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My Good Environment – Dr. Laitman’s Advice and Principles for the Week

Egoism Is The King Without The Crown

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Creator created creatures in order to bestow them with good because His nature is goodness. By virtue of His perfection, He has the property of bestowal and wants to bring us to the same perfection, the same bestowal, but we have to want this bestowal, to feel the need for it.

A need is felt only from its lack, its opposite. I feel like I need something that I do not have; I want to be somebody else, not myself. This difference is called the need. This need comes not from the Creator but from the creature itself. It is called aspiration.

In order to reach an aspiration, that is, to reach a conscious desire, we need to put in efforts. If we work to achieve something we know of in advance, it is called “work within reason.” If we work to achieve some reward that is unclear to us, it is called “work above reason,” meaning, against the mind. That is why our work is to aspire to that state which we have to achieve. In order to enable us to develop this aspiration, we are confused by the impression that we want to achieve fulfillment.

However, in reality, we must achieve equivalence of form, and this is an entirely different goal. We feel the need to fulfill ourselves. Everyone does their best, to the extent of their own abilities, to realize it at the still, vegetative, or animate levels, but the true contentment that comes to us is called “human” and is not simply to satisfy our desire. Desire at the human level is filled by a sense of similarity to the Giver, similarity to the Creator.

This is called the Light, fulfillment. The more I am like Him, the greater the feeling of fulfillment. This is no longer a little light, but the full Light of NRNHY (Nefesh, Ruach, Neshama, Haya, and Yechida).

Our task is to look for this fulfillment, imagine it and the desire for it, and to discover the methodology that enables us to approach it. Instead of searching for contentment for your animal body via various pleasures beyond what is necessary, we need to aspire to fill the human within us by bestowal, similarity to the Creator.

If I ask to make myself similar to the Creator, I reveal Him. If I ask to satisfy my animal inside me, then, depending on the level of my development, I usually get the opposite effect in order to turn me toward the purpose of creation.

That is why a person always is between two forces leading him to one goal: the force of holiness and the impure, egoistic force. They both operate on a person and direct him, but most likely, we are driven by the evil inclination because our nature constantly forces us to look for egoistic fulfillment. Through all kinds of shocks, disappointments, and unpleasant adjustments, we hold to the right direction and, thus, advance.

Therefore, the impure force is called the “kingdom without the crown” because it does not aspire to reach the royal bounty and wants only to fulfill itself. It confuses a person and cultivates his egoistic desire along with his feeling of emptiness and helplessness.

Gradually, next to this feeling, our mind begins to grow. Eventually, a person sees that his desires, as well as his mind, have grown due to the fact that he has not gotten what he desired for a long time, and now he finally sees that this is not the path of advancement. He sees that he should go in a different direction. Thus, through the “opposite” force, we advance toward the purpose of creation.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/4/2011, Shamati #17

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The Holy Equivalent Of Egoism

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Prof. Ruslan Grinberg, Director, Institute of Economics, Russian Academy of Sciences, from “Financial markets are in a very volatile state. Financiers are in panic, not knowing what to do. The risks are high. But in my opinion, …this points to the crisis in the financial sphere. I think it will not spread to the real sector.

“Our global economy is hostage to the dollar as the world’s currency. Of course, it is unfair that a national currency has become global. In this case, gold was a fairer choice because gold is independent from the place where it is mined… To go back to gold today, as many people erroneously suggest, is unwise in my opinion. I cannot envision the replacement of the dollar… [as world’s reserve currency].”

My Comment: There is no substitute for the dollar because it is the equivalent of modern world egoism, and that is why it will remain the only accepted currency. But at the same time, its volatility will demonstrate the egoistic state of the world.

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Introductory Lecture “Self-Realization” – 09.06.11

Kabbalah for the Nation Introductory Lecture Series, “Self-Realization”
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Not Just Half, But A Full Kingdom For Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanOnly the last, fourth phase (Behina Dalet) is considered to be a receiving vessel because it possesses two qualities: It is “possible” for it to refuse fulfillment, but it “intends” to receive it. If the fourth degree received fulfillment as unconsciously as does the first phase, it would not have free choice. However, the fourth degree does choose to receive.

It is a common mistake to think that every one of the four phases exists independently from the others and that everything before it was forgotten. However, the third phase (Behina Gimel) is the result of the second phase and is even more refined. All the qualities of the second phase (Behina Bet) exist within the third phase and are added to it without erasing anything from the past. For this reason, if Behina Bet said that it was free and did not wish to receive, this quality, with all its definitions and understandings, exists in the fourth phase, Behina Dalet.

Before turning into the fourth phase, the third phase receives all the wisdom, Hochma. Then, as if it neglects this wisdom; it rejects it and wishes to become Zeir Anpin: have the Light of Hassadim (Mercy) with the illumination of Hochma (Wisdom). All of these definitions exist in the third phase at the moment it turns into the fourth phase.

This is why Behina Dalet can choose to either receive or not, but it makes the choice to receive. In other words, it is defined by the “possible” category because both are possible. Behina Dalet is able to do both, and it is not a will-weak robot like the first phase that automatically receives everything that Keter gives it. Behina Dalet says: “I will receive because I want to.”

In other words, it is not subject to this fulfillment; it chooses it. It has free choice as to whether to receive, and this is why it is called “possible.” After all, it is possible to escape without receiving. However, no, it wants to receive, and it does it “intentionally.” It is absolutely free in the choice of its state.

Every subsequent degree contains the Light of all the previous degrees. When it is said that the Light has disappeared, this means that it does not want to consider it as its main fulfillment. For example, Bina says that it does not want the Light of Hochma, but it does not disappear anywhere. After all, if it did not have the Light of Hochma, how could it say that it did not want it? Then, it would not be Bina. It is much the same way as a woman likes to sit her husband next to her and tell him how she does not need him at all. Such is the female personality of Malchut.

It’s only if you were rich that you could have the right to say that you did not want any of your riches and be in a state of pure bestowal, Hafetz Hesed. Otherwise, if you have nothing, what could you rise above, in bestowal? You cannot be a righteous one if you have not a penny, but talk about sharing with everyone as if you were as rich as Rothschild.

First, reach the degree of “Rothschild.” Receive all this power and might, all the money. Feel everything that you have, not like a little child without the understanding of bills, but attaining the full power in your hands that can buy all the pleasures of this world, everything but love.

Then, give it all for love. Then, we really will see that all you wanted was bestowal, Hafetz Hesed. It will not work any other way.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/1/2011, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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A Little Lost World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What should we do in order to connect with the desires of other people? Is it enough to simply want it?

Answer: We need practical actions to at least explain to every person why he or she feels bad. It’s similar to how we behave with small children. If a child hurts himself and is crying, we first of all need to explain to him the reason for what happened so that the next time he would stay away from it. Then we need to explain how to correct what has happened and how to achieve success specifically thanks to these mistakes.

Now the entire world has found itself in a peculiar situation whereby the upper force field is becoming revealed to it—the connection between us all. Meanwhile, humanity is not ready for it; it does not correspond to it in its qualities. Therefore, the network that extends over us evokes in us the feeling of the breaking, disaster, and crisis, and nothing works for us, nothing is clear; everything is like in a fog, in a state of confusion.

So first of all, we need to explain to a little lost child why all of it is happening as well as the entire process. Some will begin to understand sooner, the others later. In general, it is called the recognition of evil, the first stage of correction. A person is being told: Look, this is why you feel bad!

And now let’s examine what we need to do to feel good. If you remain in your present state and do not exert any effort to bring yourself to the correspondence with the network that is being revealed to us, you will not come to a good life.

And here the method, the wisdom of Kabbalah, comes into light, which explains to a person the reason of evil and how to avoid it. We gradually begin to realize that it depends on the correct and good connection between all people, on the so-called mutual guarantee because we thus bring ourselves to the correspondence with this network.

The better we will match it, the better we will feel. At least, from a bad sensation, we will gradually begin to approach a good one.

And if we advance even more, then, possibly, we will prepare ourselves for the revelation of this network so well that we will go from success to success. Everything depends on our preparation.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/30/2011Shamati #110

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You Won’t Believe What Kind Of Group This Is

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What do you do if you feel that you’re not giving enough to the group, as though you’ve exhausted your strength?

Answer: Indeed, strength does run out, decreasing with every moment. And it’s good when you feel that your strength is running out. Typically we don’t even realize it is happening, but simply relax and fall asleep, losing our desire. And it’s only because we don’t care about our awakening. We must help one another since that is the only way to wake up!

If you don’t invest in others so that they care about you, you will not receive the strength. And it doesn’t matter what level the environment is at or what they do. The key is for you to start acting and investing in them, and you will see the result. You won’t even believe how much this group and the friends can give to you. Everything depends on the investment of the individual and his sensitivity.

And if you invest in the group, you will suddenly discover that they have also awakened and are acting toward you. Even if you hadn’t noticed it before, you will now, thanks to your investment. And this is called the mutual guarantee.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/4/2011, Shamati #17

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Turning An “Evil Eye” Into A Blessing

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe difference between a “good eye” and an “evil one,” between a blessing and a curse, is that in the latter case, revelation happens by itself, without my preliminary efforts, and I lack the appropriate vessel. Alternatively, first I prepare the vessel, desire, and then whatever happens is revelation for me. In both cases, however, the same thing is being revealed.

If it becomes revealed without my prepared desire, vessel, I feel darkness, concealment. And if my desire becomes revealed first, I perceive the opposite: the Light, revelation. There is no other difference between a curse and a blessing.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/30/2011, Shamati #110

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What Do Scientists Believe Is True But Can’t Prove

Opinion (From Paul Steinhardt, Albert Einstein Professor of Physics, Princeton University:

“I believe that our universe is not accidental, but I cannot prove it.

“The universe is governed by a simple set of physical laws that are the same everywhere and that these laws derive from a simple unified theory.

“A simple universe demands a simple explanation. Why do we need to postulate an infinite number of universes with all sorts of different properties just to explain our one?”

Carlo Rovelli, Physicist; Institut Universitaire de France & University of the Mediterraneum; Author, Quantum Gravity:

“I am convinced, but cannot prove, that time does not exist.

“I am convinced space and time are like the surface of the water: convenient macroscopic approximations, flimsy but illusory and insufficient screens that our mind uses to organize reality.”

Lee Smolin, Physicist, Perimeter Institute; Author, Three Roads to Quantum Gravity:

“Finally, what of time? I have been also unable to make sense of any of the proposals to do away with time as a fundamental aspect of our description of nature. So I believe in time, in the sense of causality. I also doubt that the “Big Bang” is the beginning of time, I strongly suspect that our history extends backwards before the Big Bang.”

Daniel C. Dennett, Philosopher, Tufts University; Author, Freedom Evolves:

“I believe, but cannot yet prove, that acquiring a human language (an oral or sign language) is a necessary precondition for consciousness–in the strong sense of there being a subject, an I, a ‘something it is like something to be.’ It would follow that non-human animals and pre-linguistic children, although they can be sensitive, alert, responsive to pain and suffering, and cognitively competent in many remarkable ways–including ways that exceed normal adult human competence–are not really conscious (in this strong sense): there is no organized subject (yet) to be the enjoyer or sufferer, no owner of the experiences as contrasted with a mere cerebral locus of effects.”

Alun Anderson, Editor-in-Chief, “New Scientist”:

“Strangely, I believe that cockroaches are conscious. …I believe that many quite simple animals are conscious, including more attractive beasts like bees and butterflies.

“I don’t mean that they are conscious in even remotely the same way as humans are; if that were true the world would be a boring place. Rather the world is full of many overlapping alien consciousnesses.”

David Buss, Psychologist, University of Texas, Austin; Author, The Evolution of Desire:

“True love.

I’ve spent two decades of my professional life studying human mating. In that time, I’ve documented phenomena ranging from what men and women desire in a mate to the most diabolical forms of sexual treachery. I’ve discovered the astonishingly creative ways in which men and women deceive and manipulate each other. …But throughout this exploration of the dark dimensions of human mating, I’ve remained unwavering in my belief in true love.

“While love is common, true love is rare, and I believe that few people are fortunate enough to experience it. The roads of regular love are well traveled and their markers are well understood by many—the mesmerizing attraction, the ideational obsession, the sexual afterglow, profound self-sacrifice, and the desire to combine DNA. But true love takes its own course through uncharted territory. It knows no fences, has no barriers or boundaries. It’s difficult to define, eludes modern measurement, and seems scientifically wooly. But I know true love exists. I just can’t prove it.”

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Kabbalists On Perception Of Reality, Part 12

Dr. Michael LaitmanDear Friends, please ask questions about these passages from the great Kabbalists. The commentaries in brackets are mine.

All Changes Are in the Desire, Not in the Light

“There is no change in the Light.” Rather, all the changes are in the Kelim, meaning in our senses. We measure everything according to our imagination. From this it follows that if many people examine one spiritual object, each will attain according to his imagination and senses, thereby seeing a different form.

In addition, the form itself will change in a person according to his ups and downs, as we have said above that the Light is simple Light and all the changes are only in the receivers.
– Baal HaSulam, Shamati (I Heard) No. 3, “The Matter of Spiritual Attainment

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