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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Instead of looking for the underlying reasons for what is happening, people prefer to take to the streets and make demands of the authorities. How can we convey the need for radical changes in society and within man?

Answer: You and I know that a cart is drawn by a horse, and this “horse” should bring us onto a spiritual level. Accordingly, everything that happens in society and in the world happens in order for us to change ourselves.

So, it’s not about fair distribution or someone lacking food or housing. These are the reasons that urge us to change. Nature puts pressure on us and causes various problems and unpleasant incidents with the sole purpose: that through them we will understand that we must become different.

So, don’t make claims to Nature, or the Creator: “Why do you allow such evil?” He said initially: “I created the evil inclination”—I cause this evil. Why? So that you change.”

Hence, no matter how much we may distribute to the poor and the deprived, nothing will help. On the contrary, the situation will worsen, and we will start getting more “qualitative” blows: epidemics, ecological disasters, wars, and so on. Nature has a lot in store.

Correction begins from simple to difficult, and that is why we should start with small, easy things. A “good boy” understands from the first time: “Ouch! Everything is clear, no more.” He doesn’t turn up his nose; he stops being stubborn; he is ready to wise up.

We need to explain this to people through consistent, integrated circulation. With facts in hand, we need to show that their projects will not change society. Fair distribution and help to the needy is correct. But how can it be realized? We can do this only together with education, understanding that we change the society as a whole.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/20/2011, “The Nation”

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