The Creator Is Not A Person

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How does a person form the quality of bestowal within?

Answer: There is no Creator without the creature. And the Creator is that very quality of bestowal that we form. If we don’t form it, the Creator doesn’t exist.

What does exist, then? There is His unattainable essence, Atzmuto, the original root of everything, which is utterly unconnected to us. We form and construct the Creator by exerting efforts and producing the quality of bestowal. We generate this quality by the common work between us. If we actualize and beget it, that is what will be called “the Creator.”

The spiritual Partzuf we construct in the relationships between us is our desire to receive that we have restricted and filled with the Reflected Light, the desire to bestow, and together with it, revealed within the quality of bestowal called “the Creator.”

In other words, “the Creator” is the Light of NRNHY that we reveal in our spiritual vessels corrected to bestow. In reality, “the Creator” is the common Light of NRNHY that we ultimately attain. Baal HaSulam writes that the general Light of NRNHY that fills Malchut of the world of Infinity is called “the Creator.” And that the smaller portions at the intermediary stages are degrees of His attainment.

The Creator is not a person; He has no individual characteristics or image. This is why you cannot turn to Him for you are the one who constructs Him. The Creator has no form—you are the one who gives Him form. Over your desire to receive you place the corresponding desire to bestow, and it means that you have constructed the Creator. There is no other way.

If you think that the Creator has a form before you have constructed it, that means you worship a certain image, an idol. This is the meaning of “alien work” or idol-worshipping.

These are the principles of the right attitude toward nature. This is why you cannot picture various images or resemblances to yourself. This was Abraham’s first discovery, when he “broke the idols,” meaning he realized that he was the one forming the quality of bestowal. And until then there exists only a certain original root that we cannot imagine in any way.
From Preparation Lesson, Kabbalah Convention in Toronto, 9/16/2011

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  1. I guess my main drive behind wanting to help others, is because when I was living around abusive people many years ago, I saw how much damage and hurt it causes to others. I could see with each interaction that if someone chose to love here or there instead of thinking about themselves the whole unit of a family or unity between others would be connected instead of disconnected, unstable and hurtful. People often think that when they say something mean, it means nothing and it is forgotten the next day. But, even if it doesn’t hurt the person who receives it, let’s say that person receiving it understands it’s not really about them. It still hurts the person saying it because he or she, becomes distant from others and cannot connect. These are the tiniest of things to us. I don’t really keep in touch with my biological family (have an extended family/friends that I keep in touch with whom I consider family). But they have an attitude, unfortunately, that these little things don’t matter and anyone who is saying otherwise is making a big deal about it. I’m thankful for the abusive experience not because I wished it on myself or for anyone else. But it made me examine people on the inside more than I would have otherwise, if I wasn’t pushed to discover what was going on underneath it all. Ever since then, I really look at how people interact with each other. No one tells people they have to be hateful towards others. No one was holding a gun to my families head and telling them they had to treat others that way. It was an internal and personal choice each person made. So, it is not some outside force. It’s our attitude towards others and how we have the free choice to choose how to treat ech other. I don’t want to see the rest of the world suffer from hatred as I did. What was hateful for me I wouldn’t want for someone else.

  2. Finally, a non-evasive concrete answer!

    Thank you.

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