The European Union Has No Future In Its Present State

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Michael Khazin, an economist, from most interesting observation seems to have been presented by Jacek Rostowski, the financial minister of Poland: ‘European elites, including German elites, must decide if they want the euro to survive – even at a high price – or not. If not, we should prepare for a controlled dismantling of the currency zone.’ He added: ‘We have a simple choice: Solidarity or the collapse of Europe. The choice is simple: Either solidarity or the collapse of the Euro bloc.’

“Either Germany (and only it!) takes personal responsibility upon itself to pay all the debts of all the countries in the European Union and maintains a standard of living in all the Union countries, or the system will begin to disintegrate.

“The attempt to annex Eastern Germany indicates that there aren’t enough resources in order to raise all of them to Germany’s level. That means the standard of living in Germany should be lowered in order to raise the standard of living in the periphery. How can such a decision be ‘sold’ to the German citizens who will have to vote for it?

“Clearly, stories about ‘European values’ don’t suit here: Most likely, fascism will resurrect on the background of the lowered standard of living, and it will replace the tolerance and multiculturalism. Germany’s interest to expand the European Union protected the market. The internal laws of the European Union greatly limited the markets in the union and closed them to foreign import. The primary internal supplier was Germany.

“Under the present conditions, it is impossible to yield a decision regarding the unity of the Euro bloc, for both political inner-German(…) and financial reasons. Germany simply doesn’t have enough money to implement this plan. That means that the European Union will have to step down from the political scene.”

My Comment: The EU has a way out, which might seem unrealistic: To continue business as usual, as is, but for the European Union’s survival, to add, on all levels, the movement for inner unity, mutual guarantee, participation, and closeness and to resemble the global and integral conditions of nature.

Indeed, in any case we are obligated, in accordance with the evolutionary plan, to acquire that form, so let’s do it consciously, out of our own will, without resisting the pressure, but rather from the realization that it is the next stage of our development. And if we internalize that, we will attain something much more perfect in an easy and hastened manner, rather than under pressure, through misery.

Every country in the world faces this challenge, yet Europe is particularly relevant since all the suitable economic and social conditions already exist in the European Union. Particularly the inner bond among people, canceling the boundaries between each and every citizen of the European Union will lead Europe to full bloom. Otherwise, it will collapse, dragging the whole world after it. The decisive point is not concerning the question of “should the EU be disassembled,” but rather “will there be peace or war.”

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  1. Another European war will end the world in nuclear fire, we can not afford this, under any conditions. We have failed our test too many times, this is the final act.

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