The National Intelligence Council’s Report

Dr. Michael LaitmanReport (Global Trends 2025: The National Intelligence Council’s 2025 project): “The international system will be challenged by growing resource constraints at the same time that it is coping with the impact of new players.

“Continued escalation of energy demand will hasten the impacts of climate change.

“Over the next 20 years, worries about climate change effects may be more significant than any physical changes linked to climate change.

“The rising energy demands of growing populations and economies may bring into question the availability, reliability, and affordability of energy supplies.

“Terrorism is unlikely to disappear by 2025, but its appeal could lessen if economic growth continues and youth unemployment is mitigated in the Middle East.

“Current trends suggest that global governance in 2025 will be a patchwork of overlapping, often ad hoc and fragmented efforts, with shifting coalitions of member nations, international organizations, social movements, NGOs, philanthropic foundations, and companies.

“The need for effective global governance will increase faster than existing mechanisms can respond.”

My Comment: Unfortunately, from the point of view and perspective of Kabbalah, the report presents an outdated view on the old world, and by no means a new perspective on the world of the future. And yet it talks about 2025 and beyond! Analysts have to first analyze themselves, their approach, and its correspondence to reality and then search for a genuine solution, rather than just an obvious solution for their report.

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