Following The Path Of Kabbalists, Part 4

Dr. Michael LaitmanDear Friends, please ask questions about these passages from the great Kabbalists. The commentaries in brackets are mine.

Thus, every time one equalizes one’s form with one’s teacher, he is adhered to him for a time. Thus, one obtains the thoughts and knowledge of the teacher.…

For this reason, the student can use his teacher’s attainment of the Creator’s greatness, which inverts bestowal into reception and sufficient fuel to give one’s heart and soul. At that time, the student, too, will be able to engage in his correction in the intention to bestow with his heart and soul, which is the remedy that yields eternal adhesion with the Creator.
– Baal HaSulam, “A Speech for the Completion of The Zohar


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Cursory Thoughts On Shamati, “There Is None Else Besides Him”

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe must always know one thing: There is one cause, one force that influences and governs us. It has a beginning and an end, and there is a process whereby it advances us. Nobody can influence it; nobody can confuse or change it. This force is absolute.

We can only change ourselves so as to perceive its influence in a better, more pleasant way that is also closer to this force. To the extent that we identify with it and become like it, we will understand, feel, and act in congruence with it, in harmony and equivalence of form, what we refer to as “adhesion.”

In that case, we are prepared to accept everything it subjects us to and greet it with the right feeling, in full partnership, acting in unison with it. There is only one governance. There is nothing else that could be our root.
From the 6th lesson at the Toronto Convention 9/18/11

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An Easy Solution

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere is an easy solution: Start disseminating. While engaged in dissemination, you forget about yourself. Even people who are not connected with each other, begin to establish contact. The more knowledge about unity you generate in the world, the further you advance. Forget about everything that happens to you personally, except for basic needs. Turn everything else outward—this will prevent friction and discord between you.

This is just as spouses devote themselves to the problem of their sick child, forgetting about themselves. Their attention shifts outward, and that is where they concentrate all their efforts. This common problem unites them. Thus, begin to take care of your “sick child,” the world.

This will cool the passion between you. It is pointless to fix your relationship directly. Switch outward fully, really immerse yourselves in the practical work, and then you will suddenly see how to organize things inside. Taking care of the group‘s internal matters will work only if it is necessary for the work with the outside world. Only then you organize everyone and everything. Let only the need for external dissemination define who we are and what we do. Then, we really will work to bestow.

Take the example of Bina. Its upper half is aimed at bestowal to the Creator; its lower half is aimed at bestowal to the world, and it itself is the middle third of Tifferet, merely the decision to divide itself into two parts. Thus, this is how everyone and each group should perceive themselves.
From the 7th lesson at the Toronto Convention 9/18/11

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Germany: The EU Rescue Plan

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Spiegel Online International): “The head of Europe’s banking watchdog has called for the euro rescue fund to provide direct aid to ailing banks to help calm markets.

“The European Banking Authority, a supervisory body for banks in the European Union, wants the €440 billion ($635 billion) European Financial Stability Facility to provide direct capital injections to ailing banks.”

My Comment: This will not help! We will soon witness the collapse of the EU unless they take emergency measures towards true unification. We should treat not the consequence, but the cause pointing to the goal: We must become integrally interconnected by mutual guarantee throughout the world.

This is the direction of our development, and if our steps correspond to it, we do well in life and develop comfortably. But if we do not evolve in the direction of our evolution, the force of our development will continue to work on us and move us towards the goal, while we will feel it as a continuous source of suffering and problems in the environment, society, and everyone of us. And after much suffering, we will be wiser and agree to unite!

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Nazarbayev: World Drew No Conclusions From Financial Crisis

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev): “Proper conclusions have not been drawn from the world crisis, while a transition to a new global economic model is only a subject for discussion, President Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan believes. ‘The world has not drawn the needed conclusions from the past crisis years, and now nobody can make a reliable forecast even for the coming few months….,’ he said.

“He suggested to adopt new bank regulation laws as soon as possible. ‘Three years ago we all saw what happened to our absolutely liberal banking system that was not controlled by anybody. Banks have turned into the gangs of swindlers and thieves,’ he continued.

“’Discussions around the law on project financing have been going on since the end of 2010, and I call your attention once again to the alarming situation in the world financial system. Those draft laws include legal guarantees to all the consumers of financial services. I suggest to proceed with their adoption,’ he stressed in conclusion.”

My Comment: However, nobody has a plan for exiting the current situation. It’s because they do not take into account the fact that this situation is a natural state of our evolution or rather, of our incompatibility with the global interconnected system of nature.

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A Trial Or A Farce?

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the news (From BBC News): Former Icelandic Prime Minister Geir Haarde has appeared at a special court on charges of ‘failures of ministerial responsibility’ in his handling of the 2008 financial crisis.

“The country’s three main banks collapsed amid economic turmoil.

“Mr Haarde has called the case a ‘farce’ and says he wants it to be thrown out.

“Mr Haarde, who pleaded not guilty, said as he left the courthouse: ‘My conscience is clear….’

“Public opinion is divided, with some people seeing the trial of Mr Haarde as scapegoating, and others arguing that public accountability is essential following the country’s financial collapse.”

My Comment: All the economists and banks behaved in this way and continue to do so today because they cannot function differently even if they were honest in everything and put politics and personal interests aside. They do not know how to act in the world of new integral economic relationships that are becoming increasingly binding.

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Good Environment – 09.23.11

My Good Environment – Dr. Laitman’s Advice and Principles for the Week

Become Smarter From A Flick To The Nose

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Instead of looking for the underlying reasons for what is happening, people prefer to take to the streets and make demands of the authorities. How can we convey the need for radical changes in society and within man?

Answer: You and I know that a cart is drawn by a horse, and this “horse” should bring us onto a spiritual level. Accordingly, everything that happens in society and in the world happens in order for us to change ourselves.

So, it’s not about fair distribution or someone lacking food or housing. These are the reasons that urge us to change. Nature puts pressure on us and causes various problems and unpleasant incidents with the sole purpose: that through them we will understand that we must become different.

So, don’t make claims to Nature, or the Creator: “Why do you allow such evil?” He said initially: “I created the evil inclination”—I cause this evil. Why? So that you change.”

Hence, no matter how much we may distribute to the poor and the deprived, nothing will help. On the contrary, the situation will worsen, and we will start getting more “qualitative” blows: epidemics, ecological disasters, wars, and so on. Nature has a lot in store.

Correction begins from simple to difficult, and that is why we should start with small, easy things. A “good boy” understands from the first time: “Ouch! Everything is clear, no more.” He doesn’t turn up his nose; he stops being stubborn; he is ready to wise up.

We need to explain this to people through consistent, integrated circulation. With facts in hand, we need to show that their projects will not change society. Fair distribution and help to the needy is correct. But how can it be realized? We can do this only together with education, understanding that we change the society as a whole.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/20/2011, “The Nation”

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Jumping Over The War

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “The Nation”: Let us take planet Earth as an example: First, it was but a ball of fog, like gas. Through the gravity inside it, it concentrated the atoms in it, over a period of time, into a closer circle. As a result, the ball of gas was turned into a liquid ball of fire.

Over eons of terrible wars between the two forces in Earth, the positive and the negative, the chilling force in it was finally triumphant over the force of liquid fire, and cooled a thin crust around the Earth and hardened there.

However, the planet had not yet grown still from the war between the forces, and after some time the liquid force of fire overpowered and erupted in a great noise from the bowels of the Earth, rising and shattering the cold hard crust to pieces, turning the planet into a liquid ball of fire once again. Then an era of new wars began until the cool force overpowered the force of fire once more, and a second crust was chilled around the ball, harder, thicker and more durable against the outbreak of the fluids from amidst the ball.

This time it lasted longer, but at last, the liquid forces overpowered once again and erupted from the bowels of the Earth, breaking the crust in pieces. Once more, everything was ruined and became a liquid ball.

Thus, the eons interchanged, and every time the cooling force was victorious, the crust it made was thicker. Finally, the positive forces overpowered the negative forces and they came into complete harmony: the liquids took their place in the abdomen of the Earth, and the cold crust became thick enough around them to enable the creation of organic life as it is today.

These opposing forces can be observed at all levels of nature. And most importantly, they come to equilibrium through the war between them. That’s the whole point. Wherever these forces meet, they fight with each other. It looks like war from outside, but inside, it is reconciliation.

Reconciling, each time they create more developed forms. Initially through confrontation, these forces connect with each other and produce atoms, molecules, compounds, and various kinds of still matter in the universe. Then, the same two forces, positive and negative, combine to create life, from the primitive to the highest level. Thus, their war is not a war at all, but communication. But we can discern it only to the extent of the depth of our sight.

And therefore, today we can plunge into the opposition of these forces, acting in human society, and starting wars in the world. However, there is another opportunity: to understand that the opposing forces are destined to eventually reconcile with each other. And if so, let us do this in advance, not burdening ourselves with bloodshed that will finally point to the same place of connection. We can accomplish everything ahead of time.

However, the reallocation of money and resources from rich to poor will not help here. Fair distribution means something else for everyone, and therefore, it leads to wars and power struggles. So, let us understand what the next stage of development will be, what form our final unity will take. Having created it in advance, right now, we will avoid the war that rages on our way. We will “jump over” it to find ourselves at the good stage of unity at once.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/20/2011, “The Nation”

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The Real Work

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why is the network of our broken relationships not revealed to us? Why are we not shown the cause of all evil so that we know where to put efforts?

Answer: It’s because then we would correct ourselves out of hopelessness. Our efforts would be regular egoistic work. It would be like earning money for food. In spirituality, it is not considered work if I am pushed by the simple threat of hunger.

In reality, without any need, I have to want to strive for the goal for which I feel no need. My nature does not oblige me, and I develop a completely free desire, independent from anything. Bestowal is not conditional for me; I do not need it; I do not depend on anybody or anything. Like the Creator, I am above everything.

And then, I discover my dependence on others; I want to bestow, to serve them, and to be the last, the lowest of all. Otherwise, the work is done not by me but by the Creator.

In my spiritual work, there is a point that I need to grow constantly: the point of freedom that is totally unknown to us in our world. At this point, I depend on no one and can do nothing. The whole world is at my feet with no effort on my part. This is where there is the opportunity for real work.

To bring me to this point, I am sent troubles and problems, thanks to which I learn. But then, when I actually get acquainted with the spiritual world, my work will turn into its opposite, as if switched to reverse. I will be told: “Take everything!” And I will refuse this gift.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/20/2011, “The Nation”

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