Turning An “Evil Eye” Into A Blessing

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe difference between a “good eye” and an “evil one,” between a blessing and a curse, is that in the latter case, revelation happens by itself, without my preliminary efforts, and I lack the appropriate vessel. Alternatively, first I prepare the vessel, desire, and then whatever happens is revelation for me. In both cases, however, the same thing is being revealed.

If it becomes revealed without my prepared desire, vessel, I feel darkness, concealment. And if my desire becomes revealed first, I perceive the opposite: the Light, revelation. There is no other difference between a curse and a blessing.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/30/2011, Shamati #110

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  1. When I am not thinking of others first, then when I suffer, it seems to come from the outside world or out of nowhere, so it seems to me as darkness. When I am thinking of others first and I am aware of my egoisitic desires, then when they come, I see them as a good thing and it is a revelation to me and I am happy to know it comes from me so I can say to myself “there it is” now, I just do the opposite of what the ego wants, and I am in good shape. I think it is better to know something bad is coming from inside of me rather than running around in the dark not knowing where it comes from. Just my humble opinion though.

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