Good Environment – 09.26.11

My Good Environment – Dr. Laitman’s Advice and Principles for the Week

The Day Man Was Created

Dr. Michael LaitmanYou have to check whether you hate your enemies and opponents, or you understand that they are controlled by the Creator, who is protecting you in this way by not letting your opinions coincide with regular people and the material world and helping you follow just the primary sources. That is how you have to purify yourself, checking everything that is happening to you. Don’t regret or be worried about anything besides the purity of the path, so the goal of your private life and the goal of creation come together in one focus.

It doesn’t matter if you see that until this moment, you were confused by various egoistic calculations. You should always know that everything you have gone through until now amounts to “There is none else besides Him.” However, from this moment on, “No one will help me but myself.” If you are between these two conditions, then you really can say that you have reached the beginning of the new year, a new beginning.

However, the final goal that is present as far back as the initial plan has to be the attainment of love for one’s neighbor. If you have personal problems with someone, then you are no longer moving in the right direction. If you wish to rise above others, to acquire knowledge and fulfillment, or even if you want to bestow, you should also check whether or not this bestowal is egoistic.

That way, your calculations will become purer and purer, until you finally reach the first day of the New Year, when man was created. Everything begins with creating yourself.

This will occur each and every time: There are four new years, each having its own calculation and a new beginning, until a person completes all of his corrections.

The verification is to check to what extent your inner judge is not bribed, how honest and sharp he is, like a brave warrior willing to rise above all of his personal calculations. And this is not easy. This requires one calculation after another, until reaching the entire depth that a person is allowed to delve into.

However, all of this is not intended for you to nag at yourself, but on the contrary, to aspire “to see the Light in the Light of the Creator.” One should try to see everything in the light of love for the neighbor, and check oneself in relation to this standard. And don’t pay attention to all of your collisions with others because this could be the Creator’s way of confusing you by making you see others in this way, or confusing them by setting them against you. It is written, “Don’t judge another person until you are in his shoes.” Maybe the other person is so much higher than you that you simply haven’t matured enough to understand him.

Just be loyal to the Creator at all times, and advance with this.

Therefore, if we have the teaching of the Rabash, his articles that explain how to unite into a group, as well as articles by Baal HaSulam and other Kabbalists, showing us the path and containing the Light that reforms, then the longer we check ourselves according to these primary sources, the more correctly we will advance. And the most important thing is not to be afraid of anything!

We shouldn’t be scared that the path is so difficult, burdened by so many doubts, which our ego awakens in us with its constant calculations. We shouldn’t look at this, but try to attain repentance as fast as possible, which is a spiritual calculation, and raise ourselves to the beginning of the new year, the new level. The goal is reached by one who gives up everything else for it.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/26/11, Writings of Rabash

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We Need A New Beginning!

Dr. Michael LaitmanHolidays and special days described in Kabbalah are not dates on the regular calendar, but the attainment of one’s own, special, personal states where a person makes a fundamental inner calculation with himself. If a person reaches this calculation, it means he really has a new beginning, called the new year, Rosh Hashanah. And accordingly, he attains the holiday prayer.

Every holiday is a spiritual calculation and a prayer because there is nothing besides the correction of our desires. But the beginning of the new year is special because it comes after many discernments. It comes only once a person has checked himself completely, discerning all of the desires that become revealed to him, because every higher level includes all of the previous ones as a tiny part of it.

However, when a person makes a calculation with all of his actions and thoughts, he sees that he did not attain success, that he does not advance because he wasn’t created for spiritual ascension at all. He is then overcome by burdensome thoughts about spirituality and by doubt and envy toward others. He wants to be above them and thinks, “Why them and not me?”

After many calculations like this, having become completely lost in them, he finally feels that he needs a new beginning. There is no way out because all of these calculations, discernments, criticisms, envy, and hatred do not change for years. And the only thing left for him is prayer, a cry for help because only the upper force can help. This inner cry is called the prayer of Rosh Hashanah, the new beginning.

Before this happens, a person seems himself as completely lost. He sees that the whole world disagrees with what he is doing and he himself also does not understand what is happening to him or what this path is. All of this criticism comes from his egoism.

That is why the prayer talks about reminders, the need to analyze all of one’s desires and actions, and about blowing into the horn (Shofar) because we have to elevate our spiritual path regardless of anything (in Aramaic, Shufra means beauty). That is when one has to turn to the primary sources in order to advance.

There are many opinions and people in the world influencing a person, imbuing him with their thoughts, and pulling him in different directions. Yet one has to place a strict judge above himself and constantly verify himself with the primary sources to the extent one understands what is written there. In spite of one’s ego, one’s desire to rise, profit, and become higher than others, one should strive for the opposite, wishing to acquire only the force of bestowal and to dissolve in the nation within which the Creator dwells.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/26/11, Writings of Rabash

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What Is Required Of Us In Dissemination?

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe must create our own educational media agency: television, radio, newspapers, and the Internet. We must build a system for children’s education, as well as the women’s organization. The women are ready to work. They feel the problems that are being revealed more than the men do. And they have a huge force of influence that is not being taken advantage of correctly. This is very important.

We need to turn to governments. The contacts that exist today with the UN, UNESCO, and other organizations are not enough. We need to do it massively, by relying on the words of the scientists.

There are many plans, but we can’t realize them because our creative forces are limited. We need to write daily articles and to distribute them on the Internet. We need to create short clips with attractive animation, which will explain various aspects of our message in a simple manner. But this doesn’t exist. We need many people with each of them creating a certain influence towards the outside.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/23/2011, One Commandment”

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Cursory Thoughts On Shamati, “Shechina In Exile”

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur collective state in which we all exist connected together is called Malchut of Infinity, Shechina. Shechina is a “place” where the upper Light becomes revealed. It is called Shochen according to its actions: He dwells and resides in her.

We are desires connected with one another by the common property of bestowal. It is according to this property that we reveal the upper Light that fills us.

Therefore, until we feel ourselves as connected together, existing in the state of the perfect and corrected Shechina, a corrected network of connection between us, we exist in the concealment of Shechina rather than its revelation. We exist in its exile. This vessel is not revealed, and therefore, it is called Shechina in exile, which means in exile, in concealment from us.
From the 6th lesson at the Toronto Convention 9/18/11

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A Ticket To The Treasury Of Wisdom And Attainment

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is there a special trick I can use so that the society will constantly direct me despite the disturbances of my ego?

Answer: It is a very interesting point. We see that throughout history, up until our time, man becomes more clever with each generation. And this wisdom gets accumulated in each generation rather than in a person himself.

For example, a person lived for seventy years and was reborn in the next generation. But why is he born without all the knowledge and experience he had acquired in his previous life? On the other hand, why does he need to die? Why can’t he carry all the accumulated wisdom from generation to generation?

Animals operate by instincts that are programmed in them. After they are born, they don’t need to learn. They already have the natural instincts required for life. But this doesn’t exist in humans. So how can I pass all my achievements, my knowledge, and the experience I have accumulated from one generation to another?

The Creator has prepared a special method for us. If we developed like animals, only on the physical level, we wouldn’t be able to pass any of the knowledge we have acquired as humans (as corporeal beings, meaning the still, vegetative, and animate levels of the human degree).

Now when we enter the fourth and last level of our human development (which is the reason for the social global crisis), we feel that we are not adapted to this globalization, that we are not connected to society on a global level, and we don’t use it in order to develop ourselves.

Nature demands that we start developing in a very interesting manner: If I am connected to the environment and develop with its help, internally I create new levels of attaining my connection with this environment. Thus, I become a “human” since I acquire the desire to bestow. Then all my work, all my knowledge, and everything that I have acquired during the seventy years of my life remain in the environment.

When I die and am born again, beginning a new life, I connect to all the knowledge that I have left, like to a treasury, and continue! This means that from now on, to the extent that we connect to the environment correctly, every level will be like building a higher level.

I don’t have to reinvent the multiplication table and all the other rules. If I connect to the environment naturally, I receive from it all the knowledge I had acquired previously and left in it. I actually stayed there because I connected with them and established a contact.

So we see how we complete all the defects, all the empty spaces that humans have compared to animals. This is a wonderful method of advancing which the Creator has prepared for us. Similarly, for several years and perhaps several reincarnations, I can ascend to the highest level without losing anything, not even the smallest things that I have learned in this corporeal world.

When a baby is born, we teach him how to be in contact with the environment since a newborn exists only in the still, vegetative, and animate levels and needs to quickly go through all of them. But after society develops to the human level in man, he will develop like babies did in the time of the Temple, when all the people of Israel were at the level of spiritual attainment, as it is said: “There was no child from Dan to Beer Sheba who did not know the laws of impurity and purity by the age of six.”

All the attainments are preserved in the environment. I connect to it during my lifetime and become part of it. This is where all my attainments are, all my spirituality. The corporeal body lives and dies over and over again for it is only the external form of who I am.

This is all very relevant today. After all we don’t know yet the height of the degree to which we are destined to ascend.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/23/2011, Writings of Rabash

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The European Union Has No Future In Its Present State

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Michael Khazin, an economist, from most interesting observation seems to have been presented by Jacek Rostowski, the financial minister of Poland: ‘European elites, including German elites, must decide if they want the euro to survive – even at a high price – or not. If not, we should prepare for a controlled dismantling of the currency zone.’ He added: ‘We have a simple choice: Solidarity or the collapse of Europe. The choice is simple: Either solidarity or the collapse of the Euro bloc.’

“Either Germany (and only it!) takes personal responsibility upon itself to pay all the debts of all the countries in the European Union and maintains a standard of living in all the Union countries, or the system will begin to disintegrate.

“The attempt to annex Eastern Germany indicates that there aren’t enough resources in order to raise all of them to Germany’s level. That means the standard of living in Germany should be lowered in order to raise the standard of living in the periphery. How can such a decision be ‘sold’ to the German citizens who will have to vote for it?

“Clearly, stories about ‘European values’ don’t suit here: Most likely, fascism will resurrect on the background of the lowered standard of living, and it will replace the tolerance and multiculturalism. Germany’s interest to expand the European Union protected the market. The internal laws of the European Union greatly limited the markets in the union and closed them to foreign import. The primary internal supplier was Germany.

“Under the present conditions, it is impossible to yield a decision regarding the unity of the Euro bloc, for both political inner-German(…) and financial reasons. Germany simply doesn’t have enough money to implement this plan. That means that the European Union will have to step down from the political scene.”

My Comment: The EU has a way out, which might seem unrealistic: To continue business as usual, as is, but for the European Union’s survival, to add, on all levels, the movement for inner unity, mutual guarantee, participation, and closeness and to resemble the global and integral conditions of nature.

Indeed, in any case we are obligated, in accordance with the evolutionary plan, to acquire that form, so let’s do it consciously, out of our own will, without resisting the pressure, but rather from the realization that it is the next stage of our development. And if we internalize that, we will attain something much more perfect in an easy and hastened manner, rather than under pressure, through misery.

Every country in the world faces this challenge, yet Europe is particularly relevant since all the suitable economic and social conditions already exist in the European Union. Particularly the inner bond among people, canceling the boundaries between each and every citizen of the European Union will lead Europe to full bloom. Otherwise, it will collapse, dragging the whole world after it. The decisive point is not concerning the question of “should the EU be disassembled,” but rather “will there be peace or war.”

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The National Intelligence Council’s Report

Dr. Michael LaitmanReport (Global Trends 2025: The National Intelligence Council’s 2025 project): “The international system will be challenged by growing resource constraints at the same time that it is coping with the impact of new players.

“Continued escalation of energy demand will hasten the impacts of climate change.

“Over the next 20 years, worries about climate change effects may be more significant than any physical changes linked to climate change.

“The rising energy demands of growing populations and economies may bring into question the availability, reliability, and affordability of energy supplies.

“Terrorism is unlikely to disappear by 2025, but its appeal could lessen if economic growth continues and youth unemployment is mitigated in the Middle East.

“Current trends suggest that global governance in 2025 will be a patchwork of overlapping, often ad hoc and fragmented efforts, with shifting coalitions of member nations, international organizations, social movements, NGOs, philanthropic foundations, and companies.

“The need for effective global governance will increase faster than existing mechanisms can respond.”

My Comment: Unfortunately, from the point of view and perspective of Kabbalah, the report presents an outdated view on the old world, and by no means a new perspective on the world of the future. And yet it talks about 2025 and beyond! Analysts have to first analyze themselves, their approach, and its correspondence to reality and then search for a genuine solution, rather than just an obvious solution for their report.

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Agreement Is The Key

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You claim that if we come to an agreement, we will be provided with all necessities, and everyone will have enough. But where are we going to get what people living below the poverty line lack?

Answer: For example, let me cite some information from “Calcalist“: “In the days of protest caused by the shortage of housing, 46,855 apartments are vacant.

“In Israel, there are 46,855 vacant apartments (4700 in Tel Aviv, 3400 in Haifa, 6% of empty apartments are in Jerusalem, 1423 in Petach Tikva, 1122 in Ramat Gan, 1114 in Holon, 902 in Rishon Le Zion).”

If we were to wish it so, we could get the owners’ consent to rent the apartments out at discount prices and receive high public appreciation.

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Economics Has Ceased To Be A Science

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Joseph Stiglitz, Economist, Professor at Columbia University, recipient of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences (2001), from “’Economic models used by central banks caused the crisis.’

“’Three years ago, in August 2008, we gathered here in Lindau, and amazingly, there was not a single discussion prior to the giant crisis that came less than a month later. How could a group of leading economists who were supposed to think carefully about the main problems in the global economy have missed the biggest financial crisis in 75 years?’

“According to Stiglitz, ‘there is a serious crisis not only in economy, but also in the science of economics.’

“The macro-economic models, which were used by central banks until now, have created methods of work and thinking that are at the center of the crisis, and the chief among them is deregulation and the claim that if monetary policy will only worry about low inflation, it would be enough to keep steady growth. If we look back, these ideas seem almost absurd.”

My Comment: Economy reflects our egoistic connections. We have created this “science,” and it changes according to the growth and expansion of our egoism. Economy is its reflection, copy.

So today, when our ego has finished its development and formed a closed integral global system, different relations, typical of closed, rather than individual systems are manifested in it. But, as economists remained egoists and individualists, they cannot create a new economy—the economy of an integral global community.

Thus, their old tools are not suitable for our time. That is what the crisis is: the crisis of our outdated economic thinking. We must rebuild ourselves “from within,” become different, and match the new system of communication between us, which became manifested today.

To do this, we must create the environment around ourselves that will impose on us a new global integral relationship of interdependence through education, media, and so forth. Otherwise, we will not be able to see the crisis even a month in advance!

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