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My Good Environment – Dr. Laitman’s Advice and Principles for the Week

The Deficit Of Trust

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe economic system should match the condition of society. Until now, we developed and modernized the egoistic system, in which everyone earned according to his strengths and abilities. Raw materials, the army, politics, fraud, and so on, everything was connected to the network of egoistic ties between us, and everyone’s formula was to maximize profit.

However, profit can be different. For instance, some pay huge amounts of money to be respected and feared. Others opt for something else, and it all depends on the type of society. But ultimately, all means become part of the network that connects us and essentially determines everything.

By joining it, we spoil it by our egoism, envy, lust, and vanity as individuals as well as nations because the general and the particular are equal. Consequently, this network, stretching over the entire world, is permeated by all kinds of desires, soaked by the sweat of history of countries and nations, and imbued with their religions and dreams about the future.…

Everything is woven into this network, and therefore, we cannot understand it. The entire reality is entangled in the network of our corrupted egoistic relationships. There are too many variables and factors of influence, and we do not know how to describe them with one formula: hundreds of countries, presidents and prime ministers, armies, money, natural resources, religious preferences and mentality, past achievements, and hopes for the future…

It is impossible to understand this immense set of data, and that is why our economic system is defined by that poor picture that we are able to discern from the common network. Respectively, the one who is able to understand it better can foresee and earn more.

This has happened so far. According to the law of equality of the general and the particular, I could extrapolate my qualities on the country and the whole world as we all existed in one egoistic nature. To a certain extent, I could understand the functioning principles of the country and the world, and build and coordinate government institutions of power and control accordingly.

However today, our connection is being replaced by another. A new program has been installed and is constantly updated to the latest version. It obliges us to increasingly seek unity and mutual guarantee, and although this does not comply with our desires, this is the state of affairs today.

We, on the other hand, do not know how to approach this network and are losing the ability to communicate with others correctly. The world experiences the deficit of trust: Banks do not trust manufacturers; governments do not trust each other. And this is natural. Before, the connection was clear: “You give to me, I give to you.” We understood each other in our egoism.

But the situation has changed. We have not changed ourselves; we are still in our old nature, and at the same time, we discover a new relationship that is totally incomprehensible to us from our previous positions. We do not even notice its altruistic nature.

This is where the problem lies, which the usual methods cannot solve. The question now is how society will advance towards unity. The reasons are unimportant: Either the economy, a security threat, or the need for social appeasement may push us toward it. In any case, only in the move toward unity will society suddenly begin to understand the world: “Ah, that’s how it is! What can be done now? What should we do?”

We should introduce integral upbringing. There are no other solutions. We must learn and become clear on how to build a new oneness not based on our previous connections and nature; how to change our nature a little. And even if I do not wish this at all, this is the only possibility to adapt to the nature that is being revealed to us, to the network of altruistic relationships. Only then will we be able to put our life in order; otherwise, we will lose the way completely and go bankrupt in every possible way.

The modern economy is built on the principle of “give and take,” as it is said: “Go and earn from each other.” What will happen if people, industrial sectors, countries, and the whole world are not able to deal with each other? The world will return to subsistence farming: I consume what I produce. This is a disaster, but the world might come to this.

And that is why an integral upbringing and the understanding of global relationships are so important today. We definitely need to find the right forms of presentation to explain this to the world.
From the 5st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/1/2011, “The Nation”

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The Solution Is In The Change Of Society

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Robert Zoellick, president of the World Bank): “The head of the World Bank warned Sunday that many key market players have lost confidence in recent weeks, pushing the fragile global economy into a ‘new danger zone.’

“Robert Zoellick said events the past few weeks in Europe and the United States already have had an adverse impact, and could signal even bigger problems ahead.

“‘There was a convergence of some events in Europe and the United States that has led many market participants to lose confidence in the economic leadership of some of the key countries,’ Zoellick said.

“‘I think that those events combined with some of the other fragilities in the nature of the recovery has pushed us into a new danger zone,’ Zoellick said. ‘And I don’t say those words lightly.'”

My Comment: This problem can be solved neither by financiers nor by politicians, but only by a gradual transition to an integral society. In such a society, any changes will work if all social problems are solved together, like in one family.

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The Secrets Of The Book Of Torah

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Zohar, Chapter “VaYakhel (And Moses Assembled),” Item 217: The meaning of the book of Torah on this day. It is written, “And they read in the book, the Law [Heb: Torah] of God, distinctly, and they sensed and understood the reading.”

The secret of the book of Torah becomes revealed only between us. If we manage to create a space between us, which on one hand will be determined by the level of hate between us, separating us from each other, and on the other hand above the hatred, will create a connection between us, the hatred will give us the power of resistance, “a resistor,” while the connection between us will provide us with the current to operate this resistor.

Then, the work becomes revealed based on the current running through the resistor: We can operate an engine, heat or cool it down—anything can be done. These two opposite forces can benefit us when each one acts against the other.

Everything depends on the type of resistance that becomes revealed. The ego is constantly exploding, showing many opposite forms, detachment, hate, and the rejection between us. We want to remain in the same connection and love, but since our ego is constantly changing, our relationships also experience transformations.

The Light is at absolute rest, but our desire to receive pleasure is constantly changing, manifesting itself in various forms without any break. Therefore, we are constantly revealing new states called Partzufim. Thus, if we want to reveal the secrets of The Book of Zohar or the book of the Torah, they are only revealed in the connection between us.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/31/2011, The Zohar

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Kabbalists On Perception Of Reality, Part 9

Dr. Michael LaitmanDear Friends, please ask questions about these passages from the great Kabbalists. The commentaries in brackets are mine.

We Have Neither Attainment Nor Perception of any Matter

It’s impossible to attain the essence by thought. Moreover, we do not even know our own essence. I feel and I know that I take up space in the world, that I am solid, warm, and that I think, and other such manifestations of the operations of my essence. But if you ask me about my own essence, from which all these manifestations stem, I do not know what to reply to you.

You therefore see that Providence has prevented us from attaining any essence. We attain only manifestations and images of operations that stem from the essences.
– Baal HaSulam, “Preface to the Book of Zohar,” Item 12

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