Love And Hate

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Where is the line between realizing your advice and blindly worshiping you?

Answer: The line is critical analysis. A person who works correctly does not agree with the teacher and feels hatred, antagonism, and total scorn for him, but at the same time he overcomes it, rises above himself, and accepts the teacher’s instructions from the bottom of his heart, completely annulling himself before the teacher.

A worshiper has just one side of the coin: He bends down without any criticism. He runs away from any negative thought like from fire. However, that is not the case with us. Yet, it also doesn’t mean that one must artificially try to evoke protest and repulsion within.

Simply start getting closer to your neighbor, and you will see how hateful he is to you. Hate has to become expressed in concordance with the need for love. Otherwise it won’t be creative. We do not fan it; it comes by itself.

Therein lies the verification: love and hatred act together, parallel to one another, while a person works in the middle line, above both of them.
From the lesson on 9/9/11, Writings of Rabash

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The Creator Will Finish Our Work For Us

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere is nothing to fear. You shouldn’t be afraid of getting confused or not knowing something. Indeed, this work has never been revealed to anyone in the history of this world. We have no one to take example from since it is all happening for the first time.

We must therefore cherish the role we have been assigned. We don’t even know how we’ve merited it, and we can only be proud of this fact and exert maximum effort to disseminate and explain the knowledge of the global world in all languages. Thereby we will invoke increasingly greater changes Above, and after that, as it is written, “the Creator will finish our work for us.”

Our job is only to desire and exert efforts, like little children who grow this way—and the changes will come.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/2/2011, Writings of Rabash

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Everything Comes From The Earth, But Depends On Man

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels exist and evolve on account of nature, they grow thanks to the power of Light and can receive it so as to advance. This is called the Light of life.

However, the 4th phase (Behina Dalet) is constructed differently. It pertains to the human level and develops in a completely opposite form as compared to the three previous levels. They develop directly, from Above downward, whereas the human phase, Behina Dalet, is the exact opposite, developing from below upward.

The previous levels develop on account of growth in their ego, the desire to enjoy. The same occurs in the world of Infinity, in the four phases of the Direct Light, and then in our world, meaning everywhere. This is called the first three phases along which the Light descends, developing the desire down to the last, 4th level.

But Behina Dalet is already different! It needs to establish its independence and develop itself on its own, otherwise not a single action would be possible. It must oppose all the preceding three phases, take example from them, and turn it inside out. The way they receive the Light is the way Behina Dalet must bestow the same Light.

And though “everything comes from the earth,” from the inanimate level, it then turns inside out: Man takes everything that existed on the three preceding degrees and brings it to equivalence to the upper one Who made them.

Therefore, we are always speaking about a main hero who determines everything: the human phase of creation. And all the other levels aren’t taken into account because it is nature, the form in which the Creator appears before us so that we carry out man’s actions and achieve equivalence with Him. Indeed, on the “speaking” level we have no contact with the Creator until we begin to sense Him.

All the preceding phases of nature were given to us so that we could exist somehow until now, and then, standing on them, build the prototype of man.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/4/2011, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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U.S. Denounced For Orchestrating Europe’s Financial Crisis

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Laurence Parisot, the head of the French MEDEF employers’ union): “French business leader and President of the influential MEDEF Laurence Parisot said in an interview on Sunday with Le Figaro newspaper that key players in the U.S. financial elite and particularly the U.S. media have been playing a pivotal role in purposely destabilizing and aggravating the European sovereign debt and financial crisis throughout the summer of 2011 and continue to do so by spreading false rumors around international markets in a bid to strengthen their own hand, particularly in dealings with China.

“Laurence Parisot went on to explain how the situation had particularly worsened for Europe when China started to categorically denounce and criticize the U.S. for the exorbitant level of its debt. ‘The Americans then probably wanted to pass the blame onto Europe. We saw a kind of psychological warfare and an attempt to destabilize the Euro zone. The markets overreacted, being by nature very sensitive to rumors – even organized rumors.’ she said in the interview.

“However the President of the MEDEF did state that rather than being due to some sort of a conspiracy, the Eurozone’s difficulties were simply being ‘orchestrated’ from the other side of the Atlantic. She cited examples such as how the U.S. press immediately echoed and explicitly spread rumors mainstream about the financial states of French banks and the alleged imminent collapse of the Euro zone even though these rumors were completely unfounded and had no credible source.

“To quote, ‘We went from attacks on Spain to Italy and then France, and even up to rumors of Germany’s degradation last week! When American publications widely read by investors and financial analysts count on false and sensationalist headlines, it’s time to ask questions.’ she said.”

My Comment: The USA does this openly, by the right of the strong to do what is advantageous for it, without burdening itself with the guise of “good manners.” It is so in everything. Today, this attitude of any person, let alone any country, in relation to others will not remain without response from the integral system of nature that is being revealed now.

Earlier, until 1995, such behavior of people and countries did not cause an obvious negative reaction from nature. Americans, as well as other nations, ought to take note of this.

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The Group, The Nation, The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It seems that circumstances push us towards unity, apparently in order to overcome the crisis, but in reality in order to correct our nature and rise to the level of “human.” What is the difference between unity in the group, the nation, and the world?

Answer: The entire wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us how to unite in the group. This was also the system during the exile (Galut), when small amounts of Kabbalists connected into groups. This is written about by the Ari, Ramchal, Rabash, and Baal HaSulam. The wisdom of Kabbalah is realized in a group, in unity. From within that unity, Kabbalists perceived the upper world, meaning that which is felt in the attribute of bestowal they mutually developed in the group.

Today, from within a state we reach in the group, we need to exit into a state where all our groups unite into one, and this general, common group is within humanity as its part. On the other hand, the time has come to unite inside Israel. This is what Baal HaSulam writes about.

But from where can it begin? It can begin from the Kabbalist group that works on its unity and based on it, explains to the nation about the need to unite. It’s because this need has already awakened not from within man, meaning from within the point in the heart, but through a push from nature, when everyone, Israel and especially the nations of the world, feel the pressure, the problem, the general integral and global crisis. Thus they push from behind via suffering to unity.

We see that nowadays a need for unity does not arise because an individual desire, the point in the heart, appears in us. Rather, the circumstances, a historical necessity oblige us to connect, to form one complete entity from ourselves, and thus to be an example to the world, becoming “the Light for the nations,” according to the Biblical command.

If so, we continue our movement from that same wisdom of Kabbalah, from Abraham, from his system, from the nation of Israel in ancient times, from his connection of mutual love. Gradually we comprehend that today we must attain that same state: return to our roots and continue this connection from us to the whole world that evolved from the ancient Babylon and didn’t want to receive Abraham’s system of connection back then.

Thus, the Kabbalist group that engages in the wisdom of Kabbalah is inside. It is composed of people who are driven by the inner demand of the soul. The nation that feels the crisis, the external pressure, gathers around it and involuntary takes the correction upon itself. And the world gathers around the nation, with the help of our groups all over the world, which belong both to the inner group and to the nations of the world.

The inner group is called “Kabbalah La’Am (Kabbalah for the Nation),” which engages in the wisdom of Kabbalah. The nation of Israel needs to take on the form of a group, not a Kabbalistic one, but as a unification into one family of Mutual Guarantee. This is our movement. The correction of the soul is for the group, and a connection of mutual guarantee is for the nation.

From within the need to advance the system of connection, we should turn to the government and any other institutions where we can promote our idea, approach the Ministry of Education, and engage in the education of the nation. We should do it through scientists who confirm the existence of the present crisis and based on objective social reasons and reality, see the necessity to unite. And thus, with the help of the scientists, we need to turn to those above and below: above, to the government, and below, to the nation. We must invite scientists to our discussions and awaken the interest of mass media.

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Kabbalists On The Greatness Of Baal HaSulam, Part 1

Dr. Michael LaitmanDear Friends, please ask questions about these passages from the great Kabbalists. The commentaries in brackets are mine.

And God said unto me: “Get thee out of thy country, to the pleasant land, the land of the Holy Fathers, where I will make you a great sage and all the sages of the land shall be blessed in you for I have chosen you for a righteous sage in all this generation, to heal the human suffering with lasting salvation. Take this sword in your hand, and guard it with thy heart and soul, for it is a sign between Me and you, that all those good things will happen through you, for until now, I had no such faithful man as you, to give him this sword.
Baal HaSulam, “The Prophecy of Baal HaSulam”

Since time of the Ari to this day, there has not been anyone to understand the heart of the method of Ari. …And yet, by a High Will, I have been rewarded with an incarnation of the soul of the Ari. And the reason for it is beyond my grasp, as well.
– Baal HaSulam, A Sage’s Fruit, Vol. 1, “Letter no. 39”

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