U.S. Denounced For Orchestrating Europe’s Financial Crisis

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Laurence Parisot, the head of the French MEDEF employers’ union): “French business leader and President of the influential MEDEF Laurence Parisot said in an interview on Sunday with Le Figaro newspaper that key players in the U.S. financial elite and particularly the U.S. media have been playing a pivotal role in purposely destabilizing and aggravating the European sovereign debt and financial crisis throughout the summer of 2011 and continue to do so by spreading false rumors around international markets in a bid to strengthen their own hand, particularly in dealings with China.

“Laurence Parisot went on to explain how the situation had particularly worsened for Europe when China started to categorically denounce and criticize the U.S. for the exorbitant level of its debt. ‘The Americans then probably wanted to pass the blame onto Europe. We saw a kind of psychological warfare and an attempt to destabilize the Euro zone. The markets overreacted, being by nature very sensitive to rumors – even organized rumors.’ she said in the interview.

“However the President of the MEDEF did state that rather than being due to some sort of a conspiracy, the Eurozone’s difficulties were simply being ‘orchestrated’ from the other side of the Atlantic. She cited examples such as how the U.S. press immediately echoed and explicitly spread rumors mainstream about the financial states of French banks and the alleged imminent collapse of the Euro zone even though these rumors were completely unfounded and had no credible source.

“To quote, ‘We went from attacks on Spain to Italy and then France, and even up to rumors of Germany’s degradation last week! When American publications widely read by investors and financial analysts count on false and sensationalist headlines, it’s time to ask questions.’ she said.”

My Comment: The USA does this openly, by the right of the strong to do what is advantageous for it, without burdening itself with the guise of “good manners.” It is so in everything. Today, this attitude of any person, let alone any country, in relation to others will not remain without response from the integral system of nature that is being revealed now.

Earlier, until 1995, such behavior of people and countries did not cause an obvious negative reaction from nature. Americans, as well as other nations, ought to take note of this.

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  1. But alas, our entire power is based on lies. Lies that warp your memory even of yourself until expunged by the waters of truth.

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