Germany: The EU Rescue Plan

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Spiegel Online International): “The head of Europe’s banking watchdog has called for the euro rescue fund to provide direct aid to ailing banks to help calm markets.

“The European Banking Authority, a supervisory body for banks in the European Union, wants the €440 billion ($635 billion) European Financial Stability Facility to provide direct capital injections to ailing banks.”

My Comment: This will not help! We will soon witness the collapse of the EU unless they take emergency measures towards true unification. We should treat not the consequence, but the cause pointing to the goal: We must become integrally interconnected by mutual guarantee throughout the world.

This is the direction of our development, and if our steps correspond to it, we do well in life and develop comfortably. But if we do not evolve in the direction of our evolution, the force of our development will continue to work on us and move us towards the goal, while we will feel it as a continuous source of suffering and problems in the environment, society, and everyone of us. And after much suffering, we will be wiser and agree to unite!

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