egoistically, you feel even greater darkness.
From Preparation Lesson, Kabbalah Convention in Toronto, 9/16/2011

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