Everything Comes From The Earth, But Depends On Man

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels exist and evolve on account of nature, they grow thanks to the power of Light and can receive it so as to advance. This is called the Light of life.

However, the 4th phase (Behina Dalet) is constructed differently. It pertains to the human level and develops in a completely opposite form as compared to the three previous levels. They develop directly, from Above downward, whereas the human phase, Behina Dalet, is the exact opposite, developing from below upward.

The previous levels develop on account of growth in their ego, the desire to enjoy. The same occurs in the world of Infinity, in the four phases of the Direct Light, and then in our world, meaning everywhere. This is called the first three phases along which the Light descends, developing the desire down to the last, 4th level.

But Behina Dalet is already different! It needs to establish its independence and develop itself on its own, otherwise not a single action would be possible. It must oppose all the preceding three phases, take example from them, and turn it inside out. The way they receive the Light is the way Behina Dalet must bestow the same Light.

And though “everything comes from the earth,” from the inanimate level, it then turns inside out: Man takes everything that existed on the three preceding degrees and brings it to equivalence to the upper one Who made them.

Therefore, we are always speaking about a main hero who determines everything: the human phase of creation. And all the other levels aren’t taken into account because it is nature, the form in which the Creator appears before us so that we carry out man’s actions and achieve equivalence with Him. Indeed, on the “speaking” level we have no contact with the Creator until we begin to sense Him.

All the preceding phases of nature were given to us so that we could exist somehow until now, and then, standing on them, build the prototype of man.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/4/2011, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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