A Ticket To The Treasury Of Wisdom And Attainment

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is there a special trick I can use so that the society will constantly direct me despite the disturbances of my ego?

Answer: It is a very interesting point. We see that throughout history, up until our time, man becomes more clever with each generation. And this wisdom gets accumulated in each generation rather than in a person himself.

For example, a person lived for seventy years and was reborn in the next generation. But why is he born without all the knowledge and experience he had acquired in his previous life? On the other hand, why does he need to die? Why can’t he carry all the accumulated wisdom from generation to generation?

Animals operate by instincts that are programmed in them. After they are born, they don’t need to learn. They already have the natural instincts required for life. But this doesn’t exist in humans. So how can I pass all my achievements, my knowledge, and the experience I have accumulated from one generation to another?

The Creator has prepared a special method for us. If we developed like animals, only on the physical level, we wouldn’t be able to pass any of the knowledge we have acquired as humans (as corporeal beings, meaning the still, vegetative, and animate levels of the human degree).

Now when we enter the fourth and last level of our human development (which is the reason for the social global crisis), we feel that we are not adapted to this globalization, that we are not connected to society on a global level, and we don’t use it in order to develop ourselves.

Nature demands that we start developing in a very interesting manner: If I am connected to the environment and develop with its help, internally I create new levels of attaining my connection with this environment. Thus, I become a “human” since I acquire the desire to bestow. Then all my work, all my knowledge, and everything that I have acquired during the seventy years of my life remain in the environment.

When I die and am born again, beginning a new life, I connect to all the knowledge that I have left, like to a treasury, and continue! This means that from now on, to the extent that we connect to the environment correctly, every level will be like building a higher level.

I don’t have to reinvent the multiplication table and all the other rules. If I connect to the environment naturally, I receive from it all the knowledge I had acquired previously and left in it. I actually stayed there because I connected with them and established a contact.

So we see how we complete all the defects, all the empty spaces that humans have compared to animals. This is a wonderful method of advancing which the Creator has prepared for us. Similarly, for several years and perhaps several reincarnations, I can ascend to the highest level without losing anything, not even the smallest things that I have learned in this corporeal world.

When a baby is born, we teach him how to be in contact with the environment since a newborn exists only in the still, vegetative, and animate levels and needs to quickly go through all of them. But after society develops to the human level in man, he will develop like babies did in the time of the Temple, when all the people of Israel were at the level of spiritual attainment, as it is said: “There was no child from Dan to Beer Sheba who did not know the laws of impurity and purity by the age of six.”

All the attainments are preserved in the environment. I connect to it during my lifetime and become part of it. This is where all my attainments are, all my spirituality. The corporeal body lives and dies over and over again for it is only the external form of who I am.

This is all very relevant today. After all we don’t know yet the height of the degree to which we are destined to ascend.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/23/2011, Writings of Rabash

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